Patriots leave Malcolm Mitchell on IR this week

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The Patriots did not make a roster move with wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell on Friday, leaving him on injured reserve.

Mitchell returned to practice December 27, opening a three-week window before the Patriots had to make a decision on whether to return him to the 53-player roster. That means, if the Patriots beat the Titans, a final decision on Mitchell’s status is due Wednesday.

He missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday this week but returned Thursday.

Mitchell has not played this season after being placed on injured reserve before the season opener with a knee issue that began in the spring.

Mitchell quickly became a favorite of quarterback Tom Brady‘s last season, catching 32 passes for 401 yards and four touchdowns as a rookie. He made six catches for 70 yards in Super Bowl LI, including five for 63 in the second half as the Patriots rallied against the Falcons.

12 responses to “Patriots leave Malcolm Mitchell on IR this week

  1. Hogan is Back this week so there isn’t much sense in risking it. If he was 90-100% I’d much rather see him in there then Dorsett or Britt but the Pats will be solid with Hogan, Cooks and Amendola + the Gronk.

  2. I’m curious as to what could be going on that started so long ago, yet hasn’t required surgery, or that there is no surgical solution. I guess it was something they thought could heal without surgery, but has taken longer than expected. Bummer.

  3. skawh says:
    January 12, 2018 at 8:03 pm
    More like 6 catches in the 2nd half after the Falcons faulty game plan.

    Ha ha they beat your Seahawks in the SB
    And ended the NFLs only one year dynasty

  4. Yeah, there’s been all those focus on activating Mitchell, but I thought the roster move would be for Valentine. They could use a little more DLine depth as opposed to receivers.

  5. Skeeter is so desperate for attention.

    I give it to him, good job member of Hatriot Nation. You posted something inane on a Pats post. Gold star for you!

    Hopefully that fills the void in your life.

  6. Unfortunately, MM had a knee issue (ACL) going back to his junior year at Georgia. Maybe next week if the Pats advance.

  7. Pats are just fine at WR….. they don’t need to activate him this season….. much rather see Valentine off the IR if he’s available

  8. +++++++
    skawh says:
    January 12, 2018 at 8:03 pm
    More like 6 catches in the 2nd half after the Falcons faulty game plan.

    Faulty game plan ? You could question the Falcons passing instead of running on maybe ONE PLAY, but that doesn’t make their entire game plan faulty. They didn’t go into a conservative shell and go 3 and out – they kept passing… So what exactly would they PLAN to do differently? Execution failures don’t make a game plan flawed.

    Perhaps you can recall another Super Bowl in which one single play call was questionable?

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