Monstrous PFT PM has Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher


If you haven’t subscribed to the PFT PM podcast, right now would be a great time to do it.

Coming later today will be the 70th episode of the most-weekdays, afternoon-drive program, and it will include conversations with Raiders coach Jon Gruden and former Titans and Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Gruden joins the show little more than a week after returning to the Raiders, and Fisher will provide insight regarding the two quarterbacks who’ll be facing off in the NFC title game, both of whom played for Fisher with the Rams.

So get ready. Get pumped. Get subscribed. Or get lost.

(Disclaimer: We really don’t want you to get lost. I just liked the sound of it within that sequence of short sentences including the word “get.” Got it?)

8 responses to “Monstrous PFT PM has Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher

  1. hawksfansince77 says:
    January 17, 2018 at 12:04 pm
    7 out of 9 people don’t want to here anything from Fisher.
    Totally agree. They also dont want to hear anything from him, either. As Dennis Green would have said, He’s not who we thought he was!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear Jeff Fisher take credit for Goff and Keenum. Won’t be surprised to hear him take credit for Brady as well. (sarcasm)

  3. Is Fisher supposed to be a selling point?? I’m confused. For what, how to make a team underperform (see McVae, Sean)?

  4. “7 out of 9 people don’t want to here anything from Fisher.”

    Probably more like 9.9 out of 10 don’t want to hear from him.

  5. Hey how about that wild Vikings Saints game where Jeff Fisher threw that miracle TD pass to Jeff Fisher! Vikes are on their way to that coveted Jeff Fisher trophy!

  6. Any playoff coach listening to Jeff Fisher’s “advice” should assume the “George Costanza Decison-Making Model” and do the exact opposite!

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