Reports: Randy Fichtner favorite to be next Steelers offensive coordinator

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Tuesday that he feels the “least amount of change, the better” when it comes to their offensive coaching staff this offseason.

No change is out the window with Todd Haley not getting a new contract as the team’s offensive coordinator. Early word on the team’s plans to replace Haley suggests that there won’t be much more upheaval.

According to multiple reports, quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner is the favorite to wind up as the new coordinator in Pittsburgh.

Fichtner has been the Steelers’ quarterbacks coach since 2010 and was the wide receivers coach for three years before moving into that role, so he has a long relationship with both Roethlisberger and head coach Mike Tomlin and has been on hand for some big years for the Steelers offense.

10 responses to “Reports: Randy Fichtner favorite to be next Steelers offensive coordinator

  1. If this guy is responsible for the play of Roethlisberger and the WR’s over the past several years, then the Steelers are in good shape….

  2. I am NOT…I repeat NOT over exaggerating here when I say that Mike Tomlin MUST go. Yes, I know his record, but his approach is NOT working. They are wasting the most talented team in the league. His leadership and poor in game decisions are costing this team championships. Not to even mention them playing down to lesser opponents! You give up 45 point to Blake Bortles and you fire the offensive coordinator? Seriously ?

    I disagree with what Peter King wrote whole heartedly about how you can’t fire Tomlin. Mike Munch could do the same job if NOT better!!!

    I hope the Rooneys wake up!

    A Steelers Fan

  3. This team needs new eyes and revamping from someone on the outside looking in. The culture Tomlin has built won’t change if they keep promoting from within.

  4. I agree that as little change as possible is preferable. Especially on defense because all we have heard for the past dozen years is how every poor performance was the result of communication errors.
    The team does not need to learn a whole new offensive nomenclature. Keep it simple!

  5. Steelers have one good coach on this team and it’s not Tomlin. Defense gives up 45 points to a bum quarterback and the head of the defense stays? New blood and ideas are needed for this team. Don’t be fooled by the 13 wins, they were won only by Ben’arm and Boswell’s foot? Could someone tell me what Tomlin adds to the team other than mistakes?

  6. Dear Todd Haley – please, please, please make the short two hour drive to Cleveland and whip this sorry offense into shape. Revenge is sweet, especially twice a year.
    Signed – Browns fan

  7. I have been a Steeler fan for 50 yrs. I’m tired of hearing this years team is the most talented in the league. The offense is possibly the most talented but the defense is no where near that. Seriously, their last line-up featured OLB-Dupree, ILB-Spence, ILB-Williams and FS-Mitchell. Not one of those guys would of started on any of the Steelers 6 Super Bowl champion teams.

  8. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says

    If it’s broke, don’t fix it.
    — The Rooney Family

    When you have 6 SB trophies in your lobby, there must have been SOME fixing, huh??

  9. Ben’s only concern is that Ben’s interests be accommodated. I suppose that’s the primary concern of most quarterbacks, but that’s not necessarily in the best interest of the team. If the team had stuck with Bruce Arians, as Ben wanted the last time he lobbied for maintaining the status quo, his career would be over. BA is a quarterback killer. The Steelers offense has been considerably more productive under Haley than it was under Arians. Now that it’s time for Haley to go, the best thing Ben can do is commit himself to working well with any replacement and thinking about how to improve his own performance. I mean … intentional grounding with 42 seconds left when you’re down two scores? Seriously, Ben.

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