Report: Brian Schottenheimer among OC candidates in Seattle

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The Seahawks are looking for a new offensive coordinator and their list of candidates reportedly includes a coach with prior NFC West experience.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Seahawks “will want to talk to” Brian Schottenheimer about the vacancy created by the firing of Darrell Bevell this week.

Schottenheimer spent the last two seasons as the quarterbacks coach in Indianapolis and spent a year at the University of Georgia in 2015. He was the Rams’ offensive coordinator from 2012-2014 and held the same job with the Jets from 2006-2011. The Jets had some success while Schottenheimer was on the staff, but neither team distinguished itself as an offensive juggernaut with Schottenheimer calling the plays.

Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, who worked for Pete Carroll at USC, came up as a possibility earlier this week, but Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Wednesday that there’s a “zero percent” chance of Sarkisian leaving Atlanta.

22 responses to “Report: Brian Schottenheimer among OC candidates in Seattle

  1. Oh God.. As a Jets fan, all I can tell Seattle is good luck.

    Robbed Pennington of his last good years. I don’t even wanna hear it was for lack of weapons. Laverneous Coles and Jericho Cotchery aren’t HoFers, but they were good enough wideouts.

    Fumbled the Brett Favre situation, couldn’t decide if he wanted to be a run first team, or let Favre sling it.

    Had some success early on with Mark Sanchez, mostly because he had Thomas Jones and Ladanian Tomlinson running the rock.

    Left Georgia after a terrible year of playcalling.

  2. What is up with these recycled fired coaches? I need to be an NFL team consultant.

    Look, you go get Harold Goodwin and Tom Moore from Arizona. That way you improve your running game and passing game with that hire and they can offer some self scouting on your defense because they’ve been attacking it successfully for the past several years. Plus they already know the division.

    Wouldn’t you like to hire coaches that haven’t been recently fired? Try it sometime. It reallly works.

  3. I don’t get the interest. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of coordinator who can fix the Hawks’ offensive woes.

  4. Why????

    I mean, I know it’s because of his last name, but WHY? He bombed in the pros, he bombed in college at UGA, so now he gets another shot at the pros?

  5. LOL Seahawks fans will not understand WTH is going on the field on either side of the ball next year!

  6. Seattle doesn’t need an offensive coordinator. Wilson runs the offense and most plays turn into a sand lot game. The offense consists of Wilson running around like a jack rabbit. Good luck trying to fix Seattle’s offense. It really doesn’t matter who becomes the “coordinator” .

  7. Didn’t say they were hiring him, just that they wanted to talk to him. They’d be foolish not to do their due diligence on any available candidate.

    Also, no one cares what Ram fans think.

  8. Only Squirrel Head Kroenke cares what Ram fans think. Oh wait a second, Enos cares about them as much as Arsenal, Avalanche, Nuggets fans which isn’t much. He cares only about the size of his wallet.

  9. What is up with these recycled fired coaches? I need to be an NFL team consultant.

    Look, you go get Harold Goodwin and Tom Moore from Arizona.
    LOL! Tom Moore is 79 years old. Hilarious considering your rant and then who you are suggesting.

  10. Love that interest means a done deal to so many. I’m trusting there was a plan when the OC and Line Coach were let go. Standing by to see what transpires.

  11. You’re not getting “better” if you’re considering hiring retread coordinators. After suffering through Bevell’s anemic offense, you better be looking for an all star, not a has been.

  12. people should know that most of the good OC out there are either head coaches or they are employed by another team. It is possible that a quarterback coach or a wide receiver coach or running back coach who has never been an OC can do a good job, but such a person has not proven himself yet and one has to be either good or lucky to find one.

  13. I would rather keep Bevell over this guy.
    Why aren’t the Seahawks going to get a College OC or HC that has had success with an elite athlete at QB. At the very least go get Mike Shula from Carolina, but not this guy.

    I was really excited for a fresh start but if this is where the Seahawks are headed, then I’m done watching football. It’s hard enough to watch it now with the soap opera feel and all the politics in it now. Then you add on that I live in Europe and the games are on in the middle of the night….Boycott

  14. Seattle needs someone who can create a playbook that takes Wilson’s strengths into account. Roll him out 30-40% of the time. Play action bootlegs. Read option 4-5 times a game. Again…use a lot of play action to at least slow down the rush a little bit. And by rolling Wilson out a LOT you will wear out the D-line a little bit and they won’t be rushing so hard when you drop him straight back with an empty backfield…which was pretty much all Bevell did.

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