Panthers reach agreement with Norv Turner

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The Panthers have finalized a deal with Norv Turner, via multiple reports. The long-time coach replaces Mike Shula as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Turner was the favorite for the job, and Carolina didn’t waste any time getting him on board.

Turner’s son, Scott, the quarterbacks coach at the University of Michigan, will join the Panthers’ staff as quarterbacks coach. He will replace Ken Dorsey, whom the Panthers fired Tuesday.

Carolina already employs Norv Turner’s brother, Ron, as an offensive consultant, and Norv Turner’s nephew, Cameron, as assistant quarterbacks coach. Scott was the quality control coach during Rivera’s first two seasons.

Norv Turner, 65, parted ways with the Vikings midway through the 2016 season and did not coach in 2017.

18 responses to “Panthers reach agreement with Norv Turner

  1. Thank GOD he is going to mess up the Panthers then wimp out and quit in the middle of the season like he did for the Vikings… Look where they are now compared with him!

  2. Only 4 Turners on the Panthers coaching staff. It would be considered unkind to say the word nepotism in Charlotte but this is almost laughable. Maybe Norv can get jobs for the wives and daughters in the front office.

  3. His long ball style matches up with Cam. I’m curious to see how he does with a modern, pass catching RB like the panthers rookie.

  4. When Turner first showed up in Minnesota in 2014, he seemed to work well with Bridgewater. AP sat out the year, and Turner cut Teddy loose. The following year, AP was back and Turner pulled in the reigns on TB, getting far too conservative.

    Turner rode Emmitt Smith to two Super Bowl championships and has always gravitated towards a run heavy offense. I much prefer Shurmer’s approach to game planning and play-calling. I wish Turner luck in Carolina, but won’t be surprised if he ends up butting heads with Newton.

  5. Cam used to really air it out when Chudzinski was the OC in 2011 and 2012 and their offense was ranked in the top 10. I was hoping they’d bring him back but I guess this will do seeing how Chud was once an understudy to Norv Turner.

  6. Norv isn’t exactly A list talent at OC anymore. His scheme requires top talent everywhere on offense. OL has to be very good, QB, power running back, big, fast receivers who can win jump balls, very good pass catching TE.

    Right now, Carolina has the TE, QB probably, RB. But the OL isn’t good enough, nor are their receivers outside Olson. And if you don’t have it all, you’re offense isn’t very good.

    The Vikings were near the bottom in offensive production every year Norv was OC.

  7. I don’t see how this can work – taking a running back with poor work ethic and turning him into a pocket passer in a real offense.

    Norv Turner – it always is ground hog day – never adjustments – same issues each game – and praise that comes from somewhere slightly warmer.

    This guy is all clown all the time – as a Redskins fan this guy was clueless – always had his team ill prepared to start the season – each game had the same issues – and he never adjusts.

    I can’t wait to see Cam Cheating pulverized as he fails to grasp the concepts of a real offense.

  8. Norm is a good guy and certainly has had some success in the past; however, His lack of flexibility and acceptance of input from other coaches and players doomed him in MN. I honestly wish the Panthers the best with Norv, but with a bazillion Turners on that team is there anyone around to act as a check and balance? When Zim tried to inject ideas, Norv bailed in a huff. With a collaborative staff this year, the Viking offense has excelled.

  9. jxt2521 says:

    His long ball style matches up with Cam.

    The same Cam who only had 2 passes of 40+ yards? LOL

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