Patriots saw Jaguars’ potential in training camp

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Monday that the joint practices between his team and the Jaguars from training camp don’t have much relevance as the two teams prepare to meet for a berth in the Super Bowl. What does have relevance is the impression that a young and hungry Jags team made on some of the Patriots players.

“Those guys are competitive,” Patriots tackle Nate Solder told reporters on Monday. “They play hard. They’re very talented. The way that they practiced was hard, so you know that they’re going to improve and get better and that’s what they’ve done and that’s what we have to perform against.”

Special-teams captain Matthew Slater noticed the Jaguars’ physicality during the sessions between franchises.

“They have the mentality,” Slater told reporters. “Coach [Doug] Marrone, having a background as an offensive line coach, they have that toughness. They have those types of players who bring out toughness and edge, and it shows up on the film. You can be watching the film for a handful of plays and it shows up. That was something definitely that we saw when we left practicing with them, and it’s something that they’ve consistently shown all year long.”

“We knew from the beginning they were a good football team,” safety Duron Harmon told reporters. “You could just tell. You could tell the mood around the team — they came up here and instantly they wanted to show that they were a good football team just like we are a good football team, and they did. You saw it then and they didn’t have Jalen Ramsey and Calais Campbell practicing at the time. . . . We saw it. We saw it. We knew they were going to be a good football team and they just kept progressing, kept getting better, and that’s the reason why they’re here right now.”

They’ll literally be here (as in there, in New England) in six days, and as one source explained it to PFT on Sunday night the Jaguars may be too young to realize that they should be intimidated by the almighty Patriots.

The Patriots and Jaguars last played in 2015, with New England winning in blowout fashion at home, 51-17. The Patriots have a 7-0 record against the team that joined the NFL in 1995 in the regular season, and a 3-1 record in the postseason. The only win for the Jaguars happened during the 1998 playoffs, 25-10 in Jacksonville.

That combined record of 10-1 all-time surely won’t mean anything to these Jaguars.

15 responses to “Patriots saw Jaguars’ potential in training camp

  1. Of course the Jaguars can win the AFCC. Only a fool would think otherwise.

    The narrative that is being set in this site for the game is interesting. Not entirely sure what not being intimidated by the Patriots has to do with this game quite frankly but I hope it translates into a lack of preparation and respect as well.

    And in case you still haven’t understood how the Patriots think, the 10-1 record doesn’t mean anything to them as well.

    As BB has frequently replied to the press, apparently the message has not sunk in totally, what happened last year, heck, what happened last week, is UTTERLY irrelevant for the game that is going to be played this week!!!

    Hope it’s a great couple of games and that the Pats win but if it’s the Jags hope they go on to win it all as well.

  2. This is how the Patriots do trash talk. They praise their opponents, as if they are a combo of the ‘m85 Bears and the Greatest Show on Turf. Then they rip their hearts out…
    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  3. Say what you like, no problem with me. I’m pulling for the Pats because they’re professional.

    The Jags are just that…Jags. A showboating defense that is all about LOOKATME!

    Hate it. Period. Go Packers.

  4. “the Jaguars may be too young to realize that they should be intimidated by the almighty Patriots.”

    That’s a mental barrier that they won’t have to overcome then.

  5. I’m a huge Jag fan. Couldn’t be prouder of my team and my guys.

    This game feels like Frodo and Sam have reached the gates of Mordor.

  6. Note the very different attitude from the Patriots compared to the Steelers who literally gave them no respect

    That doesn’t mean the Pats are going to win of course, but as a well coached team they take them with the seriousness they should

  7. Not buying the smoke they are blowing, but the Jaguars improvement has been remarkable. Gus Bradley won 14 games for this franchise through 4 seasons and Marrone has a chance to match that in his first season. How Marrone isn’t the leader in the clubhouse for COY is criminal.

  8. fareandbalanced says:
    January 16, 2018 at 8:13 am
    Don’t understand the -9pt spread.I expect a well coached Jax team that is peaking at the right time coming to New England.
    And the Patriots are getting healthy at the right time too.

    Should be a good one.

  9. I do believe Maronne runs this team but I GUARANTEE you, yesterday, Maronne was in Tom Coughlin’s office to get his direct input on a game plan. I have to believe Sunday will have TC’s fingerprints all over it.

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