Fletcher Cox: I wasn’t coming off the field

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The Eagles rotate their defensive linemen to keep them fresh, but Fletcher Cox has a say in how much he plays. Thus, the Pro Bowl defensive tackle played 57 of 63 defensive snaps against the Falcons.

“With me taking a lot more snaps, I get in a whole lot more rhythm and I think that affected my play,” Cox said, via Zach Berman of phillynews.com. “I wasn’t coming off the field.”

Cox dominated the line of scrimmage with a sack, two quarterback hits and two tackles for loss, prompting Eagles coach Doug Pederson to call Cox “a man on a mission.”

“I said to myself, ‘Go out and take over this game, and everybody else will follow,’” Cox said. “I think it kind of rubbed off.”

Cox honored the defensive substitutions most of the season, playing 58.93 percent of the snaps in the regular season, though he did miss two games. But the Eagles dressed only three defensive tackles for the divisional round, scratching Destiny Vaeao, knowing Cox would play more.

“Fletcher’s a big guy, and I don’t think people realize how tough that is to give that type of effort on every single snap,” defensive tackle Beau Allen said. “He’s a warrior. I can’t say enough. Anybody who questions our team’s intensity, effort, or things like that only needs to look at Fletcher Cox’s film from last week.”

14 responses to “Fletcher Cox: I wasn’t coming off the field

  1. Good luck chasing a qb who can run. Not gonna happen again. Eagles will lose. Vikings are too talented, more than the Eagles, and a better overall team.

  2. The same talented team that needed a miracle to win last week. Wow the Eagles probably shouldn’t show up. You know whats cool after the game both teams will be headed to Minnesota.

  3. I hear all the talking heads stating how the Eagles have not played a defense of this caliber . This is true . The Vikings D is exceptional. What they are not mentioning for some reason is this is the best defense the Vikings have played all year . 23 points given up in the last 3 games . Luckily for the eagles the MVP put them in great position by hosting this Sunday .

  4. That interception that the eagles got when the falcon tried to catch it with his knee and the eagles ended up getting a field goal out of it,,,,naaaahhhhh that wasn’t Luck,, was it ,,that 3 points was the game in reality !

  5. The Vikings are about to be shown for the frauds they are. I wouldnt be surprised at all if the eagles defense scored 2 tds before this one is over. The eagles will dominate the trenches, show you why they are the best run team in the league. You are coming into the Linc, no dome to protect you, all of you fake skol fans are about gonna need therapy come monday morning!

  6. Was it a lucky bounce? Sure it was. By the way it was just a catch, no int. Even if that goes the other way you can assume what would happen. Bad or good bounces happen in football. Like when your D-lineman wasn’t facing Brees but stuck his arm up and the ball hit it to cause a pick when the Saints were moving right down the field.

  7. Fletcher Cox is one of those rare NFL players on a mega contract (100M), but will earn and deserve every penny of it. And you won’t find all of it on a stat sheet – if he isn’t make a sack or tackle, batting a pass or stripping the ball, he’s at least disrupting the play at hand.

  8. All these trash talking eagles fans think this game just because it’s at the “linc”. Who cares if the Vikings got a miracle TD. Diggs could have easily got out of bounds for a fg to. The fact is the Vikings won 13 games this year by dominating on defense and not luck on the road and at home. The Eagles are lucky they won to. Came down to the last play as well.

  9. People who pick the fraud Eagles to win gonna show ur silly faces in here again when Vikings win? I doubt it. Talk is cheap. Eagles will lose. Trust me, Vikings are too good for them.

  10. Both the Eagles and Vikings have stellar defenses. When 2 great defenses play each other, it’s anyone’s game. This is going to be a low scoring game won by the team that takes care of the ball the best.

  11. Codylaws don’t disappear when your Vikings lose this weekend. No way they are winning. The Eagles defense can win this game by themselves. At home, no defense has been more dominate. Just look at what this defense does in their own building. Vikings are going to come back to reality this weekend and when they do you need to comment an apology.

    codylaws says:

    January 18, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    People who pick the fraud Eagles to win gonna show ur silly faces in here again when Vikings win? I doubt it. Talk is cheap. Eagles will lose. Trust me, Vikings are too good for them.

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