Dick LeBeau waiting to see if Titans want him back

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When the Titans opted to move on without head coach Mike Mularkey this week, there was a lot of discussion about the move being centered on a desire to see more from quarterback Marcus Mariota.

While that may be a driving factor, changing head coaches affects more than one spot on the team and more than just the offense. The defense will also be affected, especially if Mularkey’s replacement decides to make a change involving defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

LeBeau just wrapped up his 59th season as an NFL player or coach and Jason Wolf of the Tennessean reports he is in “wait and see” mode as the Titans begin their search for a new head coach. If that coach comes with an offensive background, he may want to keep continuity on defense by holding onto LeBeau as coordinator.

If not, Wolf quotes a source who says LeBeau, who turned 80 early last season, would probably be “comfortable” retiring although that decision may not have to be made for a little while yet.

15 responses to “Dick LeBeau waiting to see if Titans want him back

  1. If Pittsburgh was smart, take him back. The Butler coached Pittsburgh defense is not consistent in their assignments or productivity.

  2. TN would be crazy to release him. The defense is the only thing that kept them in several of the games they won. If the man wants to stay and coach another year let him.

  3. ANDRE B says:
    January 17, 2018 at 7:19 am
    If Pittsburgh was smart, take him back. The Butler coached Pittsburgh defense is not consistent in their assignments or productivity.


    LeBeau was great in Pittsburgh, but the defense was mediocre and dull in the seasons leading up to his departure. Pass rush disappeared, they weren’t generating turnovers, and the secondary was arguably worse (or at least as bad) as it is now. No clue if Butler’s a long-term solution, but reverting back definitely is not.

  4. Agreed. The Steelers should part company with Butler, but the worst move that they could make would be to bring back Dick LeBeau.
    The Steelers need a young, hungry DC, with vigor and a fresh approach to things. Not a recycled 80-yr old coach who’s concepts have seemingly been stagnant for years now.

  5. Legend. Was 3rd all time in Interceptions when he “retired” in 1972. Darn near 6 decades in the NFL is just crazy to think about.

    I hope if I reach 80, I’m still as active as this guy is.

  6. TT’s D has just been awful, the past two seasons — making you wonder how they were ever able to squeek out these wins over the Chiefs, among others. So much mistackling, and lazy players like #31 (Byard) who at times projected as if tackling was beneath him so as not to get his uniform dirty. Suffice it to say, LeBeau’s D has been uninspiring. Retirement at 80 is not a bad thing.

  7. Please retire, Dick. You WERE a great DC but offenses are much more dynamic now & your fire blitz schemes are no longer successful. And please, PLEASE, don’t come back to Pitt.

  8. Great coach who has had a truly great career. However, New England carved up his Defense with incredible ease last week. Tennessee will have a new Head Coach who will probably want to put his stamp on the team by appointing “his” guy. I expect that old Dick will be out.

  9. Come to KC, they better fire Sutton, that guy has no clue. Loses Peters ability by allowing teams to put their 3rd and 4th WRs on Peters side of the ball while their top WR’s destroy the “other” CB on the opposite of the field.

    That and Sutton plays Justin Houston as a coverage LB instead of the guy who had 22 sacks 3 years ago.

  10. It’s rather amusing to hear people say dick lebeau doesn’t have it anymore. Clearly it’s people who don’t watch and understand football. This guy has been the difference in this Titans team and is a true leader. When the Titans were getting smoked in KC, he brought the defense together on the sideline and layed into them and they didn’t give up another point the rest of the game. This Titans team over achieved on defense this year and it all started with the legend calling the plays

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