Baker Mayfield states a preference for the Dolphins

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Most incoming rookies, conscious of the fact that they have no control over the process, resist expressing a preferred NFL destination. Baker Mayfield is not like most NFL rookies.

Via, Mayfield posted #GetMeToMiami on Instagram during a live event hosted by Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills.

Whether serious or a joke, it’s the kind of thing that the typical prospective draft pick won’t say. Eventually, Mayfield will be selected by one of 32 teams, and the fan base of that team may be reluctant to embrace him if he’s proven based on past words and/or actions that he’s reluctant to embrace the team.

While it’s possible, albeit rare, for a first-round quarterback to engineer his way around being drafted by a team he doesn’t want to play for, it’s much harder to get to the one team he does want to play for. Especially when that team, like the Dolphins, already has a quarterback in whom it believes.

It’s hardly the kind of red flag that will make its way into a scouting report rife with hot takes from anonymous scouts, but it’s the kind of complication that Mayfield simply doesn’t need during the four-month window when the NFL’s robots in training begin to act accordingly.

29 responses to “Baker Mayfield states a preference for the Dolphins

  1. If my Giants were picking where the Dolphins were I MIGHT want him as the pick. At #2, heck no.

  2. If he was there in the 2nd Rd then I’d like for Miami to consider it, just because of the potential… but no way would I want them to use a 1st on this guy.

  3. Baker Mayfield and South Beach. LOL. That will go over well. Miami is not that stupid. They would end up throwing first round guaranteed money out the window with this kid at South Beach.

  4. More evidence that this guy is not someone you want to build a franchise around. He has a marginal NFL skill set, and he doesn’t seem to make good decisions.

  5. Baker Mayfield takes the (seemingly rare) leadership talent he has and somehow manages to constantly make you question his judgment.

    He just can’t seem to stop doing stuff like this. Nothing too serious, but also not good. I’m really struggling to think of a good NFL QB that does the kinds of things he does personally. The only comparisons we really have are all busts.

    Some team almost has to take a chance on him because he has athletic talent and good overall QB play, but his maturity is questionable.

  6. Vouching for a team (Mayfield/Dolphins) is less-insulting than vouching against one: Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen — “I don’t wanna go to Cleveland!”

  7. I wish the guy well, but from what I saw of him recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t even drafted. Just didn’t look like a pro-type passing quarterback to me.

  8. Please take him! Tired of waiting for Tanneyhill to turn into something he’s not. If he’s still there, Dolphins should take him.

  9. Didn’t Myles Garrett say he wanted the Cowboys to draft him last year? And Landon Collins basically begged the Redskins to pick him because they were his favorite team. This happens almost every year.

  10. Dolphins don’t need him or the heavy cost it would take to get him. But, he’s the most accurate passer in this draft. Probably a ploy to discourage Cleveland.

  11. He reminds me of Johnny Football, All full of himself. Guess he sees himself hanging out on south beach living the dream. CFL anyone?

  12. What ever the Dolphins do they must evaluate talent better; Know who will be productive with their early round picks. The Dolphins have from the Tannehill pick to the last draft; Choosing Harris a DE in the first round failed to acquire talent to help the team.

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