Calvin Johnson insists Lions have not reached out to repair relationship

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Calvin Johnson remains separated from the Lions, the only team he played for in a nine-year career, and he is adamant they have not sought to repair the relationship.

“Ahh . . . no. They say they have, but no,” Johnson said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News.

Johnson retired following the 2015 season, and the Lions forced him to return a portion of the signing bonus he received in a 2012 contract extension. Johnson paid back $1 million, via the Detroit Free-Press, creating a rift that has become a chasm.

Johnson expressed indifference at the future of the Lions after Jim Caldwell.

“I can’t call it,” Johnson said. “I don’t know any of the people there now.

“You hate to see Caldwell go. He’s a great guy. Guys loved to play for him. I loved to play for him. The man was someone you’d invite out to dinner. He’s that kind of guy. The best to him in his future.”

23 responses to “Calvin Johnson insists Lions have not reached out to repair relationship

  1. It’s the Lions. Expecting anything else would be….silly?

    That being said…players want franchises to live up to the contract but, sometimes, just sometimes, players don’t live up to their end of the bargain. He retired..the Lions had every right under the collective bargaining agreement. Such is life between billionaires and millionaires I guess.

  2. I was a HUGE CJ fan until the little wimp retired and got all bitchy about the money we paid him. This guy has gone from one of the best WR ever to one of the greatest whiners ever… keep him out of the HALL… just give him a bathroom.

  3. Waaaahhhh! I got paid tens of millions of dollars to play a game and my former employer didn’t send me a Christmas card…waaaahhhh! Shut the eff up you whiny little baby. No wonder you never won a playoff game.

  4. It is a shame this has not been worked out. No fan enjoys seeing situations like this where a great player tied so closely to a team in every fan’s mind has a rift between them and the team. Hopefully this becomes a situation like Favre/Packers where their is a positive reunion down the road.

  5. The guys talked more in the media in two years of retirement than he did in 9 years playing. Weird. Go find another job, hobby, or something Calvin, all this time off isn’t sitting with you well

  6. All he had to do was either keep playing out his current contract or never have signed it in the 1st place….. this is on him, not the Lions…. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!

  7. I’m sorry Calvin, but you were paid very, very well. What is it that you want the team to do now that you have retired….let it go.

  8. What do megatron & Sanders have in common?
    They both realized the lions are terrible with end in sight.

  9. I obviously don’t know both sides but, I read several articles where he criticized the Lions (probably rightfully so)and how he would play for a different team (he went to several camps other then the Lions) and now he wants an apology? I know I am stuck here in real life, but it seems to me that they BOTH need to do some apologizing if they want to mend fences. Has anyone ever seen a teams star retire, disown the franchise, speak ill of them to the media, say he would play for another organization, then ask for an apology? We live in weird times people, weird times I tell you.

  10. Retirement is like his career. He showed up in games to make some waves, but disappeared in games far too often.

  11. More than anything this demonstrates how athletes are clueless about being coddled. He’s still living in that bubble where he thinks it’s unfair to treat him the same way the rest of us get treated. Didn’t get to keep money you didn’t earn? How unfair! So unfair! Probably the most unfair thing in the history of the universe.

    And it ain’t like he didn’t make a small fortune during his NFL career.

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