Bill Belichick endorsed Doug Marrone to Jaguars twice

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Jaguars coach Doug Marrone will be on opposite sidelines during the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, but Belichick was in Marrone’s corner this time a year ago.

Albert Breer of reports that Belichick spoke to Tony Khan, who is both the Jaguars senior vice president of football administration and technology and the son of Jaguars owner Shad Khan, last year before the Jaguars decided to move Marrone from interim to permanent head coach. Per the report, Belichick told Khan that “you’ve already got your guy” and that Marrone had his Bills teams playing harder than any other coach during Belichick’s tenure in New England.

It was the second time that Belichick reached out to Jacksonville to give Marrone an endorsement. He also gave Marrone a thumbs up when he joined then-coach Gus Bradley’s staff before the 2016 season.

Taking Belichick’s advice worked out well for the Jaguars, although the Patriots coach would surely prefer that they take a break from proving him right on Sunday afternoon.

10 responses to “Bill Belichick endorsed Doug Marrone to Jaguars twice

  1. I don’t care if Belichick was voicing a preference on honeydews vs cantaloupe at Whole Foods….I’d be paying very close attention. It would be irrelevant to what I liked and preferred.

  2. What is going on when Bill Belichick is freely giving coaching recommendations to teams he has no connections with? He can’t confirm that Brady injured his hand but he helped his opponent land his job.

  3. “He can’t confirm that Brady injured his hand but he helped his opponent land his job.”

    Lolz people in every industry give recommendations when asked.

    And of course he could confirm the injury, but he won’t. The fact that you don’t seem to comprehend the difference is hilarious

  4. People base their dislike of Belichick based either on jealousy or
    on public personalty from watching his dry responses at press conferences.
    While he is not the most outgoing at press conferences, I would think
    all of us would be bored by the questions he has been asked over a million times.
    Despite all of the criticism one must credit Belichick for his unparalleled
    work ethic. No one out works this guy. It is a wonder how he has continued to
    stay at a level no prior NFL coach has ever attained. Ask Cowher, Parcells,
    they both hated the grind at the end and walked away.
    I am not a Patriots fan but I recognize the best coach of all time and if I were
    an NFL team I would listen to him.

  5. Despite what you haters want to believe, owners and GMs want BBs advice and BB stands by his friends and others he respects

    countless stories like this

  6. He got John Harbaugh his job too, as well as many others. It’s bit him in the butt a few times too, like it did with Harbaugh and Mangenius.

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