Jay Ajayi still motivated by Dolphins trade

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Even though he’s about to play in the NFC Championship Game, it’s clear that his days in Miami are still in the back of Jay Ajayi‘s mind.

The Eagles running back admitted the October trade that sent him to Philadelphia was motivation for him.

Asked if he was out to prove the Dolphins wrong (amid reports he was a locker room cancer), Ajayi replied: “Yes.”

I don’t think it will be redemption until I win the Super Bowl,” Ajayi said, via Matt Lombardo of NJ.com. “If we can get that done, then I’ll have my redemption.”

Ajayi’s other concern at the moment is ball security. He bounched back from an early fumble against the Falcons and finished with a solid 15 carries for 54 yards — yards that will be much tougher to come back against the Vikings.

“I feel like I played poorly,” Ajayi said. “Obviously the fumble on the first carry, I can’t do that in a big game. I dropped a pass. I feel like I could have executed better. It was a great team win today, a lot of my teammates picked up the slack, defense stepped up, other running backs made some big plays. I just think coming in next week, I need to play better.”

If he does and he ends up in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, some of those worries about his days with the Dolphins will fade from memory.

24 responses to “Jay Ajayi still motivated by Dolphins trade

  1. The silly crap insecure players come up with for self motivation…..
    When you have to play the “disrespect” card, you are only filling a talent void with hot air..

  2. Ajayi was never going to be a problem in Philly this year. He isn’t comfortable yet. Sometime next year he COULD become an issue unless his mentality changed because of the trade. Bottom line is that Miami did not believe his knees would hold up over the next few years and with his attitude on display and little production it was better to trade him than deal with it. Ajayi is a good platoon back. His head got big in Miami and he griped about getting the ball but then produced every once in a while (look up his career game stats). In Philly, he id not the #1 back and he knows it. Philly’s RB situation with him is better than Miami’s was. The closer he gets to being “the man” the higher the potential for his attitude. Good luck to Ajayi. Both teams benefited from that trade.

  3. Hands of Stone….Guy can’t catch a football and fumbles. He is good but I wouldn’t bet the house on him.

  4. He’s not bothered by being traded, his ego is hurt because he was only worth a 4th rd pick. I think the fins got ripped off there but that Drake kid can run as well.

    Ajayi’s streak of 200yd games last year won me some fantasy football money so I’m a fan.

  5. Jay Ajayi is not your average typical NFL player. He allegedly sometimes liked to do his thing rather than follow the play that was called and this irritated Gase in Miami. However, he has talent and when he gets hot he can be really good, but when he is off it can be a shocker. He should be thankful that Miami drafted him in the 5th round and gave him his initial opportunity. Kenyan Drake did well in Miami when he was given the opportunity that Ajayi vacated. Give this trade another year to assess who got the best of the deal.

  6. He wasn’t released because he wasn’t talented. He was released because he was a locker room cancer.

  7. NBCsportsWillDeleteThisCommentAnyway… says:
    January 18, 2018 at 10:35 am
    How is 15 carries for 54 yards solid? That’s 3.6 per carry, that is not solid.

    Trent Richardson thinks that is HOF worthy…….

  8. Hands of stone, wouldn’t block, wouldn’t stay in the playbook. He also felt like he was the only RB on the team. Had Arian Foster not gotten hurt in week 1 we all would be saying Jay who?!?!?!
    Over rated

  9. It’s no secret that the Eagles are a better team than the Dolphins with our without this trade so that argument is pointless.

    The Dolphins backfield got better with addition by subtraction. Drake is much better than Ajayi, he doesn’t whine about his usage and is not an “all about me” player. As an added bonus, the Dolphins got a 4th rd pick out of the deal.

    I’d say the Dolphins won that trade.

  10. – Dolphins weren’t wrong. Ajayi complained about not getting his touches and stormed out of the locker room twice – after games Miami actually WON.
    – Adam Gase was quoted saying Ajayi hasn’t put in effort study blocking assignments and you can’t learn everything just in meetings alone, but taking study work home
    – maturity was an issue at Boise St and apparently Ajayi couldn’t take it when coaches went over film and criticized his game (ie missing easy holes)

    Great if Ajayi’s a changed man after the trade, but he absolutely was a locker room cancer that refused to change while he was a Dolphin. It’s like an ex-wife dropping 50 lbs and dressing up again after a divorce – yeah, problem was that you didn’t do that BEFORE and needed that trade as a wake-up call.

  11. No Sour Grapes from this Dolphins Fan and I wish him and the Eagles well. However, the fact is Kenyan Drake was the leading NFL rusher for the last 5 games of the season, so was it Ajayi, Drake or any RB that could have done it? My guess is any decent RB. I am also going to say that Landry will probably walk and the Dolphins will only get better. See getting rid of- Lamar Miller, Mike Wallace, Olivier Vernon and DEvone Bess… all guys everyone cried about losing.

  12. NBCsportsWillDeleteThisCommentAnyway… says:
    January 18, 2018 at 10:35 am
    How is 15 carries for 54 yards solid? That’s 3.6 per carry, that is not solid.


    Agree that the 15 for 54 isn’t great by any means, but it’s also misleading on it’s own. He had about a 100 total yards when you factor in receptions (dump offs, screens, etc), which make his production pretty solid.

  13. “He isn’t comfortable yet.”

    Probably a lot of truth to that statement. And fair to wonder what got him so comfortable in Miami. Certainly, the fact that he had 120 carries for the season when he was traded while the next guy in line had 10 had something to do with that. The Dolphins never disciplined him and gave him basically every single carry up until they’d had enough and abruptly traded him. Seems like a smarter staff would have maybe taken some of his carries away to get him back on track or disciplined him if he was a problem.

    And to top it all off, the Dolphins ended up firing their running backs coach after the season presumably because they were so unhappy with the results from the guys who had barely been allowed to play up until the Ajayi trade.

    Not saying Ajayi is a great teammate but there were some strange things happening in Miami.

  14. He was left behind on the Seattle trip, he got better, however a diva is always a diva, LOOK at ME. Bill

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