How much longer will the Raiders be in Oakland?

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During Tuesday’s re-introductory press conference, Raiders coach Jon Gruden mentioned on a couple of occasions that the team will spend two more years in Oakland. Separately, he expressed a desire to fill up the Black Hole on at least seven or eight more occasions, which implies that they possibly will be in Oakland only one more year.

So how much longer will the Raiders be in Oakland? That’s not currently known.

As former Raiders CEO Amy Trask, now an analyst with CBS Sports Network, explained during a Thursday visit to the PFT PM podcast, the lease at the Oakland Coliseum runs through 2018. After that, it’s unclear where the Raiders will play.

They could negotiate another one-year lease to remain in Oakland, which Oakland may or may not be interested in doing — or for which Oakland may decide to drive too hard of a bargain. Or they could look for an interim location; Levi’s Stadium would make sense, but neither the Raiders nor the 49ers may be interested in sharing space.

Trask mentioned another possibility that the late Al Davis had discussed from time to time when considering relocation options: Playing all games on the road.

That would create a horrible competitive disadvantage for the Raiders, and it would create an unfair competitive advantage for the eight teams that end up having an extra home game. Which means it’s not a viable option.

Regardless, the Raiders may have to come up with something, and possibly soon, if they don’t extend their ability to play in Oakland beyond 2018.

For the full interview, and the rest of the Thursday podcast, click the link below.

22 responses to “How much longer will the Raiders be in Oakland?

  1. If the Chargers can play at 27,000 seat StubHub Center in Carson, I see no reason why the Raiders can’t play at 40,000 seat Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

  2. Stanford stafium, sorry priority goes to las vegas psl holders and then long term season ticket holders
    only 45K
    great tailgating

  3. You think San Diego wouldn’t take the Raiders on a temporary basis? The powers that be would cringe at the thought. The Raiders game in Carson looked like a home game for them, Raider fans outnumbering Charger fans 5-1. San Diego would jump at this to show they are still a NFL caliber city; the Raiders would outdraw both the Rams and Chargers, and send a strong notice that more folks would navigate I-15 into Vegas than would go to Kroenke’s new stadium, once the stadium situations shake out.
    If you don’t believe me, then ask Bill Plaschke.

  4. Sam Boyd stadium might hold 40k fans but it is a very basic stadium, their locker room is like atExas high stadium’s. The press box is not up even junior college standards. The video room, sound system, replay system are extremely archaic. Even if the Raider hadn’t decided to move to Vegas, UNLV was in need of a major upgrade. If the plan had fallen through, the Plan B was to retake the $750 million tax dollars and build a newer updated but cheaper stadium for UNLV. It is not usable for the NFL would require millions to just get it up temporary use.

    Stub Hb Center might only hold 27k (expandable to 32k) but it is a modern mini stadium with excellent locker rooms, press box, telecommunications. Sam Boyd is a bare bone stadium from the olden days.

    It’s Oakland or Santa Clara in 2019unless Berkeley or Stanford jump in.

  5. If the Chargers can play at 27,000 seat StubHub Center in Carson, I see no reason why the Raiders can’t play at 40,000 seat Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.
    Only 33,000 after the Raiders install their tarps.

  6. Huge fan.. never heard this from Al or Trask.. not saying they didn’t say it, but doubting it was serious or said more than once..

  7. I still feel for the Raiders’ fans in Oakland. The City of Oakland and the organization both crapping on them at the same time.

  8. I agree no way should Oakland say yes to extend for another year. That would be like my wife already filing for a divorce but saying her new boyfriends place isn’t ready for them to move into yet, so she will just stay with you for another year until it is. LOL- Oakland should show them the door and kick them to the curb.

    Oakland should find somebody who has money (bay area has more billionaires than anywhere else in the US) and is willing to build their own venue on the current site. Nor Cal is the 3rd largest metro market in the US, and is also the most affluent market in the US per capita. When Joe Lacob bought the Warriors for the NBA record price of 450 million, they stated they overpaid by 100 million, because they felt that would be the re-location fee for a the team that wanted to move to Oakland, after they cross the bridge in a couple years.

  9. The real question is how much longer will GOOO REGGGIE be with the Raiders. Grunden has taken over 80% of his duties. Why he is still there, particularly with his 36-60 record is baffling. And what has McKenzie done besides lose. He drafted Carr and Mack right where they were predicted to go in everyone’s mocks. He continued to have low draft picks and did nothing with them. See Cooper. I will never understand why Nation Fanboys think he is GOAT GM.

  10. I would go with Sam Boyd Stadium, but day homes games in September would have to be avoided. The heat index can be a killer. Provo, Utah was actually mentioned as a possibility. Mark Davis should be anxious to leave Oakland and to tell Libby Schaaf to get lost.. A practice facility in or near Las Vegas will have yo be built. The players spend more time there then the actual home stadium.

  11. borbinski says:
    January 11, 2018 at 9:48 pm
    Stanford stafium, sorry priority goes to las vegas psl holders
    – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –

    So only 1400 people get priority?

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