Marcus Williams: I won’t let one play define me

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Saints safety Marcus Williams stood up after his gaffe in the divisional playoff game and took responsibility for allowing Stefon Diggs‘ game-winning touchdown. Saints teammates came to his defense immediately after the game and again on social media Monday.

Williams tweeted his thanks for the support he has received, adding a promise that he won’t let the play define him.

“I appreciate my friends, real fans, family, and team for everything they have done for me this season all of the support is highly appreciated!” Williams wrote. “No the season didn’t end as planned but one thing for sure I won’t let one play define the type of MAN or PLAYER that I am or will be!”

Williams had a solid rookie season with four interceptions in the regular season and added another against Case Keenum and the Vikings on Sunday, which was forgotten in the aftermath of “Seven Heaven.”

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  1. Best of luck to him from a longtime Vikings fan. It’s never fun to be in a position like he is today, but he was classy as he spoke about it afterward and this is more of the same.

  2. Our Dbs know how to tackle and are not allergic to contact. The quest for SIX starts next year, we will follow Jimmy’s lead. #goNiners #Nobodyhasitbetter

  3. I think anyone with one ounce of decency doesn’t want to be in his shoes, but we’ve each been there. The measure of strength is how you respond. So far he’s off to a good start. Plus, the Saints wouldn’t have reached that game without him nor the rest of the defensive improvement. He did his best and missed, literally. Happens. God bless anyone who can brag otherwise.

    Sincerely, a Cowboys fan.

  4. Can’t believe the amount of football fans ripping this guy for his “poor tackling”. It really displays a lack of football knowledge.

    He had Diggs in front of him. He closed in way too fast. He was in route to tackling Diggs mid-air before the ball got there. That is a penalty that gives Minn field goal range. He bailed and it had the worst possible outcome.

  5. He made sure he will always be remembered. That’s more than many veteran’s who play for 10 years do.

  6. There was some understandable anger and frustration last night but the vibe from local sports talk is that the fan base has largely understood he was just a rookie in a moment that was bigger than he was. He is part of the best draft class we’ve ever had. He’ll learn from this.

  7. The young man did his best on a bang bang play. Diggs jumped 3 feet in the air for that catch and found a way to stay upright. It’s eady to second guess a player when we watch it over and over again in slow motion. At game speed, the margin for error is small. No time to think, much less react the correct way every time.

  8. I feel sorry for him and hope people will realize its a football game and not life or death. That said, that effort to tackle was pretty weak. Looked like someone who does not like to to tackle or make contact.

  9. I don’t feel sorry for him or that team.
    What thomas did to Sendajo may have been technically legal; yet, it was rotten.
    No sympathy.

  10. Even hall of fame players blow a play occasionally. Sounds like he got the right attitude, suck it up and keep playing.

  11. Saints fans, this kid is gonna turn out to be a good leader in your locker room. He had a very good season. And what happened last night, pure luck. But after the game, this kid put it on his shoulders. He wasn’t backpedaling, or trying to push that blame on to someone else. Or deflect criticism, he owned it. It was a bang bang play. And many of us armchair QBs can say this or that, and how we would have done this or that differently. But fact is, it happened so fast.

    But this kids gonna be a leader. Not blaming anyone else, and wants to move on from it. He has 17 other great games, and how many highlights to look back on from this season. He will be just fine going forward.

  12. I hope this guy moves on – his team spent 59 minutes doing some wrong things and it comes down to him making a mistake at a crucial moment. Talk about being put on an island.

  13. At the end of the day, he whiffed on a tackle in a Divisional Round game. This a not a Bill Buckner, Kyle Williams, or Jim Marshall scale screw-up. Saints and Vikings fans will likely remember his name for a long time, but the rest of us will move on soon enough.

  14. It’s poetic justice that this happened to the Saints, especially after the way they pulled that Bountygate garbage in 2009 against the Vikes. I have no sympathy for Sean Payton or that team at all. The Saints deserved to have this game go against them.

  15. He had a good year but must be absolutely sick over that play. I feel bad for him. Lots of guys that have had similar plays let it eat them up and were never the same. I hope he gets beyond it and has a successful career.

  16. Keep your head up Mr. Williams, you made a fan in me by how you’ve handled yourself. I’m in your corner. who amongst us in our professional life don’t have an example of a 2 minute situation we’d give anything to have a ‘do over’? Best wishes.

  17. Liberalsruineverything says:
    January 15, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    sheetolay says:
    January 15, 2018 at 7:09 pm
    Ernest Byner on line one.
    Bill Buckner on line two.

    Hank Baskett on line three

  18. I think it’s ok for Saints fans to be frustrated without being mean, the guy completely froze up at the biggest moment of the entire year. Instead of pulling up and making a simple tackle which would have run the clock down to zero, he threw his body forward trying to avoid Diggs in the process. It’s kind of mind boggling. I feel for the fans and players, tough loss after fighting back. Hope the Vikes lose next week.

  19. Everyone is trying to be politically correct and say the “positive” thing regarding this guy. I say let’s follow the lead of our president and say what we really think and feel. Lets not sugarcoat it. I know his teammates must hate his guts right now. They can’t stand to look at him or be around him. He’s a pariah, a leper. A man with a disease that no one wants to be around. He deserves the sole blame for losing that game and doesn’t deserve to ever let it be forgotten. I wish people would be honest. How can the Saints possibly bring him back to their team next season? Every time they see him, he’ll be a reminder of costing them a shot at a championship. He’s a championship killer. He shouldn’t have the nerve to show his face in the state of Louisiana.

