Seahawks may embrace a college-style offense

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As the Seahawks try to take their offense to the next level, they could be going down one level.

There’s talk in league circles that the Seahawks are considering the implementation of a college-style offense, one that takes full advantage of quarterback Russell Wilson‘s mobility.

In past years, Wilson used his legs when things broke down. Moving forward, the goal could be to make Wilson’s running skills not the last resort but the predetermined plan.

If that’s the approach, it makes sense. Instead of trying to wedge Wilson’s abilities into a system that fully utilizes them only in the event of emergency, why not unleash them as part of the design?

The potential plan to use a college-style offense could explain the team’s interest in Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, who per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media is one of the candidates for the job. The Philly offense has those college concepts, as the Broncos and cornerback Chris Harris Jr. realized the hard way during the regular season.

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  1. Never understood managers/coaches who try to pound round pegs into square holes. Realize what makes your peeps special and embrace that so they can thrive. This philosophy could work with DangeRuss.

  2. Yep, that’s the way the league has been going. The game doesn’t look the same, and it has to be dumbed down for players who can’t play the real thing. Can’t find a QB who can play NFL football? Make the NFL into college ball. The NFL has lost its luster for a lot of reasons, and this is one of them.

  3. Fools Gold. Sure maybe it will produce more offense. Until Russel gets hurt, then they got even less. Ask the Eagles if they wished they had Carson this weekend.

  4. Yea that’s the ticket, get your star QB blown up more by 300lb defensive ends and sub 4.4 250lb linebackers. Wilson will be on IR half the season. Good ol gum chewer is in panic mode because the winning run streak they had is coming to an end.

  5. ROFL. Seattle would be toast.

    Seattle has no ol. Wilson is already getting beat up running for his life back there on pass plays.

    Now they want to run a college offense which will add about 5-10 more hits on him every game? Plus he’ll get hit hard on some run plays. But it might open that hole for those non-rb’s to get a 5-10 yard run.

    Go ahead Seahawks. I dare you to destroy your QB.

  6. …and how many times have we seen college-style offenses fail in the NFL? Definition of insanity is trying the same failed experiment over and over hoping for a different result.

  7. If you do not like your current qb, run a spread or wildcat offense, or any other one where your qb runs a lot, and you will soon have to hire a new one.

  8. Hire an offensive coordinator with at least a half a brain for starters. Russell Wilson HAS to get the ball out of his hands faster…..think Brady and the short passing game.

  9. Seahawks may embrace a college-style offense

    That would require more than Wilson running around ducking defenders and motioning receivers to “go long.” I did that as a 7 year old.

  10. Don’t worry folks, it’s not going to happen. Russell Wilson is the franchise, and nobody’s going to put him in harm’s way. Not even Pete Carroll. Carroll will be thrown out so fast it will make your head spin. In fact, it wouldn’t shock me to pick up tomorrow’s newspaper and see Carroll is out in Seattle.

  11. Well maybe at the college level they’ll be able to finally achieve that elusive dynasty that they’ve been chasing all these years. Of course that would be until the NFL imposes sanctions and strips away their titles.

  12. Maybe they can sign Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham as backups, bc they’ll need them once lil russ gets smashed by other teams D

  13. Which team would be worse without their starting quarterback?
    The packers or the Seahawks?
    We found out GB is horrible without A-Rod, looks like we’re gonna find out how bad seattle is without Russ in 2018.

  14. It would be hilarious if they actually did that. That college garbage doesn’t work in the pros.

    On a side note, if the NCAA started using pro style offenses, there wouldn’t be a quarterback shortage. The NCAA has not been doing the NFL any favors by running option systems. There are probably plenty of pro able QBs who never get a chance because the NCAA won’t run the right systems.

  15. ‘Yep, that’s the way the league has been going. The game doesn’t look the same, and it has to be dumbed down for players who can’t play the real thing. Can’t find a QB who can play NFL football? Make the NFL into college ball. The NFL has lost its luster for a lot of reasons, and this is one of them’
    Yes, lets blame the QB for this mess. The Seattle OL was bottom five in the league for the last two years. Wilson managed 34 TD (bets in the NFL) and a QB rating of 95.4 (9th in the NFL) in spite of being pressured on 40% of the snaps (worst in the NFL).
    Incredible that anyone gives Wilson any of the blame for this disaster

  16. Old Pete Carroll is on his last legs as a coach as he approaches his 70’s. While he still has the enthusiasm of coaches 40 years younger, his team has gone backwards 2 years in a row as age and injuries catch up, particularly on Defense. Also have money issues where cuts will be made. Seahawks are weak on O-line and totally reliant on Russell Wilson to make things happen. They may try the college offense but team is going nowhere and the 12th man isn’t going to save them.

  17. sportsinsight574221627 says:
    January 13, 2018 at 2:18 pm
    Makes sense, with a College style QB and all.
    Wilson lead all QB’s in QBR from the pocket 2-3 years ago. Just because he’s athletic enough to escape pressure, to pass, or run, if needed, doesn’t make him an insufficient QB. He’s a top seven, top ten QB. Has been for a few years.

  18. maybe they are on to something. too many NFL teams can’t find franchise QB’s….so, go to the running style qb. there are plenty of them out there. if one gets hurt, then move on to the next one.

  19. Last year wasn’t even a high school offense. I’ll admit, too many times I’ve seen open receivers that most good QB’s would have pulled the trigger, but Russell too often holds the *amn ball! That’s even with that atrocious OL!

    This is not how to improve your team Pete.

  20. exinsidetrader says:
    Translation: Look for Wilson to start missing games from injury
    Yeah, he’s missed one play in 6 years.

    One play.

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