Saints place Andrus Peat on injured reserve

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Saints offensive lineman Andrus Peat‘s MRI revealed good news, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. Peat broke his left fibula and and has a high-ankle sprain. The ligament damage wasn’t as bad as feared, according to Rapoport, and Peat is expected to make a full recovery.

Peat, though, won’t return this season, so the Saints are placing him on injured reserve.

Senio Kelemete is expected to take over at left guard.

The Saints will bring back offensive lineman Bryce Harris to take Peat’s roster spot, Herbie Teope of the Times-Picayune reports. It marks the 16th transaction involving Harris and the Saints since May.

The Saints last cut Harris on December 12.

Harris, 28, has played in three games this season and 37 in his career with the Saints. He also played two games with the Falcons in 2015.

10 responses to “Saints place Andrus Peat on injured reserve

  1. Only in the NFL is a broken left fibula paired with a high ankle sprain considered “good news”. I understand it could have been worse but that is an interesting choice of words!

  2. Saints are missing all kinds of starters on Defense and now the offense is being hit. They are really testing the “next man up” mantra. Even before the season started, they lost two starters on defense (Fairley and Breaux) then another four starters on defense by Week 12. They currently have 18 guys on IR and half were starters.

    I thought the Patriots were the only true “next man up” team.

  3. They’ve got over 20 players on IR this year, but Peat is the tenth that was a starter when he went down. Fortunately the backups have often played as well as they guys they replaced, but that’s a ton of lost depth.

    LG – A. Peat
    RT – Z. Streif
    FB – J. Kuhn
    TE – C. Fleenor
    DE – A. Okafor
    DT – N. Fairey
    LB – A. Anzalone
    LB – A.J. Klein
    CB – D. Breaux
    S – K. Vacarro

  4. Makes it easier for Griffin and Hunter to get to Brees on Sunday. Treat Brees like they treated Favre in 2010 and justice will be served.

  5. Any vikings fans saying that the vikes should treat brees the way Favre was treated are just plain stupid. Why can’t we show class and just play a good clean game and show some integrity? No player deserves to be a target. Why do we want to be labeled a dirty team? I’m a vikes fan and I want My team to play the game with passion and intensity in a legal and legitiment way.


  6. BIG VIKINGS FAN HERE, 2009 is over it’s 2018 so just play our game and we will be just fine.

  7. Brees gets the ball off so quick the loss of O-linemen mostly just impacts the Saints’ run game.

  8. reapshavocblog & frozenstiff… Exactly!! The best revenge??? End the Saints season! That simple. Wishing to hurt players and take cheapshots is classless, rise above that crap!

  9. Favre got killed in that game because they didn’t keep anyone back to help protect Favre. The Saints blitzed most of that game and the Vikes kept picking up big yards on play action and quick TE routes.

    It was the Vikings coach and Favre that got him knocked down so many times because they chose to play it that way. If you choose not to pick up the blitz you have no right to complain if your QB keeps getting hit.

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