Josh Freeman signs to play in CFL

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Former NFL quarterback Josh Freeman signed a two-year contract with the Montreal Alouettes, David William Naylor of TSN reports.

Freeman attended a Calgary Stampeders mini-camp last spring, but the team did not offer him a contract. He finally gets his chance to resume his career with the Alouettes.

Freeman has not played in the NFL since the 2015 season with Indianapolis. His final game action came in the regular-season finale that season when he led the Colts to a victory over the Titans.

He was out of football the past two seasons.

The Buccaneers made Freeman the 17th overall pick in 2009. He started 61 games with three teams over seven seasons, throwing 81 touchdowns and 68 interceptions.

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  1. Sure, one of his throws for the Vikings against the Giants is still in orbit, but I have respect for this guy. He wants to play and is willing to keep trying no matter what level, as long as he’s playing. There are far too many QBs out there who think they’re too good to play in other leagues, yet the NFL still isn’t calling.

  2. Hope this guy succeeds and finds his way back into the NFL. I thought Tennessee fans were aiming their outrage at the wrong issue with the PSU case, but the one argument you can make for not hiring Greg Schiano is that he sabotaged his starting QB because he wanted to play Mike Glennon.

  3. He was so so so close to a long term deal with the Bucs. They lucked out there. There are many reports down here that he partied way too much and had some serious addiction issues. Hopefully he got that sorted out.

  4. Here in NY in 2015, there was a football league formed called the Fall Experimental Football League. It was a league comprised solely of players who had either played in the NFL or had been in an NFL camp and had been cut. The league was designed to be like the “D” League the NBA has.
    I went to one of their games between the Hudson Valley Fort and the Brooklyn Bolts. To my surprise, Josh Freeman was the starting QB for Brooklyn. They had a rule which stated that every player would play, so that scouts who were in attendance could see them in action. So Freeman played about one half of the game, as I remember.
    The stands were sparsely filled and next to me were two scouts from the NFL’s Colts. Andrew Luck was hurt (what else is new?) and they were there to scout Freeman.
    Freeman was a man among boys in that game, in terms of his size (he’s huge) and his physical skill. Early in the game, he dropped back and threw a pass which must have gone about 70 yards in the air to a wide open receiver for a TD. That was his best play of the game, and later he was under a heavy pass rush and threw one up for grabs which was picked off. I heard one of the scouts say “stupid play”.
    The Colts did sign Freeman, and he started the final game in 2015 for them, then was released in the off season.
    Freeman had what looked to be a promising NFL career when he was drafted by the Bucs, but they released him in 2013 after benching him in favor of Mike Glennon. Freeman had missed the team photo and there were rumors of off the field behavior problems, but I’m not sure if they were ever substantiated.
    The Fall Experimental Football League only lasted one year. Many players quit because they were not being paid and the league folded.

  5. This tells me one of two things about Josh Freeman. Either he A) loves the game of football and just wants to play or B) is a poor money manager and needs to keep working despite having played several years in the NFL. In either case, I wish him success; the CFL is a fun game.

  6. The guy sadly had a coke problem that was either suppressed by the local media or the media were a bunch of dolts. He failed a drug test and passed it off as adderrall which Doug Martin later did. Martin was also a running mate if Freeman’s in the Tampa nightlife. He missed meetings, football camps, team photo, was stripped of his captiaincy and nine of this mattered. He was a promising player who was in the verge Of a big payday one day and the next can’t even hold a clipboard for any of the other 32 teams? The league is so barren with decent qb play it’s laughable. Please open your eyes people, he had/ maybe still has serious addiction issues. Nothing to do with immaturity or regression of skill set. I wish him the best and hope he is in a better place now.

  7. poison66 says:
    January 13, 2018 at 3:21 am
    What kind of money would he make in the CFL?

    He should make about $100K. The average player gets $72K as the CAP is $5.12M.

  8. How much will he make? Well, the top quarterbacks in the CFL make $500,000+. I doubt he’ll make that since he’s not proven up north. I’d guess about $200,000; but that’s just a guess.

  9. Freeman was cut by the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders in 2017, after two days of training camp. Montreal added him to their neg. list shortly afterwards but didn’t sign him that year. Calgary went on to the Grey Cup. Montreal was a total doormat and their choice at QB clearly didn’t work out. Maybe Freeman has a shot under a new coach with some new direction for the team. Who knows…Maybe the wide-open field, backfield-in-motion style of the CFL will be a fit for his talents. Only time will tell.

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