Titans: “Zero concern” about third coach for Marcus Mariota in four years

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The Titans are looking for a new head coach and their eventual hire will be their third since they took quarterback Marcus Mariota with the second overall pick of the 2015 draft.

That lack of stability might be a concern for some teams, but Titans General Manager Jon Robinson made it clear that the Titans don’t feel that way.

“Marcus is a pretty resilient guy. He’s a very mentally tough guy,” Robinson said, via the team’s website. “He takes a lot from the standpoint of ownership in things. I have zero concern in Marcus being able to adapt and learn, and do what’s best to get the offense going.”

The lack of concern is likely tied to the team’s desire to see Mariota make more progress than he showed while playing for Mike Mularkey for the last two-plus seasons. They can’t very well want to see more growth and keep the status quo, which means they’ll be hoping the third time is a charm in Nashville.

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  1. Hire Chip Kelly! Will be a big gamble but Titans are a young team without too many “diva” players so they might buy into his program. Of course, they will have to get rid of Murray cause we know what happened in Philly.

  2. He’s a good QB despite the mistakes this season. Coaching is key. Jameis has gone through the same situation. They both have the potential to be great with the right playcalling and pieces around them. Rams are a perfect example. Still think Goff is purely a system QB with a limited ceiling but McVay turned things around.

  3. Robinson probably arrived at zero after taking the negative of keeping Mularkey into account. If Mariota really is all that, which remains to be seen, then they need a coach that can craft a team to take advantage of those skills. It’s also possible that what we’ve seen so far is a product of what Mariota is and not the shortcomings of his coaches. TN wasn’t going to find out by standing pat so good on Robinson for not staying with Mularkey simply because he won a WC game.

  4. It stacks the odds, but Mariota could make it through this, if they hire the right guy and he is the Titans coach for 10 years or something like that. If they are hiring another coach, and then another, and another than Mariota will be looking for a job with another team.

    It’s a tough situation, one that I dont think anyone really knows the perfect setup.
    If you look at the best QBs they usually have the same coach for most if not all their career. How much of that is that they are the best QBs, how much of that is that they became the best QBs in part because they had the same coach?

  5. I’m not going to pretend like I know enough to know how much of an impact Mularkey had on Mariota, but this is just typical NFL BS. They get to the playoffs, but Mariota should’ve “progressed more”. Changing head coach on a regular basis is NOT a good idea to help a team, ever. The Browns number one problem is that the idiot ownership (first the Lerners and now Haslam) has fired the coach and/or GM every two years since 1999. Look how successful that has made them.

    And, the nonsense part of this is that if Mariota doesn’t do well under the fourth coach, well, maybe he’s a “bust”. The NFL is so damn impatient about everything now. Young QBs can’t develop, coaches have to have instant success – or win a SB regularly – to keep their jobs, etc. How about working to develop talent – on and off the field – and allow people some time to learn and improve? Mularky was smart for leaving, and my guess is that ownership wanted to interfere with his staff.

  6. I agree that cycling though that many coaches early in a QBs career isn’t ideal, but at the same time that doesn’t mean you blindly retain the wrong guy for the sake of “continuity”. Mularkey never should have been handed the HC job in the first place (and yes, it was basically handed to him which to this day i still don’t understand)

    It was obvious he wasn’t the right guy not only to get the most out of Mariota, but to lead the team moving forward in general. Limping through a weak AFC, almost losing to the Browns, choking against the Gabbert Cardinals, barely stumbling into the playoffs after almost flushing their entire season away, lucking out to draw a week 17 opponent who had nothing to play for (and they still barely did enough to win) then having Andy Reid cough up a W at their feet like a cat with a hair ball, i’m glad none of this furthered the disillusion that Mularkey was a good HC. During their extension talks it became obvious he didn’t have a plan, and they moved on.

    You need the RIGHT coach, not the same coach. He was under qualified from the start and the competition is only going to get tougher from what it was this year, so they need to find a coach who can do better.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chip Kelly fill some sort of void here. Titans suck on offense, period. You need a guy who knows offense. Chip failed at this two HC jobs, yes, but Mariota is there. He has proven success with Mariota in college.

  8. afwhigs – so regardless of difference in philosophy on how to move forward, regardless of how badly they underachieved how they completely fluked out to get where they got, regardless of the fact that they could absolutely upgrade to a more innovative inspiring and qualified HC, just throw all that out the window because they BARELY made the playoffs in a down year where the competition was irregularly weak? So i guess every team who misses the playoffs fires their coach and every team who makes it can’t under any circumstances? Things are that black and white, are they? That’s over simplicity to the point of stupidity. There’s more at play moving forward than “we limped into a playoff spot we probably didn’t deserve, and our Wild Card opponent absolutely choked in epic proportions so that means we’re awesome!”

    It’s about more than just Mariota, it’s about more than being a 9-7 playoff team in the weakest division of the weaker of two conferences.

    The Eagles won a playoff game with Nick Foles last week, i guess by your logic that means he gets the starting job over Carson Wentz last season? Come on man. If peoples thought processes are this simplistic then don’t bother acting like you understand everything that plays into situations like this.

  9. I still say the assistant coaches are underrated in the NFL and that’s what got Mularkey terminanted. A disagreement on the makeup of the coaching staff.

  10. Yeah, no issue at all. As a matter of fact, you guys should change coaches every year.


    What a hot mess of an organization that is.

  11. If I may speculate wildly, Tennessee will hire Lion’s OC Jim Bob Cooter as their next head coach. Cooter will use his connections with Peyton Manning to bring him in at some capacity to coach/tutor Mariota. The fact that Manning’s also a University of Tennessee alumnus puts even more butts in seats.

  12. Better than letting malarkey ruin mariotas development even more. He regressed this year. Now you can find a coach who better guys his skill set and help him

  13. As if Mularkey was the one working with Mariota every day. A new coach generally means a new offensive scheme, and changing those every year is going to hurt him more than changing the coach will.

  14. Hey the Bears did it for years with Cutler, and look at how many Pro Bowls he went too … oh, he never went, hmmmm, maybe that’s not such a great idea.

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