Assault case against Nigel Bradham closed

Getty Images

Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham‘s record is clear, after the battery case against him was closed.

Via Tim McManus of, Miami-Dade court records show that charges of aggravated assault filed against him following an incident at a South Beach hotel have been closed. He accepted a deferred prosecution deal in July, which offered the possibility of no jail time if conditions were met, and they apparently were.

Also, misdemeanor gun charges against Bradham for an unrelated incident in which he took a gun to the Miami airport were closed in October.

While that means his legal problems are over, it’s not the same as being cleared in the eyes of the league. He’ll still be subject to review under the personal conduct policy.

And since there has been little consistency or transparency in the application (Josh Brown and his one game says hi), it’s impossible to know what sanction Bradham may receive, if any.