Mark Helfrich sees similarities between Mitchell Trubisky and Marcus Mariota

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New Bears offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich had his first press conference since getting the job on Thursday and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was one of the biggest topics of the day.

Helfrich cited Trubisky when asked why he decided to make the move to the NFL after coaching in college throughout his career and said that having a young quarterback offers a lot of opportunity. He said the two things that have jumped out to him about Trubisky is that he’s “coachable” and an accurate passer.

Helfrich worked in television in 2017, but had been the offensive coordinator and head coach at Oregon before being fired after the 2016 season. Helfrich’s star quarterback during that time was Marcus Mariota and he was asked if he saw similarities between Mariota and Trubisky.

“I see a lot. I think Mitchell has a tight release, he’s an accurate passer,” Helfrich said. “They also have a couple things that are similar in terms of what makes them inaccurate. That’s usually their feet that take them out of position. I sense from talking to a couple of the offensive linemen, and this was unsolicited, is that he works hard. When your offensive linemen are talking about how hard your quarterback works, that’s a great sign. So he needs to do that and continue to challenge himself and improve.”

The Bears didn’t ask too much of Trubisky during his rookie season, but the offensive backgrounds of both Helfrich and new head coach Matt Nagy suggest that will be changing quickly.