Report: Jets could still make offensive coordinator change

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Before the Raiders hired Greg Olson as Jon Gruden’s offensive coordinator, there was a report that Jets offensive coordinator John Morton could be their choice and that the Jets would not stand in the way of Morton’s departure.

Morton won’t be the Raiders offensive coordinator, but he may not be back with the Jets either. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Morton could still be out as the Jets set their coaching staff for the 2018 season.

Per the report, the team has had discussions about moving quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates to Morton’s position although Bates is said to not want that promotion. There’s also word that the Jets remain interested in possibly hiring Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. DeFilippo was blocked from interviewing for the coordinator position last year.

Whatever the Jets decide to do on the coaching side, getting that playcaller a long-term answer at quarterback is expected to be a top priority of the team’s offseason.

5 responses to “Report: Jets could still make offensive coordinator change

  1. I would bet on DeFilippo. But another possibility people shouldn’t overlook is Bruce Arians. He’s very close with Bowles but it depends on if he’s completely done with football or the daily stress of being a head coach with his health issues, combined with the Palmer retirement was too much for him. I like Morton but when he said he gave up during the Broncos game, plus the flirting with Chucky spelled out a recipe for disaster and Bowles deserves someone who’s all in, not just looking to become a head coach.

    This underscores, though, that the Jets will be drafting a QB, especially if they hire DeFilippo or Arians who’s specialties are developing QB’s.

  2. Morton did ok with Josh McCown, why get rid of him?
    At the very least he’s average.
    Its not like he had a great Oline and running game to boost McCown and the Jets WRs.

  3. You had me up until…”Mehta”.

    BTW – His other recent riveting reports were:

    ‘Jets could trade up in the draft’
    ‘John Morton going to Oakland’
    ‘Sheldon Richardson could be back on the Jets’

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