Brice Butler: If I’m not a starter, I’m not returning to Dallas

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Cowboys receiver Brice Butler made 15 catches in 2017. He has 73 in his five-year career.

Yet, Butler says only lack of opportunity held him back, declaring he would have produced better than Dez Bryant this season if given Bryant’s 132 targets. Further, Butler, who becomes a free agent in March, gave the Cowboys an ultimatum while making the rounds at Fox Sports 1 on Thursday.

“With Dallas, the situation has to be right for me to go back,” Butler said on The Herd, via the Dallas Morning News. “I have to be a starter. If I’m not starting, I’m not going back.”

Butler, 27, played 261 offensive snaps, fourth among the team’s wide receivers, and Dak Prescott targeted him only 23 times in 490 attempts.

“I think in this league, when you think about the business aspect, you’ve got to follow the money trail,” Butler said on Undisputed. “Both of our starters made money. Terrance [Williams] just got paid last year. So there were times where I was like, ‘I’m making plays, aren’t we trying to win games? Why am I not on the field?’ But that’s the only thing that I can really think of.”

The Cowboys will have change at the position next season. Cowboys receivers coach Derek Dooley left for the University of Missouri; the team likely asks Bryant to take a pay cut, and Butler apparently will seek a chance to be a starter elsewhere.

Bryant made 69 catches for 838 yards and six touchdowns, and Butler said he’s “100 percent” confident he could have had bigger numbers given the same chances Bryant had.

“Because I’m ready. It’s my time,” said Butler, who led the team with a 21.1 yards per catch average. “I’ve been there for three years. I feel like me and Dak have a really good relationship. We work on routes. There’s times that we might not have completed a square-out throw in practice, and we’re taking that time out in practice to actually work on it. So I think that’s why when you saw us in the game, he tried to come to me, and most of the times we produced.”

24 responses to “Brice Butler: If I’m not a starter, I’m not returning to Dallas

  1. Yea, that makes teams really interested in signing him now. Sounds exactly like the type of guy who would hold out every other year for a better contract although his stats doesn’t deserve it.

  2. It’s time for Dallas to move on from Butler, DEZ and Witten. T-Will is not very good but he just got a low ball 4 year deal so there at least stuck with him another year.

  3. Get open more and you’ll catch more balls. The Cowboys can do better than you and cheaper than you. That being said, I’d take him over Williams who has potential but makes way too many crucial drops. My problem with Butler is I don’t think he plays a physical enough game to be a #1 or #2 receiver. Look at how corners get up on Dez, who is a bigger player, I just don’t see Butler shaking off that kind of coverage.

  4. Additionally, right hand to god, I spend at least 1-2 hours/night on football related websites and I have never heard this kid’s name before 3 minutes ago. I watch Dallas as much as anyone else, prime time games, my team’s opponent, etc.

    This was an immature move to bring this to the media…should have kept this between you, your agent and the Cowboys GM…so stupid.

  5. Any player who threatens a team should always have the door opened for them and a swift kick to the curb should follow.

  6. rc33 says:
    January 11, 2018 at 4:32 pm
    ^^ unclear how Fox Sports had anything to with this, but whatever…
    Colin Cowherds show is on Fox Sports. Unclear why they would have him on considering his marginality and his meager stats.

  7. SparkyGump says:

    Get open more and you’ll catch more balls.

    Hard to get open when you’re watching from the sideline. I agree with Butler. Dez sucked this season.

  8. “Colin Cowherds show is on Fox Sports. Unclear why they would have him on considering his marginality and his meager stats.”


    mackcarrington, you score double points for that comment, since it works as well about Cowherd as it does with Butler.

  9. reason #761 why Jason and Scott should be fired. Brice consistently outplays Dez, yet can never get on the field for some reason. this staff can’t get the best players on the field. cole went completely MIA this season after posting huge numbers. defenses took that away and we lost our auto 3rd and short pick up. then you draft cole 2.0 in ryan, and he can’t see the field at all until the very last game where he looked good. heck, put cole and ryan on the field at the same time! this staff has no ability to make adjustments and dictate the defense. put these players in positions to succeed and suits their strengths!

  10. Bye. Try not to let the doors hit your butt on the way out. Getting open deep and catching the ball after getting open deep are two very different things…

  11. He’s right but you can’t say that out loud. Let your agent say it, maybe, but don’t give teams a chance to think you’re a diva when you’re looking for a new contract.

    I see butler kind of like Goodwin (SF). A guy gets marginal chances with a team, then signs a free agent contract and turns out to be better than anyone knew or expected. Except Goodwin kept his mouth shut. That could turn out to be the difference.

  12. I saw him on Cowherd. The guys doesn’t speak well and I was not impressed with him.
    If I was Dallas I wouldn’t even speak to him. Just let him go without any communication. That would show him how “valuable” he is.

  13. Dez catches 50% of his targets twills 69% and brice 62%….everyone wants to knock twills for being a solid #2 which is what he was always meant to be. DEZ is the one that cant do his job any longer…give brice 133 targets and i promise he will have more than 69 catches.

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