Joe Lockhart stepping down as top NFL spokesperson

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The NFL will be looking for a new chief spokesperson in the near future.

PFT has obtained a memo that NFL executive vice president of communications and public affairs Joe Lockhart sent to colleagues informing them of his decision to leave his post. Lockhart wrote that the intensity of the job was “a challenge” given his desire to spend time with his family.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports the NFL informed teams of Lockhart’s decision on Thursday.

Lockhart, who was a White House press secretary under President Bill Clinton, took the job with the league in 2016 and has frequently served as the public voice of the league on a variety of matters. During the 2017 season, those matters included player prostests, President Trump’s reaction to those protests, the investigation into workplace misconduct allegations against Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and issues with adherence to the concussion protocol.

In his memo, Lockhart wrote that his “mission was to shake things up a bit” and feels the league has become “more aggressive” in getting its message out and “more agile in promoting and protecting” the game.

19 responses to “Joe Lockhart stepping down as top NFL spokesperson

  1. Can you imagine being the person trying to defend Goodell’s decision making process? That’s going to be a tough post to fill.

  2. I have to believe he was asked to step down. His message was part of the NFL’s problem. Officiating however is the most major thing that is turning off fans. And start protecting defensive players. You have 300 pound linemen with a 15 yard running start crashing into defensive backs that have stopped the ball carriers progress. At which point it turns into a scrum if players pushing forward like electric football. You can’t even see the running back most of the time.That is not entertaining. Enforce the rules. Blow the whistle and protect the defensive players. And the catching of the football is the worst problem in NFL. Everywhere else they know what a catch is. But at the top level of football they get it wrong.

  3. Shouldn’t the Commissioner be the voice of the league? Why in the world do they need to pay someone six-figures to speak for Goodell?

  4. Who else is going to lie to the public about games being fixed. As we all know the NFL fault hard to claim the entertainment tag in 2010…..just like WWE.

  5. You know your job as, “spokes person/press officer etc.” for a sports league is a bad gig when it’s worse than the White House gig. Regardless of who’s in office.

  6. His “mission was to shake things up a bit”….. what mission? Parroting what Goodell says was your job description. Sounds like the political speak we get from everywhere anymore. I sure miss when football was just football and not what it has become!

  7. If you are the “official spokesperson” for two years and the fans don’t know who you are…you failed.
    Goodell is more of a spokesperson, which makes me wonder, just WTH was your job Joe?

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