Ron Rivera: Norv Turner will help take Cam Newton to another level

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The Panthers officially named Norv Turner their new offensive coordinator on Friday morning and coach Ron Rivera said the move was a long time in coming.

Rivera said he first wanted to hire Turner when Rob Chudzinski left to coach the Browns in 2013 because “the offense we’ve run was basically born from what Norv has been doing for years.” Turner had already signed on with Cleveland, however, and the move had to wait until now.

Rivera said the offense is “pretty much going to continue with what we do” because of the ties to Turner that were already in place, but added that Turner’s experience will be “invaluable” to getting more out of the unit. That includes quarterback Cam Newton, who Rivera believes will be taken “to another level” under Turner’s tutelage.

“Looking at what they had done with Teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota, there are some similar styles in terms of the zone-read action, and then the prolific [passing] style going to three, five and seven-step drops,” Rivera said, via the team’s website. “But Cam is unique. He is his own player. I know he’ll have Cam do what he does best, but I think his skill set will fit very nicely with what Coach Turner wants.”

Rivera was Turner’s defensive coordinator in San Diego before moving to Carolina and said working for Turner was “terrific for my career.” Now he’s hoping that the same will be true while Turner is working for him.

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  1. So Turner will take Newton to another level?

    Sounds like being in an elevator. There are up levels, but also down levels.

    Which level will it be?

  2. One thing’s for sure: If Norv can’t turn Newton into a seriously solid NFL QB, nobody can. The good news for Panthers fans: He could turn Derek Anderson into a seriously solid NFL QB.

  3. Norv will be great for Cam, his passing game is not all that complicated and he believes in running the football and the qb getting the ball out quick to play makers

  4. Fun fact about Norv: After 2 years under his system, every opponent will know his play scheme.

    Norv Turner does not change, he does not deviate. Prepare for many third and short hand offs to the fullback for no gain. Why do I know this, because this is something he’s never changed from doing and every veteran coach knows his tendencies.

  5. Unless of course Newton has peaked and will never again reach the heights of his MVP season. Then old Norv will just be cashing checks and padding his bank account.

  6. Is Cam coachable?

    I suspect not.

    My wife and I were watching the last Falcon-Panther game a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned that Atlanta seemed to want to win and Charlotte didn’t. I told her the former has an excellent QB and Charlotte doesn’t. That attitude has rubbed off on the entire team.

  7. The next play he calls that has a 3-step drop will be his first. He had a terrible offensive line in Minnesota in 2015 but continued to call long-developing plays that had no chance of succeeding with the amount of time the quarterback had to throw.

  8. The Carolina offense will take a step forward when Christian McCaffrey is actually made a centerpiece of their offense. It has nothing to do with Newton, quite frankly. He’ll be 29 this spring, he’s about as good as he’s going to get.

    The fact that McCaffrey got less than 200 touches this season is downright criminal, especially when you factor in Kelvin Benjamin not being there and Greg Olsen hurt most of the season.

    Hiring Norv Turner, who employs a mostly vertical and long-developing passing game, doesnt do that, in my opinion.

  9. Norv’s nephew has been a Panthers’ assistant coach for three seasons (wide receivers, then quarterbacks for 2017). His brother was a special consultant on offense. Expect more of the same.

  10. Norv is such an offensive genius, he rairly makes changes or adjustments during a game. He thinks he’s way smarter than any defensive play caller. Yet, his scheme is predictable and methodically slow. Run, run, throw. Zimmer tired of his 1980’s play calling and when he confronted Norv on it, he quit. Good luck with that Panther fans.

  11. Difference between Cam and the elete QB’s is Cam is more concerned about looking good when he plays than winning!
    This attitude has spread to other teammates unfortunately. They could have been a dynasty!

  12. Ron Rivera: Norv Turner will help take Cam Newton to another level

    …..Does that mean acting like an adult instead of a child?

