Jarvis Landry on contract talks: So many mixed emotions

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Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry said in late December that he wants to stay with the Dolphins and was “encouraged” that he would do that after the team started talking about a new contract with free agency looming in March.

Landry sounds a bit less encouraged about where things stand a month later. Landry and his agent Damarius Bilbo told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that they countered a Dolphins offer in mid-December and have yet to hear anything back from the team since then. Landry called that “disrespectful” and wonders how that sends a message that the team wants him back in 2018.

That hasn’t erased Landry’s desire to remain, but it has complicated his feelings.

“I’ve got so many mixed emotions,” Landry said. “I am at peace. I understand the situation. Regardless of if I am a Dolphin next year or not, my hard work will pay off.”

Bilbo also took issue with some things in a recent column by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald outlining reservations the Dolphins reportedly have with committing to Landry. They include a lack of attention to detail, a lack of respect for coaches, Landry’s emotional outbursts and inconsistent route running, all of which Bilbo argued are mischaracterizations of his client and noted his 400 catches over four years as a counter to the final point.

No Dolphins employees are quoted in Salguero’s piece, but Bilbo believes “someone trying to gain leverage by devaluing him to the rest of the NFL” and says it is “unfair” if the Dolphins are doing that because the team has “never said you have to change.” There’s time for the issues to get sorted out before Landry would hit the open market and it seems there’s some work to do if the two sides are going to remain together.

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  1. team has “never said you have to change.”

    He just confirmed what was written. Jarvis runs his own routes at times and doesn’t know the playbook. The fact is he’s a slot wr and doesn’t deserve Antonio Brown money.

    Good luck in Cleveland, Jarv!

  2. Well I don’t need Dolphins employees to be quoted on those issues with Landry. I have seen the poor route running, the arguments with coaches on the sidelines and the emotional outbursts with my own eyes in the limited amount of plays I see of the Dolphins on RedZone. I’m sure there is PLENTY he does behind closed doors that we never even hear about. He shouldn’t feel disrespected for not getting a response because of his prior behavior, but then again I’m not surprised he doesn’t connect the two either.

  3. Jarvis is all about the money and Cleveland have the money to blow all other teams away. Yes, they will overpay, but Jarvis Landry can be a major part of turning the franchise around. BTW – Davo – He won’t end up in New England because Bill Belichick doesn’t overpay for players.

  4. Wow. He devalued himself through his own stupidity on the field. Jarvis is not in control of his emotions which makes him an easy target in crunch time. That was exploited twice in the last few games this year alone. As for the team never telling him he needs to change, I call BS on that one. It was one of the things that came up when they wouldn’t commit to a new deal during the off season. Landry is a good receiver but he is not a great one. He makes a ton of catches because he is target more than anyone else on the team. It is quite hard to make over 100 catches and yet not gain 1000 yards but that is what he did this year. If he can control his emotions (should have been shown this year but wasn’t) he is good to have in the slot at a reasonable price. At this point, Miami is bettwer off offering what they believe is fair and if he doesn’t take it then they let him go and collect a compensatory pick. Grant has come on of late and is a far mote dangerous receiver in the slot because he is way faster and more agile than Landry.

  5. He is a selfish player bit very talented. Sorta just like his buddy up there in NY.
    Shame these divas don’t get it that you have to be perfect to win a title and freelancing won’t cut it. As a fan I hope we sign him but not holding my breath. As for the comments made by these so called sources, nothing more then fake news stirring up drama.

  6. jsm08 says:
    January 17, 2018 at 11:43 am
    team has “never said you have to change.”

    He just confirmed what was written. Jarvis runs his own routes at times and doesn’t know the playbook. The fact is he’s a slot wr and doesn’t deserve Antonio Brown money.

    Good luck in Cleveland, Jarv!


    First off nobody deserve Antonio Brown money. We can all agree on that. Jarvis is a top 15 WR arguably top 10 when put into the right situation, regardless if he’s primarily lined up in the slot. His route running, instincts and physicality make him a nightmare with teams that have a serviceable QB.

  7. Adam Gase: “This last game was probably the pinnacle of what I’ve ever seen with him during a game, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get to a level where it was extremely bad. But the last game was about as embarrassing as I’ve seen in a long time. It was something we can’t have happen.”

    That sure sounds like at least one important representative of the team would like to see some ‘change’ at the very least. Landry is incredibly talented but it’s hard to imagine handing him max money and then expecting him to become less self indulgent.

  8. Rather than disrespect, it’s more likely that too many guys related to making the decision are on vacation after a long and wacky Dolphins season. They’ll be back to work in plenty of time to sign or not sign Landry.

  9. “Mixed emotions” is exactly why he wasn’t signed already. “I made a good play. Now I need to disrespect them by signaling first down. He disrespected me? Oh hell no. I’m gonna start a fight and wipe out the good play”

  10. How about Jarvis, they want to wait until the entire season has been completed.

    As far as the article, the Dolphins don’t need to quote anything, Landry talks enough for everyone to see.

