Alex Smith added to AFC Pro Bowl roster

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The annual shuffling of the Pro Bowl rosters is well underway and the latest change comes at quarterback for the AFC.

The Chiefs announced that their quarterback Alex Smith has been added to the roster. Smith will be replacing Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

Smith set career highs in passing yards, touchdowns and passer rating during the 2017 season. The play that fueled those numbers had Smith being talked about as a possible MVP candidate when Kansas City opened the season with five straight wins, but a 1-6 skid stopped that before the Chiefs righted the ship and won the AFC North.

Their stay in the playoffs was a brief one, though, and the presence of Patrick Mahomes on the roster means that the loss to the Titans might have been the final time Smith represents the Chiefs in a competitive game. If so, he’ll get one last non-competitive chance before the clock strikes midnight.

11 responses to “Alex Smith added to AFC Pro Bowl roster

  1. What happened to Rivers? Did he announce he was withdrawing?

    Brady traditionally withdraws from this game as well.

  2. Redskins should consider him…
    Better than paying KC 30 mil per year or whatever it would take to sign him..

  3. Pro Bowl if for the fans, Rule should be if you’re voted in you go. If you’re injured, you still go! Make appearances, meet the fans, and sign autographs. Only exceptions are the players in the Supebowl.

  4. Good

    Alex was better stats, wins, and head to head games vs. Rivers

    K.C. weak D and their coaches abandoning the run have cost him at least 2 playoff wins

  5. The Pro Bowl is a joke and haven’t watched this crime against humanity in years. Heel just have the NFC vs the AFC in a bowling tournament at least I’ll see the pins get hit hard unlike the laughable Pro Bowl. They don’t even hold it in Hawaii anymore, I wouldn’t go either might as well hold the game in Gitmo then lock up Goodell and leave him there.

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