More talk that Matt Patricia is likely the Lions’ head coach

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PFT reported last weekend that the Patriots were bracing for defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to leave for Detroit as the Lions’ next head coach, and although there’s been plenty of reporting linking Patricia to the Giants, Detroit still appears to be the likely destination.

Although Patricia can’t formally take a job until the Patriots’ postseason is over, he will likely be the Lions’ head coach, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Patricia has a good relationship with Lions General Manager Bob Quinn, who worked for the Patriots before getting the Detroit job, and the two of them would like to work together.

There are also reports that Patricia is the top choice of the Giants. If that’s the case, Patricia and his agent have to love all the talk of two teams wanting him. Having two billionaires fighting over you is a lucrative situation to be in.

The Patriots may also lose their offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, who would be a strong candidate for the Giants job if they don’t land Patricia, and who has also interviewed with the Colts.

20 responses to “More talk that Matt Patricia is likely the Lions’ head coach

  1. For a defensive minded coach Detroit is the better fit since the offense is in pretty good shape. As a team they need a lot less than the Giants. Reese didn’t exactly leave the kitchen well stocked in NY.

  2. Sounds like both teams are trying to make each other move on to other candidates. This season seems unusual because these potential coaches in the playoffs are slowing the typical hiring frenzy. It would seem like owners may have figured out that coaches in the playoffs may be better coaches than those not in the playoffs.

  3. mc danie;s to Detroit with Stafford get roman crennell

    as dc and away we go.Beckham will eat daniels alive

    matt could handle him or ship him

  4. Giants have a garbage team. The only thing they got going for them is a decent draft pick.

  5. First it was the Lions than it was the Giants and now it’s the Lions again. Is someone trying to drive up the price of the contract? I wonder who that could be? Could it be his agent? Duh!

  6. Patricia is just another typical arrogant patriots personnel guy, who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He should keep wearing the clown shirt, it belongs on him. it will also be very evident when he is proven to be a sub .500 head coach

  7. I’d be more interested in Matt Patricia as a GM. The guy is wicked smaht as they say in Boston.

    As for McDaniels, one thing that would concern me is his first-quarter play calling. It’s always basically the same and results in slow starts. The Patriots have no problems recovering from slow starts, but that’s sure not the case for most teams. I would guess that the more closely teams watch the Patriots’ offensive game plan, the more questions they’ll have about whether McDaniels is a good fit.

  8. I have severe doubts about this, even though it comes from Schefter. Last I’d heard, Patricia wanted the Giants job and was the frontrunner. Even if the Lions want him, I’d be a little surprised if he lands there even though his first choice wants him.

  9. Meh. I’d prefer Todd Haley. I know he didn’t fare well during his stint at KC, but I love the way Pittsburgh’s offense looks. Put that with the recently relieved of duty in Oakland Jack Del Rio as Defensive coordinator and color me a happy Lions’ fan.

  10. Really hope so. Patricia is an active coach, not passive, which is more Caldwells approach.

    The way he adjusted a very poor performing Pats D… he proved a TON about his ability.

  11. If the packers were smart, and we know they are not, they should have just completely cleaned house and got rid of McCarthy. Patricia would be a perfect fit for the pack. They do not need a offensive minded HC but a defensive minded HC, he would keep the pack competitive against Vikings. Now the lions will jump ahead of the pack.

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