Falcons say Matt Ryan extension main focus for offseason

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is heading into the final year of his contract, but the team doesn’t plan to get to the start of next season without making sure Ryan is locked up well beyond 2018.

At the team’s season-ending press conference on Thursday, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff called a new deal for Ryan the team’s “main focus” of the offseason.

Ryan’s contract for 2018 calls for a salary of $19.25 million and recent deals for Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr came with average salaries of more than $25 million. With Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins also in line for new deals this offseason and an Aaron Rodgers extension on the radar, that number for top quarterbacks is likely on its way up.

That will make it expensive to keep Ryan, but the Falcons made it clear on Thursday that it’s a price they are going to pay if given the opportunity.

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  1. honalulublue says:

    NFL should waive 1 QB or franchise player contract from counting against each team’s salary cap.


    Interesting that you bring that up. I was thinking the other day what innovative ways the NFL could come up with in regards to treating the salary cap for QB’s differently. I don’t know what that would look like, but it’s worth exploring. QB’s are such a commodity and they take up such a large percentage a team’s cap, that it would be interesting to see a QB cap and the rest of the team cap.

  2. 6 rings are meaningless…how do you figure? Matt Ryan’s teams are generally playoff teams, most teams don’t make the playoffs after losing the sb but the falcons did and won a road game, almost 2 on the road. Play in probably best division in football too. He’s not the best QB in the league but he’s definitely a franchise QB and would be hall of famer if he ever wins a sb. Stafford is none of those things- mainly a .500 team, one & done playoff team at best, good QB absolutely but nothing more. PS- not a falcon or nfc south fan

  3. Matt’s was given a rookie deal of 72 million and then signed a 103 million deal in 2013. I don’t know but 175 million for this guy… Now what how much more are you going to give him.
    He’s already 32 … 5 Years.. another 100 million … I don’t know about that.

  4. If you allowed a QB’s salary to not count against the cap, then obviously the teams with the most money would start collecting all of the best QB’s. Thats why the cap was put in place in the first place. The league wants parity (the Pats are an anomaly).

  5. I live in Atlanta and this guy should not be rewarded for blowing the Super Bowl for this city. He runs plays “as called” and never audibles out of a bad play call. He’s nothing but a company man with average skills. He won’t rock the boat and is content to be mediocre with no fire in his heart to be great. The Falcons will never be back to the Super Bowl with Ryan as QB or Quinn as HC whose in over his head.

  6. Hilarious!! Falcons are trying to become perrenial playoff missers again when they finally have a decent young defense, a great running game, and an embarrassment of riches at receiver. Atlanta screams for an athletic rookie QB (Lamar Jackson). It would be Seattle all over again. Matt Ryan is an Andy Dalton talent. Overpaying for guys like he and Cousins ruins teams. But they’ll do it anyway.

  7. If you look at his career stats, last year was the outlier, not the norm.

    Ryan firmly fits in the 6-10 bracket of QBs, right behind the Top tier. As Brady, Brees retire, Ryan will undoubtedly join the Top 5 in the league.

    The negative to backing up the brinks truck is it handicaps the team and blocks them from other needed pieces(See Brees). If you give him a middle of the road deal, with the understanding that the remaining funds are used on players, your team can improve and compete annually(See Brady).

  8. For all the jokes we make about the Falcons, Ryan is a solid QB you can win with. Without him, the Falcons would become Cleveland South. FWIW, in the 10 years he’s been in the league, he’s made the playoffs six times in that span, whereas Brees has only made it five times.

  9. your6ringsaremeaninglessnow says:
    January 18, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Matt Ryan does not deserve Matthew Stafford money.

    Matthew Stafford does not deserve Matthew Stafford money.

  10. Or you could…ya know… actually want to win a Superbowl and take a cap friendly deal like Tom Brady!!!

    That way you’re not starting Redskins castoffs on your offensive line…so you could actually mebbe run the football to close out a game instead of going down in NFL history as the biggest Superbowl choke job of all time…

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