  20. How is the defensive playcall by Awful awful Dennis Allen being overlooked and this kid gets the blame… keep it inside and in front of you. Fail and fail.

  21. It would have been pass interference if he didn’t go low.

    Look at the new replay that’s out there. It looks like he’s trying to avoid him and then attempting an ‘ole tackle. Still a bad play. He needed to slow way down and corner the guy by containing in front of him and letting his teammates help.

    Bad play for sure but it was the speed he was coming at, not the low hit thing.

  22. mackcarrington says:
    January 15, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    … He’s a championship killer. He shouldn’t have the nerve to show his face in the state of Louisiana.


    Dude, get a grip. It’s a football game. Life goes on. He’s human. Have you ever driven drunk out of your mind and awakened and thanked your lucky stars? Geez. He’s a human being.

    New Orleans was destroyed and lives lost and the chances are that some day, it just might happen again. That’s an issue for brain cell use. Thank goodness for people like you who live and die over a sport. Your job and life must really suck.

  23. Fortunately, he is a rookie and will have many opportunities to overcome the memory of that moment. It’s not like Jackie Smith coming out of virtual retirement to drop a TD pass for the Cowboys in SBXIII and forever be associated with Verne Lundquist’s famous call: “Bless his heart. He’s got to be the sickest man in America.”

  24. “I say let’s follow the lead of our president and say what we really think and feel. Lets not sugarcoat it. I know his teammates must hate his guts right now“

    This is exactly what he does, appeals to people’s basest emotion which is fear and anger. Congratulations for being so easily manipulated.

  25. So many defensive players are simply going for the legs rather than learning how to actually tackle. Not that this happened on that play but I love watching ball carriers hurtle over defenders going for the legs, and make them look like chumps as they sit and watch the yards rack up.

  26. The guy made a mistake & owned it. It should not define his career.

    99% of fans have never made an athletic decision at high-speed after the ripe age of 16 in their entire lives. He clearly was going to try to undercut Diggs as he caught the ball, but changed his mind at the last second due to pass interference &/or safety rules. He was playing aggressive & then catostrophically backed off because he misjudged the ball.

    Hindsight is 20-20. If he would have made a tackle & Diggs got out of bounds, fans would’ve criticized him for that.

    Play on bro. Way to own it, face the music & move on.

  27. GenXJ says:
    January 15, 2018 at 7:41 pm
    I don’t feel sorry for him or that team.
    What thomas did to Sendajo may have been technically legal; yet, it was rotten.
    No sympathy.


    Barr’s hit on Rodgers was technically legal, yet it was rotten also. That’s football – and kharma.

  28. He is a rookie. A very good rookie. Barring injury he will have a good number of years of great plays, good plays, plays that he wins, plays that he gets beat and some more dumb plays and after a year or two it will be the hole body of work most people will remember.

    Yeh he will always be on a high-lite reel just as Jim Marshall will always be on the blooper videos for running the wrong way. While Jim’s run will always be remember he is much more remembered for his great play and the type of man he is. I suspect Williams to will be remember for who he is what what his whole career will be.

    He should just be thankful he is not a kicker. They have fewer chances to redeem themselves if any to redeem themselves.

  29. About a hundred other decisions or mistakes occurred prior to that last play that likely had an equal impact on the game’s outcome, but they just weren’t on the very last play.

  30. dkcjb says:
    January 15, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Liberalsruineverything says:
    January 15, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    sheetolay says:
    January 15, 2018 at 7:09 pm
    Ernest Byner on line one.
    Bill Buckner on line two.

    Hank Baskett on line three


    Scott Norwood calling, please clear all the lines.

  31. That throw, catch, TD run was around 80% luck and less than 20% this guy’s fault. Stuff happens. No way, he should catch all the blame. Two really good teams played a really good game and the team with the ball last won. As a football fan, you can’t ask for much more than that.

  32. Typical comments from fans who do not understand what happened! He did not miss the tackle, he mis-timed it to avoid the PI and took out the only would be tackler left. Only 2 comments out of dozens get this. Sad for him. Great game. Sorry for the Saints Fans and good for the Vikings.

  33. The proper play would have been to slow down, let Diggs catch it and then just grab him to end the game…but it’s damn hard to think straight and ignore instincts and years of training in that highly stressful moment. If not for his earlier interception the Saints may have been watching the Vikings victory formation on that play. He seems like a grounded kid and a good player. Hope he keeps his attitude and plays well in the future.

  34. One play should never define a player. He had a pick earlier and both teams left a lot of plays out there. Plenty of blame to go around.

  35. Wow, can’t believe how many people on here think this guy just made an honest simple mistake. If I had owned the Saints, Williams, and whoever coached him, would have been cut and fired before they made it back to the locker room. There was absolutely no excuse what so ever for the decision he made to try and body tackle the receiver. He had more than enough time to slow down, grab the guy after the catch was made, without interference, and tackle him inbounds. I feel as though I am living in the movie Idiocracy.

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