Antonio Brown remains a game-time decision

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The illness is gone, the calf problem remains.

As Steelers receiver Antonio Brown prepares to make his return, four weeks to the day after a partially torn lower-leg muscle landed him in a local hospital, Brown remains a game-time decision, a source with knowledge of the situation reiterated to PFT on Sunday morning.

PFT reported on Friday night that Brown’s status will be determined on Sunday before kickoff of the Jaguars-Steelers game in Pittsburgh. Others have since used more words to say the same thing. But the same news still applies: The Steelers and Brown will determine today whether he can play.

There’s still a chance he dresses and plays as a decoy. Even if he’s not 100 percent or close to it, his presence could tilt the defense just enough to open things up elsewhere. Even if the ruse works only for a drive or two, the three or seven points the Steelers may score if Jacksonville is devoting excess resources to stopping a guy who can’t go at full speed may be the difference in the game.

12 responses to “Antonio Brown remains a game-time decision

  1. 5th Antonio Brown “story” in the last day or two.

    Since when does no change in a player’s status qualify as newsworthy?

    Don’t answer that… I already know the answer. Consider the team, and consider the source.

  2. “We’re gonna need something to blame when we lose, so we’ll keep him on the sidelines. Maybe he can help me trip a few players…” = Mike Tomlin

  3. That Mike Tomlin, so clever, every one else plays regular checkers while he plays Chinese.

  4. “a source with knowledge of the situation reiterated”

    Right, the Waterboy perhaps? Multiple people witnessed Brown having solid practices this week with no setback to his calf.

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