Tom Brady practicing, with gloves on both hands


Tom Brady survived, and he apparently has an addition to his wardrobe for the week.

Via NBC Sports Boston, Brady took the practice field Thursday wearing a glove on each hand, after suffering what seems to be a minor injury in practice yesterday.

(Of course, this could also be camouflage for the secret plan to play left-handed, such that Jaguars coach Doug Marrone wasn’t already onto it.)

Brady doesn’t typically wear gloves when he plays, so this is something we can all watch carefully over the course of the week.

30 responses to “Tom Brady practicing, with gloves on both hands

  1. ok. Gloves. We get it. but how did he look gripping the ball? How did he look throwing the ball? This would make your post better.

  2. Mr Tom Brady has a Super Bowl ring for every finger and a thumb.

    1, 2, 3, 4, Fifth…..

    Just amazing……the best ever and we have all been blessed to see him play.

  3. It doesn’t seem minor to me. A close up shot of that gloves shows a bulky thumb with a possible splint for immobilization.

  4. It would be funny if he threw left handed with a glove and turned out to be even better, Princess Bride style.

  5. I like football and all but “keeping a careful watch” on TB wearing 2 gloves is not on my “to do list” over the course of the next few days.

  6. It’s not nearly as bad as his hand injury in 2013 now that was bad. His hand was swollen like crazy something tells me this isn’t nearly as serious.

  7. Terripet says he has a broken thumb, and after the game a broken heart. Isn’t that interesting, since X-rays were negative and since nothing they post EVER happens or is factual.
    Interesting how much space in their head the Pats occupy.

  8. Glove-gate. Everyone probably worried it has little inflation needles that pop out when he extends his fingers like that wolverine guy or something.

  9. He’s going to need both those hands to peel himself off the ground. Jags don’t mess around.

  10. Years ago Bledsoe broke his index finger on his throwing hand and had a pin sticking out of the end. He played at Buffalo and threw a great touchdown pass into the corner of the end zone from around the thirty yard line. I believe the Pats won the game.

  11. Let’s see, it’s 40 below in Massachusetts, and for the first time, it dawns on somebody to wear gloves outside.

  12. This is NOT good. This is the same (or similar) injury that led to the deflating of balls in 2013. (Guerrero was behind it. A mere suggestion. “Any chance you can reduce the stress on the tendons by underinflating the balls. Just keep them at the lowest end of the allowable range…. to reduce stress on the injured tendons…..” Not a deep tissue issue, since there is no deep tissue in the hand… so other protocols… compression…. ice…. and reduction of stress by slightly easing the needed force of the grip….) You can see photos of the swollen hand online. 2013 season. It’s aggravated again. Hence the compression of the glove. The glove also masks the injury somewhat so it’s not as evident in photographs. Where would it be highly evident and obvious? Press conferences. Can’t hide the hands while talking at the podium. So, what to do? Cancel the pressers. The Jags would be wise to keep an eye on the ball pressure on Sunday at Gillette. Guarantee the current edition of McNally keeps those game balls at the very lowest end of the allowable range. Then, once cleared by the refs, during the game keeps them on ice, to naturally and legally lower the air pressure (Ideal Gas Law). Ball handling is suddenly an issue. Can’t numb up the hand with a needle. So, Brady is going to have to tough it out. Like a pitcher playing through a blister in the World Series. A tough, frustrating injury for a qb….

  13. “This is NOT good. This is the same (or similar) injury that led to the deflating of balls in 2013. ”

    Dude your tin foil hat is on so tight its squeezing your brains out of your ears.


  14. “Brady can’t throw 50 yards more like 5”

    Please stop humiliating yourself with statements like this. Brady was #3 in the league this season in completions of 20+ yards in the air and #1 in the league of completions of 40+ yards in the air.

    But yeah, he can’t throw 5 yards SMH

  15. terripet says:
    January 18, 2018 at 2:30 pm
    He has a broken thumb and after the game a broken heart

    Oh thank God. I’m so glad he didn’t suffer any structural damage and that he will be fine for the game.

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