  13. I thought the 2017 draft was about getting away from the long developing plays?

    If the team doesn’t make the playoffs then the coaching staff and front office are gone…I think the people plunking down a few billion are going to want make their own hires if the team is not successful. (see bills)

  14. “Difference between Cam and the elete QB’s is Cam is more concerned about looking good when he plays than winning!
    This attitude has spread to other teammates unfortunately. They could have been a dynasty!”

    This an interesting theory. The Panthers were 1-15 and totally irrelevant before Newton took over at QB.

    Since then, the team has been to the playoffs four times in the past five years in addition to a 15-1 regular season and an NFC championship. They have also become a top 10 team in attendance despite playing in a smaller market. Cam has won an MVP award despite having not having any good WRs.

    All this without caring about winning is pretty impressive.

  15. Take him “to another level”? Another empty phrase of sports jargon. The only “level” that’s going to be involved with old seven-step-drop Norv is the levelling that Newton’s going to take. Of course, I won’t mind seeing that happen.

  16. It’s all about mind-set. Cam(eron) Newton a/k/a “AceBoogie” a/k/a SUPERMAN is undisciplined. Cam genuinely struggled this season with throwing the ball (had to be a nagging overlay from surgery) and in some games, Superman showed up, while in others, Superman did not. When Cam is having FUN, then Cam-rolina wins readily and easily.

    What can Norv Turner do to get Superman to show up, each and every game?

  17. Bahahahahaha. . . they. . . said. . . NORV TURNER. . . Bahahahahaha. Sorry, Panthers fans, you guys are getting the failure trash from Minnesota, M Kalil now Turner. Just be glad the Panthers weren’t dumb enough to sign Blair Walsh.

  18. I think that this is a mistake by the Panthers.

    “Norv” Turner has established himself to be an inept HC. But he’s also a vastly overrated OC. He got his reputation as a “brilliant” OC in Dallas but the truth is that Jimmy Johnson put together an offense with HOFers at the skill positions and on the o-line and the offense was still great after Turner left the Cowboys. In all other locations where he went as an OC, the offense failed to improve and in several cities it in fact got worse.

  19. “Nobody can make Cam Newton a winner. He isn’t.”

    Let’s see, he’s only won:

    – a Heisman Trophy
    – a college National Championship
    – a NFL ROY award
    – an NFL MVP award
    – three NFC South Division titles
    – an NFC Conference title

    This is a more “winning” resume than what, 99% of current NFL players?

  20. Anyone ever notice how people are quick to talk about how Turner has had success at MANY stops, but realllllly slow to explain why Turner has had so many stops.

  21. Cam is dangerous on the field when he gets his confidence up. Norv will have that smashed in Training Camp. Why do teams continue to hire these old coaches who have been awful for decades?

  22. Lets see what has Turner done. Has the leading rusher all time in the NFL under his control. NOBODY even close. Has a wide receiver in the Hall of fame that would not be if not for Norv. Oh and has a qb from the same team in the hall of fame also. ALL WITH # RINGS. If cam cant win with Norv then its cams fault not Norv.

  23. The problem with hiring him in the past is that he is so good that he gets hired away by another team as head coach. Happened to the 49ers and Alex Smith.

  24. As a die hard Panther fan it is so sad to see these racist driven comments against Cam. He has been the most
    exciting QB in football to watch and isn’t that why we watch football. Now I know why so many yahoos got bent over
    the national anthem. It is so sad to know that the majority of NFL fans also agree with the Trump agenda. So sad!
    If Cam played in the West he would be a hero for what he does on and off the field.

  25. I see Derek Anderson starting by Week 10, with a healthy Cam. He’s much more talented as a pocket passer, more respected as a leader. Who else has taken the Browns to the playoffs this century?

  26. Norv may be able to make others around Cam better. He will likely make some positive changes to open up some different things offensively. I do not see him as making that big of a difference in Cam at this point though, other than giving Cam some change around him. Cam is pretty much what Cam is at this point. He is a solid quarterback with a feel for the game and a lot of physical skills, but with as long as he has been in the league I do not think he will suddenly jump in skill based on a new coach. I think if Cam improves it will need to be because he improves himself at this point.

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