Frank Reich’s name surfaces in connection with Titans job

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The Eagles have maximized the talents of a mobile quarterback in Carson Wentz. The Titans may be interested in taking advantage of some of the expertise that has shaped Wentz.

Terry McCormick of Titan Insider has injected the name of Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich into the mix for the next coach of Tennessee’s NFL team.

Making that development even more intriguing is that Reich played quarterback for the Bills when Buffalo completed the greatest comeback in NFL history, erasing a 35-3 deficit against the Houston Oilers — the predecessors by only a few years to the Tennessee Titans.

At a time when Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo is getting consideration for offensive coordinator jobs elsewhere, a departure by Reich could help the Eagles keep DeFilippo by allowing him to become offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. Unless, of course, he follows Reich to Tennessee to be the offensive coordinator there.

Other candidates who have been mentioned so far in connection with the Titans vacancy include Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks.

13 responses to “Frank Reich’s name surfaces in connection with Titans job

  1. He also brought Maryland back from a 31-0 deficit against Miami when he was a senior QB with the Terps. Seems comebacks are in his blood. Go Terps!!

  2. What Frank Reich did was the single greatest effort by any player in NFL history. Opinions are what they are. This is mine. No player has ever taken over a game the way he did. Utterly awesome!

  3. It was 35-3 midway in third quarter before Reich engineered his second record-breaker, having already done so as noted above while at Maryland. Been in the same auditorium with him while he was honored, and he is a wonderful speaker. As a matter of fact, he and Jim Kelly were both there for the event, so I consider myself lucky in that regard.

  4. Eagles fan here wish him the best regardless. However, since he does not call the plays and head coach, OC and QB coach all have a hand in Wentz, hard to evaluate Reich.

  5. Michael E says:
    January 15, 2018 at 8:24 pm
    Warren Moon, the biggest choke QB in history.


    Funny, I don’t recall Warren Moon playing defense that day and giving up that lead…

  6. The guy’s a confirmed Calvinist (believes our life experiences are pre-ordained to occur), so whatever happens, it is all in a master plan destined from the man upstairs.

  7. I was at that Bills game, insanity in the stands and I cannot ever remember it being louder as the Oilers melted down in front of our eyes…… Reich is a good football guy, well spoken, cerebral…..on the offensive side he was always pretty sharp… he should make a good head coach

  8. Like all coaches (including Belichick), more experience the better they get. His stint in SD and now Philly has given him a wealth of experience, ready for his next promotion.

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