Zay Jones having surgery to repair torn labrum

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The Bills took wide receiver Zay Jones in the second round of the 2017 draft and he moved to the top of the depth chart when the team traded Sammy Watkins to the Rams in August, but his production during the season wasn’t as robust as many hoped.

Jones, who set an NCAA record for career catches, finished the year with 27 catches for 316 yards and two touchdowns. His transition to the NFL wasn’t helped by a shoulder injury.

Jones’ father, the former NFL linebacker Robert Jones, told the Bills Wire that his son played with a torn labrum this season and will have surgery to repair the injury this week.

“Here’s a guy that’s going into surgery on Tuesday to get his shoulder repaired and people hardly knew that he played the entire season with, you know, a torn labrum,” Jones said. “So how would you like sitting around and you’re going to grab a glass of water and your arm falls out of its socket?”

Jones’ second season may feature a different quarterback throwing him passes and he’ll be hoping for better health and results regardless of who is taking the snaps.

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  1. Kind of obvious he was playing with one arm. That gets noticed instantly by DC’s. And as far as you trolls, I’d gladly take him and your 1st round pick for Odell.

    The Bills need a consistent QB because they have a good enough window to do some damage. Cousins seems like a perfect fit, mentality wise. I’d pay him. The window closes unless you’re lucky enough to match the best QB in history with the best coach in history (which is probably not mutually exclusive).

  2. matt14gg says:
    January 14, 2018 at 11:55 am
    Torn labrums don’t cause you “arm to fall out of its socket”


    You’re right. Torn labrums do not cause your arm to fall out of it’s socket. I got one playing professional baseball and was cut the next day. You can’t lift your arm over your shoulder and can’t throw a rock ten feet. You’re arm just says ‘nope, not happening’.

    No injury settlements and basically ‘see ya’ back in those days. When you throw 88 and you’re ceiling (in their eyes, not mine nor my catcher who I went up with) is AA, they just move on.

    Lifelong issue too. Always a the potential for a slight tear (twice, so far) that takes a year or two (depending on your effort) to correct non surgically.

  3. Trust me, I had a torn labrum for almost 20 years. Given the (all-too-easy to find) right spot, my arm popped out without warning. It sucks SO bad. I had the surgery, finally, and I’m happy to say never had a problem since.

    The shoulder is a delicate area given its role and expected angles. The labrum plays a huge part in stablizing.

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