Cowboys hire Paul Alexander as offensive line coach

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The Bengals and Cowboys both made changes at offensive line coach at the end of the season, but they should have just tried to make a trade.

Dallas parted ways with Frank Pollack, who recently took the same job on Marvin Lewis’ staff in Cincinnati. Pollack replaced Paul Alexander, who was dropped by the Bengals and surfaced as a candidate to replace Pollack a short time later. Alex Marvez of Sporting News reports that Alexander has been hired to coach the Cowboys blockers.

Alexander spent the last 24 years with the Bengals, so this move is a significant change in circumstances. It will also be a significant change in accomplishment from the group he worked with last season.

The departures of Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler left the Bengals short on talent, but Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin will ensure that’s not the case in Dallas as long as they’re healthy.

10 responses to “Cowboys hire Paul Alexander as offensive line coach

  1. I remember the last time Dallas took someone from Cincinnatis’ O-Line school; a guard they threw a boat-load of cash at called Nate Livings. I could have told them he was trash before they blew the money…….

    Hope this move works out better for you Cowboy fans this time……

  2. Interesting. For a good long while now, the Bengals have seemed to be a team that consistently developed OLmen well, so perhaps Alexander is able to work some “magic” there (which in Dallas’s case would mean helping the pieces work together and perhaps making sure there is a more prepared backup LT). Pollack was a shorter track record as far as I know, but he likely has picked up some useful knowledge himself by working with talented OLmen and coaches before.

  3. Any Bengals fan can tell you This is a HORRIBLE HIRE! Just because he was around for 24 yrs doesn’t mean he was good. He is an example of Bengals politics. He was there before Marvin Lewis. He was so arrogant, he thought he would never be fired (and so did we). The OL would have obvious personnel and schematic problems and he made no effort to fix it. He drafted terrible players and refuse to admit it and kept them in the line-up. He single-handedly destroyed our offense and every fan wanted him gone more than anybody. Not hating on Cowboys, but this guy is awful. Remember, Nate Livings?

  4. Paul was the o-line and run game coordinator for the Bengals, who ranked 20th or worse in yards per carry in every season since 2006 (sans 2014). The Cowboys apparently think 32 sacks is too many, so they hire a guy whose units allowed 40 and 41 sacks over the last 2 years. The Cowboys have a ton of talent, so they might make Paul look better, but don’t expect him to be good at evaluating talent in the draft (4 of the Bengals starters were hand-selected by Paul and graded near the bottom according to PFF).

    So in short, he can’t judge talent, his run-blocking scheme stinks, and he’s been inconsistent (at best) at protecting the QB. Bengals fans are so thrilled with this trade, it made bringing back Marvin Lewis “almost” okay. Think about that, Cowboy fans.

  5. The RARE occasion the Bengals came out infinitely better on a trade (albeit not a literal trade…). Get ready for a line of big slow draftees that wrestled in high school and choke in big games, Dallas.

  6. You’d think, with all the video technology in Jerry’s World, that they could have seen how poorly our o-line has been playing. Folks forget, this o-line was not good in 2016 when they had both Whit and Zeitler. Man, sorry Dallas. I’ve not heard a single Bengals fan regret his leaving the team.

  7. Paul Alexander the coach was let down by Paul Alexander the talent evaluater. Considered a fairly known guy in OLine circles, he picked far more duds than studs over the years.

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