Police say Jeremy Lane admitted smoking pot before DUI arrest

Getty Images

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane complained on Twitter after his recent arrest for driving under the influence, saying that his breathalyzer result showed his blood-alcohol level was 0.03. But alcohol was not the only substance police say Lane was under the influence of.

The police report says Lane’s car smelled of marijuana and Lane admitted he had been smoking marijuana three hours before he was pulled over, according to TMZ.

“This time I was more high than anything,” Lane said, according to TMZ.

Although marijuana is legal in Washington State, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal. Washington law makes clear that a driver can be arrested for DUI if “He or she is found to be driving a vehicle under the influence or affected by alcohol, any drug, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, regardless of the concentration of alcohol in their breath or blood.”

Lane faces a potential suspension from the NFL for the arrest. He may also be released by the Seahawks, who tried to trade him during the season.