Jarvis Landry won’t be taking a hometown discount to stay in Miami

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Late in the season, the Dolphins seemed to decide that they plan to invest long-term in receiver Jarvis Landry, to go along with their long-term investment in receiver Kenny Stills. Next came, possibly, the effort to reduce Landry’s financial expectations, whether via private discussions with Landry’s agent or the engineering of public opinion aimed at making him want less than he could get.

Whatever the plan, it apparently won’t work. Landry’s agent has made it clear that the player will be trying to secure maximum compensation from a football franchise.

“How long has this franchise been around?” Damarius Bilbo told Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post on Wednesday. “It’s always going to be here. Take a discount? Absolutely not. This may be Jarvis’ first and last time to set himself up and his family up. He needs to strike and strike while the iron is hot. Plenty of guys that were drafted ahead of Jarvis have not performed to his level. Look at Jarvis’ performance level. If you want to compare him to the T.Y. Hiltons and the Doug Baldwins, those deals were done two or three years ago. It’s his time now. He’s next man up.”

At this point, the best play (really, the only play) will be to wait and see whether the Dolphins use the franchise tag on Landry. Bilbo wouldn’t be upset by a one-year tender that would entail compensation of roughly $16.5 million.

“It would be a step in the right direction,” Bilbo said. “It would show they’re taking the most aggressive approach to keeping him there, I guess. And that’s something we still have some time to work out.”

If the Dolphins tag Landry, the two sides will have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, and Landry would be able to fall back on the franchise tender for 2018 and a shot at the open market or a 2019 franchise tender that would be 20-percent higher. If the tag isn’t used, Landry will be able to explore the open market, comparing whatever someone else is willing to pay to whatever the Dolphins are willing to pay.

What the Dolphins are willing to pay is the ultimate question on this one, because it’s now clear what Landry is willing to take: Not a penny less than that to which he’s entitled.

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  1. Jarvis is not a #1 receiver like Julio Jones. He gets stupid penalties in almost every game, and needs to stop getting in fights, everytime anything happens. He was very costly in the last game when he got tossed out. Its time to “grow up”.

  2. Nobody is paying any player 16.5 per year that risks getting kicked out of a game at any moment. At that rate its over 250k for every 15 minutes he’s not the field. Landry’s agent and Landry are two guys I am disliking more everyday.

  3. Let him go, the grass isn’t always greener Jarvis. I hate these selfish players that think about nobody but themselves. He is a solid slot WR. He doesn’t deserve real money like AB and folks like that. One year in Cleveland and he will be begging to come back.

  4. I don’t think he needs to stay in Miami, let him go shopping. Miami needs players who are mature and are not divas. Bill…I would use that money on a LB, or Ol.

  5. Landry is one of the top WRs in the NFL. The best ability is availability, and this guy answers the bell every time. Coaches want a guy they can count on. QB’s want the same. This guy will be in demand. Major bidding war coming.

  6. “Take a discount? Absolutely not. This may be Jarvis’ first and last time to set himself up and his family up…”

    The agent neglected to mention setting up his own bank account ….

  7. I get that he is a great receiver and should get paid, but it always irks me when they
    cry “I need to take care of my family”. He has already made 3.5 million dollars not counting endorsement deals. I think his family is already taken care of. If not he should have taken a financial planning course with his free college education.

  8. I think that the franchise tag is ok, but, should be of limited use. It would be better for all concerned if there were unlimited “transition” tags. Let the players find their true market value, then, let the team match the best offer, say plus $500 thousand, and re-sign him.

  9. Correction – because it’s now clear what Landry is willing to take: Not a penny less than that to which he entitled to.

    I don’t know what he deserves. I do know that the Dolphins haven’t won a lot of games with him, so i’m not sure how high they are willing to go with him.

    To a degree, i think the same is true with the Giants and with Beckham. I think there is a lot of talent, but i don’t think there is highest paid player in the NFL talent. If he wants QB money – i have no problem trading him or letting him go as a Free Agent….

  10. Don’t blame him at all. Its one thing to give a discount to stay with a successful franchise that will give him the best chance for success. Its another thing entirely when a bad team wants a discount.

  11. Jarvis is good but he is not a top 5 NFL WR and doesn’t deserve to be paid as such. He is also a powder keg both on and off the field that can go off at any moment. Hope he gets the opportunity in Miami at the right amount but I can see him ending up in Cleveland if he just wants top dollar.

  12. I like Landry, he has been a bright spot on the team, like Olivier Vernon, and Lamar Miller, if they get paid something ridiculous, then go on. I think Grant can fill that roll in his second season.

  13. I like the player; He usually comes up big in critical third down play. His lack of discipline and positive attitude is worrisome. I think most Dolphins fans would be happy to have him back at a reasonable rate, but if not at least get compensated somewhat because he is an elite slot receiver. The best move IMO like others have said would be to transition-tag him to let him see what he can get on the open market. If we aren’t comfortable paying that amount to him, we at least get a pick in return.

  14. Rule 1 (applies to every aspect of life): Do not negotiate through the Media.

    Rule 2: Keep your mouth closed.

    Then do your job. In this case negotiate a contract for your client, like you are paid to do.

  15. Don’t let the door hit you as you leave. First of all, do the Dolphins even have any cap space to give him a deal that he’d want. Suh won’t be taking a paycut for this guy. Second, he’s not worth $16.5M. No way does he deserve the second highest salary for a WR in the league. I understand he wants to get paid but let the buyer beware. Once he gets his money I believe he’ll be even worse than he was this year. This year he was playing for a contract. What will be his motivation after some team breaks the bank for him? Sure, the Miami Dolphins have been in Miami for a long time. After this season, Landry won’t be in Miami.