    The Dolphins have to determine what is best, I am quite sure they were set to look past some of their concerns because of his talents until the “I have a right to defend myself” while attacking a person who was standing still after a play.

    That right there was enough to cause pause for any team, especially when he wants top pay.

    Some of these athletes really need to grow up. They think way to much of themselves.

  11. He needs a change of scenery, a better QB, and a coach that will help keep his emotions in check. He would be good with Shanahan and Jimmy G

  12. If Landry is talking about respect he didn’t show it to close out the season in that final game.

  13. For all those who say Jarvis will end up in New England do you think running the wrong route is going to fly with Belichic and Brady?

  14. By the time free agency hits, 52 teams will have won super bowl championships…. none of them needed Landry to do so.
    Championship teams have team first players. Dolphins should let him walk. He can get his stats in Cleveland.

  15. There is a reason why he was not voted captain. He’s more about himself than the team. Kinda like his buddy in New York.

  16. If the Fins are worried about cap space just offer him a decent amount that helps the team and then do what Krafty Kraft does with his buddy Tommy and make up the short fall by other means.

  17. Landry is as good as gone. Fins haven’t said they aren’t bringing him back but it’s clear. They will low ball Landry and then let him walk to another team. Parker was supposed to show up this year and make Landry expendable but that clearly didn’t happen. Parker showed who he was and will be his whole career…a guy that plays 3 games then misses 4. Landry is the best receiver on the team but that isn’t saying much and his attitude is a serious problem. Five years in with Tannehill and we still can’t find the man a good dominating receiver.

  18. Who says New England wouldn’t want him? Seems to me they have a decent record of taking slot receivers other teams discard and raising their profile…ahem…Wes Weller, Julian Edelman, etc. They’ll likely only do it if the price is right though.

  19. Landry wants to get PAID. There is no way New England will shell out big money for him with Edelman returning next year. Landry and Edelman are both too slow to play outside the numbers. So having both of them on your team makes no sense.

  20. washing his dirty laundry in public tells me everything I need to know… they always trot out the race or disrespect card…. if he won’t do it your way let him go…

  21. So torn on this one, love his passion and talent but hate his immature lack of control and what appears to be a me first attitude of disrespect for coaches and designed routes. I stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt regarding his behavior when he was arguing with coaches on the sideline and we needed him that final drive against Buffalo and he was in the locker room after getting thrown out. As much as the fins need him and fans love him where are we with him, #11 pick in the draft. They need disciplined players and his example is not the way. His cap savings will go a long way with the right free agents for needed positions. Coach the hell out of Carroo or pick up a slot in the draft. imo if he’s gone.

  22. He’s the best receiver the Dolphins have if they don’t re sign him watch the Giants sign him. Who knows how good the Giants offense would be with him and Beckham.

  23. landry’s market value is down by his own doing so the dolphins won’t pay him big, nor will anyone else. at this point he is a finished product…he’ll start acting like an adult when is about 38 years old. jakeem grant’s attitude, by the way, is the polar opposite. Carroo, not so sure, but it seems clear jarvis is gone because there are too many cost effective options for miami

  24. All due respect to Jarvis Landry! He’s a passionate player but in my opinion the Dolphins are not enthused about giving Landry elite money. Jarvis does not have separation speed like a Wes Welker. His production is similar but the Dolphins targeted Landry and were not productive on offense. The team was about the worst in the NFL; Miami could go almost an entire half without picking up a first down. Time of possession was just not there for the Miami Dolphins. When Welker was in Miami he was a first down machine. Jarvis is just to slow to be considered elite. He catches a lot of 2 or 3 yard passes on a team that is ranked 31st out of 32 teams in the NFL. Now go figure why the Dolphins are on hold regarding offering an elite contract to this very average receiver!

  25. His actions or inactions have been known to the front office. This is why they didn’t offer him a contract before the season. If a team knows they need a player, and would go far with that player, he’d have been resigned.

  26. dolphins4 says:
    January 17, 2018 at 4:00 pm
    He’s the best receiver the Dolphins have if they don’t re sign him watch the Giants sign him. Who knows how good the Giants offense would be with him and Beckham.
    Based on his posturing, I would not be surprised if that is Landry’s end game unless he gets the stupid amount of money he wants from the Dolphins.

  27. Put a RFA tag on him… and wait for someone to shell out allot of money like the Buffalo Dills did to our Charles Clay and say ‘Buh Bye’

  28. RFA tag would be bad…just like Clay. Somebody will offer him more than Dolphins and they will have to eat the difference or let him go without a comp pick. Straight FA allows HIM to give Miami a chance to match (if he really wants to stay) and still allows the team to get a comp pick if they can’t or won’t match.

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