Falcons should consider adding Jimmy Graham

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Yes, tight end Austin Hooper had a solid year for the Falcons in 2017, with 49 catches for 526 yards and three scores. But the team hasn’t had a big-time pass-catching tight end since Tony Gonzalez retired, and a big-time pass-catching tight end is about to become a free agent.

Jimmy Graham likely wont be re-signing with the Seahawks, given the completion of the four-year, $40 million deal that Seattle inherited via a surprise trade with the Saints from three years ago.

So why not match the Falcons and Graham? It would bring him back to the NFC South, and it would immediately make him a key member of the biggest rivals of his original team.

One important factor in this potential pairing would be whatever Seahawks coach Pete Carroll would have to say privately to Falcons coach Dan Quinn and Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, both of whom previously worked for Carroll. Maligned at times for his lack of blocking skills or desires, that’s not, never has been, and never will be Graham’s gig.

The manner in which Carroll assesses Graham could go a long way toward allowing the Falcons to make a decision on whether to enhance the passing game by adding a weapon that would have been nice to have on the field in the red zone with the season on the line.

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  1. He’d be a good fit there for sure. Can still catch the ball if you throw it high in the red zone. Just don’t expect him to lay out or make any tough catches.

  2. “Maligned at times for his lack of blocking skills or desires, that’s not, never has been, and never will be Graham’s gig”

    This is why most of the tight ends in today’s game get overhyped as being better than previous generation tight ends. most are simply larger receivers.

  3. Bevell had three years and never really incorporated him into the offense. Finally figured out he is good red zone target this year. Hawks sound let him walk and take the compensatory pick and salary savings.

  4. He’s still an imposing specimen, but he doesn’t have the footspeed he once did; and while he can rev up a team when things are going well and he gets enthused, more often he’s pouting b/c he’s not getting the ball enough.

    Bottom line in Seattle was that his production didn’t match his salary cap hit.

  5. This suggestion comes with the thought that Graham would still be a “big time TE”, but is that the case? He’s still an impressive athlete, but so were/are many former elite NFL players who had lost something over the years. He doesn’t seem to be nearly the player he once was, and if it “doesn’t matter” that he doesn’t block and such, then he isn’t really a TE at all…in which case, Atlanta can target anyone who fits from the much larger pool of WRs.

  6. I actually think he’ll stay in Seattle. I don’t see anyone breaking the bank for a one dimensional tight end at his age and injury history, and he’s good friends with Wilson.

  7. Horrible idea. Though an above average pass catcher and a top notch red zone receiver he is fairly beaten up and would be expensive for a team who need their tight ends to pass protect and run block. In other words, a lot of money for a situational tight end–cap $$ that the Falcons can not afford after paying those who need to get paid.

  8. The open market will dictate the results. Patriots use the TE in the way that he would thrive. A few Other teams as well, but it will be interesting to see how his value is seen by teams. Offers will come, but not likely at his current salary.

  9. Seattle did NOT utilize Graham, who should have been use as a wide out. He excels at seam routes, and yet Seattle didn’t capitalize on Graham’s strength. And that was OC Bevell’s fault for NOT integrating Graham into the offense. He should have been highlighted all the time, at least as much as Gronk is…but no, Bevell was too dense to use him. Might as well go to a team who will use his talents. Good luck Mr. Graham!

  10. Hm. Feels like chasing former glory to me. Graham was a TD-highlight reel machine on the Saints, but was horrifically inefficient for the Seahawks… through at least two OCs, IIRC… his elite status is a bit tarnished now, and he hasn’t gotten any younger in Seattle either…

    I’m not a Falcons fan, but I’d say the Falcons should do it IF they can get him cheap. Like close to veteran minimum cheap. One year “prove-it” cheap.

  11. so, the sea turkeys got rid of Zach Miller, who can both catch and block, because he was making $5 million a year. They could have used him in the end zone pass that was intercepted by the Butler. No way Butler could have muscled a regular TE for the ball the way he muscled WR Ricardo Lockette.

    So, to fix the barn door after the horse has disappeared, they decided they should trade their pro bowl center and a number 1 pick for a pass catching TE who cannot block and they pay him twice as much as they paid Zach Miller. That is a microcosm of why Seattle has been getting worse every year the past few years.

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