Report: Rams expected to franchise tag Sammy Watkins

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Sammy Watkins said this week he’d be happy to stay in Los Angeles.

Which is convenient, since it seems they can make him.

According to Alden Gonzalez of, the Rams are expected to use the franchise tag on the wide receiver, which isn’t a surprise after they traded a second-round pick and another player for him in August.

Watkins caught 39 passes, but had eight touchdowns, so there’s both production to point to and room to grow. He’s also still just 24, so using the tag as the table-settle for a long-term deal seems reasonable. Last year’s tag for wide receivers was $15.682 million.

14 responses to “Report: Rams expected to franchise tag Sammy Watkins

  1. Should be interesting to see what happens with Joyner and Johnson. Can they sign both long term? Plus you have that massive Aaron Donald extension looming.

  2. NFL teams have a hard time admitting mistakes, instead choosing to compound them in hopes that those mistakes straighten themselves out.

    Sammy Watkins isn’t worth anywhere near $16 million, and everyone knows it. But since they gave up so much, they don’t want to be made to look like fools.

    Meanwhile, the Rams want to play chicken with the best defensive player in the game.

    In the immortal words of Dana Stubbefield: Same Ole Sorry (bleep) Rams!

  3. The biggest mystery of this season for me (as a Rams fan) is why Watkins’ targets and catches were so low. People say that Goff and Watkins “weren’t on the same page,” but what does that mean in reality? Did Watkins run sloppy routes? Did Goff mess up on his read progressions? Did Watkins take plays off? Did Goff intentionally avoid throwing to him? I’d like to know the real reason(s).

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Goff’s reads weren’t right, or some other Goff mistake, because McVay would have fixed that very quickly. So the issue must be on Watkins’ side. But on replays I saw Watkins wide-open plenty of times, including several times in the wild card game. And he’s supposed to be a true #1 receiver. Total mystery to me.

  4. Man, the Rams are gonna have the most expensive three and four wideouts in the league.

    Does Austin even count as their four?

  5. I’m okay with this as long as Joyner stays. The Rams have plenty room under the cap, so paying him more then what he’s worth for one year hopefully won’t be that big an issue.

  6. Waste of money. Once they give him that money watch his production drop. I’m surprised they tagged him in the first place. That’s a lot of money for 39 catches.

  7. Watkins is super-talented, but WR is the easiest position to find. I would not make that move.

    But then again, I am not an NFL GM and will never be an NFL GM, so there is that.

  8. You think paying Watkins $15.682 million+ is reasonable, are you out of your mind. It would be idiotic to use the franchise tag on Watkins. Yes, the Rams used a 2nd round pick to acquire Sammy, just chalk that up to making a big mistake and move on. They also made mistakes drafting that truly bad wide receiver and offensive lineman. At best, Watkins is worth maybe $6 million a year, and to pay him $10 million more than what he is worth means that money can’t be spent on a good linebacker, cornerback, offensive lineman, or even a good wide receiver, because Watkins is not a good wide receiver. Last year the Rams changed coaches, now they need to change GMs. If they did, then they could really improve.

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