Bill Lazor: John Ross “gets to decide what he’s going to be”

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Wide receiver John Ross didn’t do anything to live up to his draft status as a rookie, and the Bengals aren’t giving the ninth overall pick a pass because of injuries.

“The experiences he had here, he has to own them. That’s what he is,” Bengals offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said, via Geoff Hobson of the team website. “He gets to decide what he’s going to be.

“. . . He probably brings more proven measurables to the table, but it will be up to what he does.”

After his first season, Ross is left with nothing to hang his helmet on. He played in three games, 17 snaps total, and had no receptions. His only carry went for 12 yards but ended in a fumble. Andy Dalton targeted him only twice.

Ross spent most of the season last on the depth chart at the position, usually a healthy scratch when he was able to play. But he started the season injured and ended the season on injured reserve.

Ross recovered from offseason shoulder surgery late in training camp only to injure his knee in the fourth preseason game. He then later reinjured the knee and ended up on injured reserve with an injury to his other shoulder.

Now, his job is to get healthy and figure out “what he’s going to be.”

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  1. Hmm.. Sounds like Ross might be resting on his athleticism and not putting in the work it takes to jump from college to the pros. As a lifelong fan, I was hoping for O.J. Howard or Reuben Foster with our 9th pick. Not saying he’s a bust yet but looks like that’s the path he’s on.

  2. Does it speak more to his underperformance or to my advanced age, when the first thing I thought of when I saw the name John Ross was that it was JR’s son on Dallas? Don’t answer that because I think the answer is C) I’m a loser for remembering that.

  3. It wasn’t the smartest move to draft a smaller speed receiver who has a history of injuries with the 9th pick. It would be different if Dalton had a super accurate deep ball, but he doesn’t – so I’m not sure what their thinking was on this.

  4. Lazor had the reputation of being very prickly when he was in Miami. He’s smart but very difficult to play for and gave Tannehill zero opportunity to change plays based on what he saw from Defenses. The players were delighted when he got fired and then he headed to Cincinnati.
    It sounds like John Ross has incurred the wrath of Lazor and has spent a season in the dog house. His days as a Bengal are probably numbered. Total waste of a high Draft pick.

  5. No one can be surprised that he is injury prone.
    Hell, he even got injured running the 40 at the combine.

  6. He had way too many serious injuries coming out of college to invest a 1st round pick in. Probably just doesn’t have the physical makeup for the NFL, most people don’t.

  7. Historically, if you look at the best 40 yard dash times at combines, all of them except for Chris Johnson have been busts.

  8. He’s a skilled WR but a poor fit with Dalton and especially in the cold, hard hitting AFC North. He seems like a better fit for a team like the Saints or Panthers.

  9. Marvin and Bill both jumping on this player. I think what ever the injury he concealed it did not impress the coaching staff. I would speculate that the post earlier saying he is not putting in the work is spot on.

    Lets hope he responds to being challenged.

  10. Marvin has thrown John Ross under the bus several times. If he’s not going to use him, cut him and watch him flourish for someone else.

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