Vic Fangio compared jobs and concluded he was most “comfortable” staying

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Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio had other offers but chose to stay in Chicago to work with new head coach Matt Nagy.

“I just had to feel comfortable with everything,” Fangio said Thursday, via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN. “You know, who the head coach was going to be and the continued direction of the team as far as where we were headed, roster-wise.

“It was a drawn-out process in that there were a lot of possibilities available, and so it became a comparison thing, too.”

Fangio, 59, signed a three-year deal and will keep most of his assistants. He insists, though, he did not ask for more control over the direction of the Bears’ defense.

“I mean, [former Bears head coach] John [Fox] basically let me do everything, really, anyway,” Fangio said. “I don’t see much difference there.”