Bears keep Vic Fangio, hire Mike Furrey

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The Bears re-signed Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator, the team announced Friday. He received a three-year deal, according to ESPN.

Fangio, considered one of the league’s best coordinators, would have found other offers on the open market. But new head coach Matt Nagy found a way to convince Fangio to stay, the first big get of his tenure.

Fangio has spent the past three seasons as the Bears defensive coordinator. After inheriting a unit that ranked 30th in total defense in 2013 and 2014, the Bears finished 14th, 15th and 10th in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Fangio arrived in Chicago from San Francisco, where he spent four seasons as the 49ers defensive coordinator.

The Bears also announced they hired Mike Furrey as wide receivers coach.

Furrey, who played in the NFL for eight seasons, recently completed his second season as the head football coach at Limestone College in Gaffney, S.C.

8 responses to “Bears keep Vic Fangio, hire Mike Furrey

  1. Furrey was 2nd in the NFL in catches in 2006. He made the transition from safety. Hell be working with WR more talented than he was, thats a very good hire.

  2. Great to see Fangio officially hired. He hasn’t had a ton of talent, but has done a consistently good job with what he’s been given. The only thing I didn’t like about giving Fox the boot was most likely losing him. Glad that the Bears were able to keep him.

  3. Glad they got it done, and I love the new blood on the rest of the coaching staff, starting with Nagy…Now comes the hard part, upgrading the roster.

  4. Can’t say how happy I am to see the Bears retain Fangio. The end of Fox’s tenure had me extraordinarily concerned Fangio would be gone. Dude still deserves an HC opportunity.

  5. This was a good move for the Bears. The Bears Defense has been much better Fangio. I always loved the big defensive teams in the past and the focus from the league on big offenses to make the game ‘more exciting’ has been a bit depressing for me. It would be sweet to see the NFC North develop back into the hard nosed defensive teams we used to see in the past from them. It was looking like with the coaching changes that Fangio may have been headed elsewhere, but the Bears managed to keep him. In my opinion that is going to make the NFC North games much more fun to watch next year,

  6. I for one as a Packer fan glad to see Fangio again. Rodgers has enjoyed throwing touchdowns against his defense. Heck it was one of the only defenses that couldn’t stop an ineffective Brett Huntley from beating the Bears. Rodgers QB rating against Fangios defense is over 100 and 7 Touchdowns to 0 interceptions….so yes good signing for Bear’s…
    It’s makes sense because Fangio comes from the Dom Capers tree…as an understudy. Fangios definitely evolved since then. But 4 Touchdown performance against Bears that’s a pretty good day for any QB.

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