Sean McDermott says he didn’t coach players to antagonize Jaguars

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In the wake of last Sunday’s playoff win over the Bills, Jaguars defensive lineman Calais Campbell said that he felt Bills players were going above and beyond in efforts to try to goad Jacksonville players into losing their cool on the way to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Campbell suggested that the Bills players were coached to do that, something Bills coach Sean McDermott called “unfortunate” on Tuesday and then followed up on during an appearance on WGR Radio.

“I’ve heard the reports also of that’s what we were coaching or something along those lines. In fact, the real honest truth was what we coached that week was to be poised,” said McDermott. “Because we know anytime you’re in a playoff game, [it’s a] very intense situation. In fact, going against their defense, they were a team that liked to get a little chippy. We felt like it was important for us to address our players and say, ‘Listen, let’s not beat ourselves.’ And so we talked a lot during the week about poise.”

Bills guard Richie Incognito was also accused of using racial slurs during the game, which the league and the Bills said they are looking into this week. McDermott said the team had not heard anything new from the league since their last comments on the matter.

21 responses to “Sean McDermott says he didn’t coach players to antagonize Jaguars

  1. The Jags have some success this year now all of a sudden they whine about every team they play. They are probably going to have some lame excuse if they lose about how the Steelers players were mean to them and that caused them to lose.

  2. When you have a QB that can’t get the ball into the end zone, the rest of the players try to figure out some other way to win. It’s just an unfortunate thing. Hopefully the Bills address their QB situation, or they’ll be looking for another coach soon.

  3. Weak QB, bad receivers.
    Also, extremely unlikely McDermott would channel Rex Ryan. Bills players need to forget everything Rex and grow up on the field.

  4. how about coaching a qb not to float passes over the heads of his receivers. not one ball thrown by taylor would have been considered a laser in that game.

  5. I love it. All the bashing. Mcdermott is a good coach, made some rookie coach mistakes but he and Beane are getting rid of dead weight and making the Bills a team again. Love all the bashing. hey how did that tank go? 3-13 right? maybe win 2 games?
    How about an Unexpected playoff appearance with a terrible QB and an injured and underpowered offense. Oh yeah we got 6 picks or so in the first 3 rounds. More than enough to load up on some OL and DL talent and a few playmakers on offense. Looking for a new coach Charlie? hardly man…. this regime is given time to build…. not a bad first year for a team tanking. How bad are your teams that you’re bashing the Bills???

  6. Hey Jags – Buffalo is old news. You WON. You better be thinking about nothing but Pittsburgh right now because it is going to be a much different game this time.

  7. I realize the football world was sick of hearing about the Bills in the playoffs. To be fair, the football world trashed the team, players and city on personal levels that were completely unfair, so the players, fans and city was very happy.
    The one thing I can say is nothing McDermott has done these past 12 months would ever indicate he would coach his players to talk trash… play edgy maybe but he is someone believes in playing the game the right way. As far as the comment above about coaching Taylor to not float balls? That’s not how this works. 7 years in and Taylor is who he is.
    As far as Jacksonville, you won. Move on and grow up.

  8. How bout those Argonauts?

    Buffalo’s coming, and the cracks are breaking wide open in Cheaterville.

  9. Weren’t the Jags chippy trash talkers the entire season? Now they’re whining? You don’t want to be this thin skinned prior to taking on a very talented Steeler team.

  10. I THOUGHT, MAYBE … I could root for the Jaguars — but man those defensive Jags are a grandstanding “look at me” bunch. They should just quietly go to Pittsburgh, have their butts handed to them and quietly sink back into oblivion.

  11. I like how the Buffalo Bitter Bills fans have turned a simple comment on Twitter by one player into “The whole Jaguars team is a bunch of whiners”. No one asked for an NFL investigation. It’s the league office that made this a bigger deal than it needed to be.

    I guess I can forgive the bitter fans in Buffalo. It must be rough having to watch the Jags play this weekend knowing that, even if we lose handily, we still got to play one more game than they did.

    Cheer up Buffalo. There’s always next year.

  12. did campbell say anything about his team head hunting all game?


    Another bitter Bills fan. Excuses, excuses.

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