Raiders interview Tee Martin, for real this time, to be an assistant to Jon Gruden

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The Raiders have already interviewed USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin once, but it was an interview merely to comply with the Rooney Rule after Jon Gruden had already agreed to be the Raiders’ next head coach. Now the Raiders are interviewing Martin for a job he actually has a chance of getting.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that Martin interviewed Wednesday with the Raiders for a job as an assistant coach.

The report doesn’t say which position Martin was interviewing for, but it would almost certainly be wide receivers coach. Martin was USC’s wide receivers coach before he was promoted to offensive coordinator, and he was wide receivers coach at Kentucky before USC hired him. Martin played quarterback at Tennessee and briefly in the NFL, but Gruden and offensive coordinator Greg Olson are reportedly planning to coach the quarterbacks themselves, rather than hire a quarterbacks coach.

The NFL is investigating the Raiders’ interviews of Martin and of their former tight ends coach Bobby Johnson. The Raiders have not explained what purpose those interviews served, other than to pretend to comply with the Rooney Rule, given that Raiders owner Mark Davis has acknowledged he conducted those interviews only after agreeing to hire Gruden.

28 responses to “Raiders interview Tee Martin, for real this time, to be an assistant to Jon Gruden

  1. I love how they’re “conducting an investigation.” You know the Raiders won’t get in trouble for this, even though they admitted to it.

    Imagine if our own justice system worked like this. Cop sees a guy walk up and punch you in the face. Then other people point it out to him and the cop is like, “oh I’m going to conduct an investigation!”

    Weeks later concludes everything was legal!

  2. Looney rule has become a joke. Best man/person gets the job. Doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Wins equal to more money for owners. That’s their bottom line. That’s all hey care about.
    Stop trying to divide us with your racial propaganda. (You know who are)

  3. “other than to pretend to comply with the Rooney Rule.”

    What does this mean? Did the interview take place? If it did then there is no “pretend” and the Raiders DID comply with the Rooney Rule.

  4. silvernblacksabbath says:
    January 12, 2018 at 8:40 am
    If Reggie is ok with the Gruden hire, what is the problem???

    So the Raiders have a guy in the tank and you think that absolves them. Like the guy who says hes not racist because he has black friends. Condescension in Action! Lovely how these finely tuned senses of fairness go wonky when the tables are turned.

  5. The racist part to me is you have to interview someone based on there skin color. If your first choice for a coach is black that is fine, But if he is white thats not. That is the definition of racism. Just my opinion

  6. Until the contract is signed then the hiring is not official. I mean, the Rooney himself said that when he interviewed Tomlin, he had already decided on someone else. The interview happening before the contract signing means that the candidate still has the ability to get the job (albeit much much harder).

    In fact, you could say that Martin’s interview could’ve actually gotten him the current interview where the odds are that he gets the gig.

    I couldn’t really care less about the Raiders but the outrage over standard business procedures is really regrettable.

  7. Interesting indeed… Hey Tee, come in for a sham interview for head coach and we can probably find a job for you after we hire Coach Gruden… Well played, I guess?

  8. I’m 100% for minorities having an equal shot at NFL employment as coaches and management. But the Rooney rule, really, is just a good ol’ boys wink and nod to that goal. We often hear about one established coach or manager showing a potential candidate the scopes of these positions. Why doesn’t the NFL brass offer this kind of education to potential candidates? They would be, in effect, graduates of the NFL’s coaches/management school and more attractive as hirees.

  9. There’s actually a moron saying the Raiders should lose their #1 pick and be fined $1M. What a fool. Johnson and Martin were interviewed before Gruden signed anything. This is complete BS with another witchhunt because SJW are complete clowns.

  10. Wait a minute. So in the sham interview to comply with an outdated rule, Tee Martin actually impressed enough to warrant a look at hiring him for real? The Rooney rule is dumb, but even these sham interviews can benefit minority candidates if they interview well.

  11. Look, I’m all for the Rooney Rule, but Martin was interviewed prior to Gruden being hired, and that is the point of the rule. So why are we talking about a violation?

    On the other side, if Gruden was indeed hired before Del Rio was fired, then there never truly was a vacancy. Rooney Rule applies to vacancies only, so again, why are we talking about a violation?

  12. jm91rs says:
    January 12, 2018 at 10:39 am
    Wait a minute. So in the sham interview to comply with an outdated rule, Tee Martin actually impressed enough to warrant a look at hiring him for real?

    CYA move. Desperation hire to reinforce the scam. They know everyone is onto them.

  13. “other than to pretend to comply with the Rooney Rule,”

    Honestly – isnt’t that exactly what every “Rooney Rule” interview is? A farce in terms of being seriously considered for the job? It’s a courtesy interview.

    Generally, teams know the coach they want – race regardless – well before the interview process starts – especially when a “name” coach is available. Pretending otherwise is silly – so does the timing really matter that much when everyone knows, with a wink and a nod, exactly what is going on?

    I do understand the benefits of the rule even given what I stated above: as you pointed out previously and correctly, at the very least it give minority coaches the experience of interviewing for a head coaching job, of getting their name out there as a potential future candidate, etc. – and that is something meaningful. Keep that up and perhaps down the road they’ll get a real interview, not a Rooney Rule interview.

  14. Amazing, the same three people ripping the Rooney Rule. The same three people that think the NFL is off, when they’re making tons of money. That ratings are down is not the point (it’s because of telecomm saturation). They’re still making money and the sport remains quite popular.

  15. Having a verbal agreement in place with Gruden does not violate the Rooney rule. When you force teams to interview candidates based soley on minority status, you will get forced, pointless interviews. Violating the Rooney rule can only occur when you don’t interview a minority. It does not say that person needs to have a chance at the job, or that you need to actually consider them. So if they interviewed a minoroty before Gruden was officially hired, regardless of any verbal agreement, no violation. Just give it up…

  16. He should have gotten the Tennessee head coaching job. Unfortunately the good ole boys in the SEC aren’t ready to see a person of color in charge of a big name football program. Just ask Syllvester Croom.

  17. The rule is crap..if I apply someone applies for a job, and the company wants them, they hire them. They don’t turn around and say ” hold on, i am required to interview someone else before I hire you.” While the rule has very good intentions, i think it opens up minority candidates to insulting sham interviews.

  18. Can we please keep to the facts of the matter.

    The Raiders were the first team in the NFL to hire a black coach.
    The Raiders were the first team in the NFL to hire a hispanic coach.
    The Raiders were the first team in the NFL to hire a woman executive.
    The Raiders currently are one of the few teams that have a black GM.

    The bottom line: the Grumors have always been there for years….now it’s just a fact. where there was smoke, there is now fire.

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