Terence Newman is expected to play

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If the Vikings hope to slow down the New Orleans passing game, they’ll need ultra-veteran cornerback Terence Newman to play. By all indications, he at least will try.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Newman is expected to attempt to play on Sunday despite a foot injury that has him officially listed as questionable. He’s the only Viking whose name appeared on the final injury report.

Newman was limited in practice on Wednesday and Friday, and he didn’t practice at all on Thursday. Given that this could be his last year in football, Newman will be even more likely to suit up and see what he can do.

The 39-year old cornerback appeared in every regular-season game in 2017, with seven starts. With Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes the starters on the outside, Newman has become a versatile weapon, and the defense will miss him if he can’t go, or if he’s on the field but impaired.

10 responses to “Terence Newman is expected to play

  1. Packers fans are glad Newman is playing. It gives us hope that old broken Aaron has a chance to come back at 50% of what he was.

  2. Everton time que talk about longevity in sport we talk about Brady, a qb, who almost never run, And forget about this guy.

  3. Saint fans, if you win today’s game and I firmly believe you will, be prepared for an onslaught of excuses of why your team didn’t deserve it.

    Everything, but not limited to:
    1: Poor Officiating (Something that was called, but shouldn’t have been, and, of course, the ever popular, something that wasn’t called, but should have been)
    It’s their go to excuse, their baby, their trump card and I can guarantee they’ll use it.

    2: The Grand NFL Conspiracy. You know, the one that’s designed to keep the mighty Vikings down while erroneously elevating their opponents.
    It’s been 56 years in the making and the sheer weight of it gets heavier and heavier.
    Always one of my faves.

    3: Injuries. Though no other team deals with these, it’s the continued bane of this plucky Viking squad. (Gag!)
    If this team suffers some kind of injury no matter how insignificant, you’ll all hear about it.

    These are basically the top 3, but trust me, it could be a myriad of others.
    As Packer fans, we’ve had to deal with the Barneys for years and you’ll never find a more bitter or delusional fan base in the NFL.
    I mean, they’re still whining about BountyGate nine years after the fact.
    Regardless of how they lose, they’ll still claim superiority in their alternate reality.
    As I said before, Be prepared.

  4. 3: Injuries. Though no other team deals with these, it’s the continued bane of this plucky Viking squad. (Gag!)


    I love when my fellow Pack fans talk about injury excuses when all year they’ve complained about our soft QB getting destroyed by a routine hit. Our season went down the drain with one single injury… and our fans let everyone know about it!

  5. Hope “Old Man” Newman can bring it like he has this whole year. He isn’t as fast as he once was but he understands Zimmer’s defense. Big help to the Vikings if he can be out there and contribute.

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