Mariota injured quad in first quarter

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A mobile quarterback can be an effective weapon against New England’s defense. As long as the mobility doesn’t get him injured.

After Saturday night’s 35-14 loss to the Patriots, Titans coach Mike Mularkey disclosed that quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered a quad injury in the first quarter of the game.

“It had an impact, obviously,” Mularkey told reporters. “Had to get out of some of scheme that we had with him. With our zone scheme.”

Mularkey said the injury happened while Mariota was running with the football, something he is capable of doing incredibly well. When healthy.

Mariota downplayed the injury following the loss.

“Everybody played with something,” Mariota told reporters. He added that he was “embarrassed” by the showing against the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

“You don’t play to come and lose in the divisional playoff,” Mariota said. “You play to go win the whole thing and we just didn’t execute and didn’t make plays, they did and they’re moving on.”

Mariota, who finished the game with four rushing attempts for 37 yards, had two in the first quarter: An 11-yard gain on third and seven and an 11-yard gain later in the same drive on second and 10. He threw a touchdown pass to receiver Corey Davis two plays later.

A hamstring injury seemed to slow Mariota for multiple weeks. If he’s ever going to reach his full potential, the Titans will need to find a way to balance using his physical skills against getting Mariota banged up.

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  1. That’s always the story with running quarterbacks. They can be devastating when healthy, but it exposes them to an exponentially higher rick of injury. It is not a recipe for long term, sustainable success, especially when the drop-off in skill from your starter to your backup is far, far greater between quarterbacks than it is between running backs.

  2. Marcus is a nice kid, humble, works hard, etc., but he doesn’t possess high end potential. He doesn’t see the field all that well (several glaring examples last night), and he is always reacting to the defense instead of dictating and manipulating the D. Watch how Brady, Brees, Rogers move the team out of plays, use motion to move safeties, etc., to get the look they want. (Actually, I watched Jimmy G do this also). That’s next level QB play and Marcus should be there by now but he isn’t.

  3. Tennessee has nothing about which to be embarrassed. They had a decent season and are a team on the rise. No shame in losing to the Pats at home

  4. Come on people, this is against the old solid smart Patriots. Bill Bellichick has made a lot of people look bad. This is a first time appearance for this group and that often happens when you run up against an old savvy dog who is the best in the game WITH MORE THAN A DECADE OF PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE!!!! These COACHES have really got to up their game. It’s rediculous how they approach these playoff games like a regular season game. They are two different animals and Bellichick understands this better than most.

  5. Romo demonstrated the Patriots defense ‘without spy’ and ‘with spy’. I thought the spy is what shut his running down. Didn’t realize he was hurt.

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