Rich Gannon hoping to help Derek Carr “understand Jon Gruden”

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Rich Gannon turned down the Raiders’ offer to become their quarterbacks coach, but the former quarterback still wants to mentor Derek Carr.

“We’ve got to figure things out where I can lend a hand,” Gannon said on his weekly radio show on 95.7 The Game. “I’m not naive to think — there’s not a lot of consultants in the National Football League. You can’t say, ‘Oh, I’m going to pop in and spend a day with the Packers and really feel like I’m going to make a difference with Aaron Rodgers.’ It really doesn’t work that way.”

“So, I’m going to sit down with a number of different people and just figure out, ‘Is there a role that I can help?’ Really, even just mentor Derek.”

Gannon spent three seasons as Jon Gruden’s quarterback with the Raiders. He has talked to Carr twice in the past two weeks, trying to “help him understand Jon Gruden.”

“I’m going to talk to Derek a lot about the mental part of it,” Gannon said. “I’m going to talk to Derek a lot about the preparation, about attention to detail, about the schedule, about what he needs to accomplish on Monday and Tuesday and different things like that that maybe the coaches won’t get into.

“I’m going to share with him what worked for me and what I did and some of the secrets that I developed over my 18-year career, which I haven’t really shared with a lot of people. I’m going to try and help him where I can.”

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  1. I just can’t anymore. I mean, I really tried to just sit back and give this whole facade a chance, but now it’s just pitiful. Is this what “longtime” Raiders fans envision when they think back to those ‘glory” days of Snake, Chester, Matuszak, “The Ghost,” and on. And on? Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer. Nope. A shell of its former self (sorry Art). No hope. No home. Nothing.

    Congrats, you have already won SB LIII. Back to back. Hire Vince Young as QBs coach and now you have your Dream Team.

    Just keep losing baby.

  2. Wasn’t Carr on Grudens QB show a few years back?
    Multiply that by 4x intensity and remove all the compliments and platitudes Gruden dished out there, as a start.

  3. If you really think you can mentor a Raiders’ QB and help him along, Conner Cook has more raw talent than Derek Carr, and it’s really not even close. We’ve seen countless times where a team gave up on a Steve Young, or a Drew Brees, or a Brett Favre, or a Kurt Warner, or a Jim Plunkett. Really, all these guys needed was for someone to recognize they had a ton of talent, and mentor them. This list of losers ended up winning super bowls for someone who knew how to mentor QB’s. That’s not my opinion. That’s a fact.

  4. WAsnt offered the job. Says he turned it down. Now pretty much begging to have a roll with the team. Becoming obvious this is a one sided affair between rich and the organization. He does hold a super bowl record tho. Lol.

  5. Gannon is actually a pretty good color guy on CBS. He and Kevin Harland are an underrated team, far better than CBS #2 team of Eagle, Fouts, and Washburn.

  6. Carr isn’t going to be the Raiders QB much longer if he spends half the season injured.

    If he misses ANY time next year, trade him and move on.

  7. Is there something wrong with Carr? Seriously, it’s football. He’s never experienced tough coaching before? Why is everyone suddenly acting like he’s a delicate flower.

  8. Blah Blah BLah Gannon. Fan of yours and the Raiders. But you’ve been all over Carr’s back that he needs to fix this and he needs to fix that. That his level of commitment needs to be here or it needs to be there. Then, all of a sudden you say your own level of commitment is what keeps you from taking the QB coach position with the Raiders. That right there is undoubtedly is speaking volumes to Derek Carr. You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?

  9. Grunden is a fraud as a coach. The Raiders were who they were because of Rich Gannon as QB, my like Kubiak had with Manning. Then he moved on and took over Dungy’s super bowl ready team, then went to chit and got canned.

    All this aside, doesn’t this create a little bit of concern with Gannon calling games and being so directly involved with a particular team? There were 4 articles a day written about Grunden calling a playoff game knowing he’d be the Raiders HC and there is zero concern here?

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