Report: Bears likely to keep Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator

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It appears the Chicago Bears will be able to keep a highly regarded defensive coach in town as new head coach Matt Nagy begins to assemble his staff in the Windy City.

The Bears are likely going to be able to keep Vic Fangio as the team’s defensive coordinator, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Fangio’s contract with the Bears expired on Tuesday after spending the last three seasons on John Fox’s staff. Fox was relieved of his duties by the Bears last week before Nagy, the former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, was hired as the team’s new head coach on Tuesday.

Fangio has a strong track record defensively going back to his time with the San Francisco 49ers under Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers’ defenses were always one of the most formidable in the league with Justin Smith, Navorro Bowman, Patrick Willis and Ahmad Brooks as influential pieces.

While Fangio doesn’t have that level of star power on the defensive side of the ball in Chicago, he managed to turn the Bears into a top ten defense in 2017 despite an offense that was breaking in a rookie quarterback and struggling for consistency. Keeping Fangio in town will be a nice start to Nagy’s new staff.

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  1. I can only imagine they would’ve been a Top 5 unit had the offense shown any competence and an ability to keep the defense more well rested.

  2. Looking forward to his resigning so we can maintain and build upon an already decent defense.
    The Bears should get him a few more “defensive studs” in free agency and the draft to complete the rebuild.

  3. Rumor has it he was within a whisker of signing with Green Bay. That tells me Nagy put on a hell of a sell job which likely included the following 3 conditions at minimum:

    1) A ton of cash

    2) TOTAL control over the defense (make no mistake, John Fox had his hand in Vic’s business while he was here)

    3) A promise to bring in some more pieces for the D via draft and/or FA. They badly need at least one more effective edge rusher, a game changer at CB and better depth overall. The reason Fangio’s Bears defenses didn’t look as good as his Niners defenses is they didn’t/don’t have near the talent.

    If this happens it is a huge score for the Bears, and has the added benefit of conveying to the entire organization that Nagy has juice.

  4. Vic Fangio got his start in pro football with a team which had a pretty good defense.
    The two time champion Philadelphia Stars of the USFL. A defense anchored by, among others, Hall of Famer Sam Mills. Coaching staff headed by Jim Mora Sr and included Dom Capers (recently released by Packers) and Carl Smith QB coach Seattle.Not a bad pedigree for Fangio

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