Report: Pat Shurmur expected to take Giants job


League rules prohibit teams looking for head coaches to agree to deals with coaches still involved in the playoffs.

But the league’s own media operation illustrates how flimsy those rules are with the latest round of reporting.

Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network just filed the latest “news” as it pertains to the Giants opening, saying that Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is their “top choice” and “he’s expected to accept, if offered.”

Which means there’s some degree of agreement, which would be against the rules. If there was an offer. Or if he was going to accept it.

Shurmur was already viewed as the favorite for the job, the same way Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is viewed as the likely next coach of the Lions and Josh McDaniels is expected to take the Colts job.

Which shows that just as with the Rooney Rule, the league has a set of rules which are routinely ignored, since nobody bothers enforcing them.

49 responses to “Report: Pat Shurmur expected to take Giants job

  1. The owners of the teams are the League. Why should they have to follow burdensome rules of their own creation?

  2. I’ve been right since day 1. He’s a perfect fit with Gettleman. Good cop/bad cop.

    Odell will know where the line is but he’ll have someone who will at least try and work with him.

  3. The NFL needs to enforce these rules or not have any rules. You shouldn’t be able to tamper with playoff team coaching staffs until after the season has been complete. That means no calling, no interviews, nothing…until after the season. I understand that the business and money is larger than the NFL itself and the play of the game is just a product of the business. If there is a rule in place for this type of tampering and activity then enforce it by penalty of draft picks, free agency money, or loss of franchise tag. I’d rather have my offensive coordinator focused on the game hand rather than setting up 2-3 interviews that week. What is happening to the game???

  4. If Pat Shurmur and the others fall through, tell the Giants that I am available.

    Like most fans of most teams, I know exactly what play to call when I am screaming at the television.

  5. “Which shows that just as with the Rooney Rule, the league has a set of rules which are routinely ignored, since nobody bothers enforcing them.”

    It’s a pointless rule to begin with.

  6. it would be a small cost for playoff contenders to keep these guys on multiyear deals so they could at least get draft pick compensation if someone wanted them…

  7. I wonder what this means for Case Keenum. A lot of people have speculated he will go with Shurmur, but what about Eli? This could get interesting for sure…

    I guess if the Vikes win it all (or make it for that matter) they will likely pay to keep him…

  8. Ok, now focus on the damn Eagles.

    By the way, he’s a great coach, but I fear the NY media and fans are going to eat Shurmur alive.

  9. Actually, none of that means there is any agreement in place. If a team is allowed to interview potential coaches, you have to assume the questions arise about salary and the amount of control they will have. Those questions could lead to a coach being willing to accept if an offer is made. And, once the teams have done a few interviews, they could certainly have a top choice without having made any actual offers.

  10. So, between Schwarts, Belichick, Patrica and Saban. I’m having a hard time figuring out who the Giants will choose as their next coach.

    Who’s going to be the “lock for the Giants” tomorrow? Todd Haley? Jim Caldwell?

  11. The Rooney rule is idiocy. Ownership can simply schedule an interview and be done with it. Why should anyone be pressured to hire someone they don’t really want anyway?

  12. The Giants don’t need a coach.

    They need a babysitter.

    Too bad they ran off one of the best coach/babysitters.

    Too bad for the Giants, anyway.

    Not so bad for the Jags.

  13. I hope he doesn’t spend the week lining up a coaching staff. That Philadelphia defense is tough and Shurmur is going to have to figure out some new wrinkles to make them think a bit. I doubt that “Seven Heaven” is going to work this week.

  14. That would be a good fit. The last thing the Maras and Gettleman want is a 30-something hotshot coming in on his first rodeo a la McDaniels in Denver. Shurmer has been in the big chair before and has an even keeled demeanor that will serve him well in dealing with the Giants fans and media who are going to expect big improvement in a hurry.

  15. billco6192012 says:
    January 15, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Teddy bridgewater will be Giants next Qb if that happens. They can’t afford both in minn. Giants will be in great shape

    Shurmur doesn’t really have a relationship with Teddy like he does with Case and Sam. Plus, Teddy will probably need the lowest salary to stay in Minnesota because he hasn’t played in so long. Therefore, don’t expect Teddy to be the next quarterback. Shurmur will be fine with Eli and a top draft choice.

  16. The Giants need to find an identity again. They can’t run and aren’t the great defense they once were. Eli has had a good career, but they needed to groom a replacement in previous drafts. Coaching wise, they need a younger version of Tom Coughlin, a drill sergeant to whip that team into some sense of discipline.

  17. If Shurmur leaves, I’m think Kevin Stefanski takes over as the OC in Minny. Then they will sign either Bradford or Keenum to keep the offense in place, but add their own tweaks to it like Shurmur did when he took over for Turner.

  18. Lots of hate for this hire and Im not sure why. Personally I wanted Patricia but Im not upset with this (apparent) hire. As for him being out in 3 years….dont bet on it. Mac was an anomaly and he got fired much more because of his arrogance/losing the locker room then for the 3-13 season.

  19. Good riddance. I’ve come to the realization that his play calling is overrated. While his work with Keenum is great, I feel his plays are own the downward trajectory. I grow so tired of Murray up the gut on *almost every first down*. I feel like Brad Childress is back again, calling plays from a dumb-downed note card the size of a post-it. Too conservative after taking a 17 point lead.

  20. If Shurmur gets the job, it wouldn’t shock me if the Giants signed a FA quarterback and used their high no. 1 on a lineman

  21. I recall two years ago when Adam Gase was the prized candidate followed by Hue Jackson and Ben Mcadoo . The eagles were ridiculed for hiring Pederson . Fast forward to 2018 and Pederson is getting his team ready to play in the NFCCG with backups all over the field . Should be coach of the year , though I’m sure he won’t come close for some odd reason .

    Shurmur has gotten the more out of Bradford and Keenum than any coach they’ve had . Seems like a solid hire , especially for a team that should be drafting a franchise QB

  22. IMO they should just eliminate that part of the rule. It becomes more of a distraction with it constantly being brought up since the deal in principle is in place anyway. Let them make the pending hire official and get it over with so coaches don’t have to answer hypotheticals from every single reporter they cross.

  23. I might be wrong, but it seems like coaches who get “hired” to jobs before the playoffs are over never seem to win the Superbowl.

    Am I wrong? Tell me Kyle! Tell me!

  24. Here’s what’s ridiculous, allowing coaches in the playoffs to be interviewed! Tell me that it’s not a huge distraction, unfair to the team paying the coach’s salary to devote his football time to his team when they need him most.Also once a coach is interviewed there’s no way to stop further contact and distractions in the form of an offer and contract terms.Wait until the coach has finished his season before allowing an interview.There’s no reason in the world to hire a coach before the season’s over, Period!

  25. I like the angle that Pat Shurmur and some of his players are taking, “he learned a lot from his time with the Cleveland Browns.” Similar to Nick Saban and some other coaches who failed, you hope they learn and make the right adjustments next time around. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with the New York Giants if he is in fact hired. Sure he’ll be better than Ben McAdoo.

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