Jaguars bring in left-footed punter for “workout”

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The Jaguars aren’t looking to make a transaction, and punter Brad Nortman isn’t on the injury report.

They worked out a punter Wednesday anyway.

Brock Miller thanked the Jaguars for his latest “workout,” as the left-footed punter has made the rounds of Patriots opponents.

As documented by Jenny Vrentas of, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a long track record of left-footed punters, and it’s not by accident because nothing they do is.

His current punter (Ryan Allen) is a lefty, as have been most of his punters in the past. Because the ball spins in the opposite direction of a right-footed punt, it’s a bit harder for returners to field if they’re not used to it. Ten left-footed punters worked in the NFL this year, and Philadelphia’s Donnie Jones is also a member of the club.

Miller has had a number of workouts this season for teams looking for that last little edge, and spent time in camp with the 49ers last offseason.