  16. I have followed this story for a while now. I personally hope Landry leaves. I guarantee he gets over $13M. MY guess is he goes to the 49ers. They have over $100M Cap and Garappolo needs a outlet WR while they go 1st round on a tall wideout.

    As a Dolphins fan I will not miss his antics like a 1st down celebration while losing by 30 points or a dumb cheap shot penalty and I don’t care that he is the leading pass catcher but is ranked 17th in yardage. Certainly not #1 money. Buh-Bye!

  17. Landry has said he wants to stay in Miami. Make an offer the team is comfortable with. (Already done) If he doesn’t think it is a fair offer, simply tell the agent to go test the market and come back after an offer or two have been made. If that is reasonable then Miami could match/exceed it and Landry can make an informed decision. If not, they still get a compensatory pick if he does decide to sign elsewhere. That is not disrespectful. It is letting the player get an accurate gauge of his true NFL value. Tagging Landry in any way would be a very stupid move by the Dolphins.

  18. I like Jarvis Landry because he contributed to my winning my FF league this year. Not a top performer but definitely got me some points.

    And that is how I feel about his posturing. He isn’t a top 10 receiver and shouldn’t be paid like one. His numbers might be good but he doesn’t have the maturity to hold that position in my book.

  19. joeytorontosucks, there is no pick if Miami decides not to match on a transition tag. That is what happened with Clay/Bills. If Miami loses free agency they would get a compensatory pick (assuming they don’t go crazy signing players in free agency). They could make him a non-exclusive franchise tag that would allow a match scenario but no team is likely to sign him at that price (including 2 1st round picks) and Miami would be stuck paying him more than they believe he is worth.

  20. I don’t care how many catches he has. 8.8 yards is unacceptable for a guy who thinks he’s a number 1… 112 catches and didn’t break 1k ? He’s not a difference maker… plus his attitude is crap

  21. translation – Jarvis is going to get the best contract he can and then stop playing. if a team signs this guy, they just bought a pay check player. Stay far away. Don’t do it Cleveland.

  22. If Jarvis Landry had Odell Beckham’s ability and was an elite receiver like Odell; Paying Jarvis what he and his agent think he’s worth would be OK. It’s not just the attitude it’s the fact that Jarvis Landry has elite numbers but is not elite. How does an NFL receiver catch over 100 balls and not get over 1000 receiving yards? The answer is Jarvis catches passes that are 2 or 3 yards and is not a first down machine due to his slow acceleration speed. Acceleration speed allows a receiver like Wes Welker or Odell Beckham to separate within 5 or 10 yards, catch the ball and move the chains. The Dolphins are not playing games. They do not want to pay an average good receiver elite money. Jarvis and his agent will have to dupe some other NFL team!

  23. Transition tag him let someone else sign him to a crazy contract and he can walk. He’s good…not that good. Then we get a compensation pick. That’s all folks.

  24. Tell me if you’ve heard this before… Miami let’s him walk. Patriots sign him. Miami is tortured for eight seasons across the middle of the field by an “average” WR.

  25. redlikethepig says:
    January 18, 2018 at 10:38 am
    How many people would take less money to work for their current boss doing their current job?
    Ahhh, Jarvis made roughly 1mil last year, he will get 11-14 mil this year, does that sound like less to you, if it does I’ll take that deal every year,lol.

  26. His attitude (or his agent’s, I should say, since he’s the one quoted. Also would not doubt that his agent’s mindset is what’s contributing to his own immaturity and vanity) is awful. No doubt about that. It’s one thing to set your value high to gain negotiating position-it’s another to be outright vain and selfish.

    That said, too many of you are dismissing his quality as a reciever. He’s not a YAC guy by any means, and he is a slot reciever, not a true number 1. But that said, good slot recievers win a lot of games for teams. They’re the guys who convert 3rd downs. They’re the guys that sneak in between defenses and bail out the quarterback when something goes wrong. A smart quarterback and a good slot reciever are the surest combination on any football team. Landry might not deserve Antonio Brown money, but let’s not pretend that he is simply average either. And there a few teams who would gladly overpay for him, even if they may regret it due to his attitude.

  27. Kenny Stills is the 19th highest paid WR in the league.

    Jarvis by route design isn’t set up for the long ball.
    But if you want one caught in traffic, or over the middle.
    No one has caught more and been more durable than Landry.

    Is he an idiot that lets his emotion get him in trouble – definitely.
    And that needs to be addressed in his contract.
    But to say he’s easily replaced is wrong.
    We’ve wasted a 1st and a 3rd on Devonte Parker and Leonte Carroo – how have they worked out.
    Isaiah Ford? Matt Hazel? Rashawn Scott?

    Good productive WRs don’t grow on trees.
    Pay him and train him – otherwise, Landry in Buffalo, Jacksonville or even NE are very real possibilities.

  28. I hope his agent shuts his mouth and allow management to work out a deal that’s good for all parties involved. We’ve invested too much into this player and position to let him walk now. Hash it out and move on to more pressing issues like LB and DE depth. And for the love of god, fix the OL once and for all!!!

  29. Djscottyb, I wouldn’t mind seeing Grant in that role if Landry leaves. Targets spread around and production likely goes up. He has the speed and agility to score from anywhere on the field. If he runs cleaner routes he would only improve those chances. Losing Landry would irk many fans but they didn’t want Miller, Bess, Ajayi and others to leave as well. If Landry wouldn’t control his actions while trying to get a contract I can only imagine how he would be with one in hand.

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