Jaguars not happy with discrepancy in penalties

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The Jaguars had six penalties for 98 yards. The Patriots had one for 10 yards, a hold on a kickoff.

According to NFL Research, it was the fewest penalties called on one team in a playoff game since the 2011 AFC Championship when the Patriots had one penalty against the Ravens.

The Jaguars were not happy.

“The stats speak for themselves,” Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson said, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN.

Cornerback A.J. Bouye wanted Stephon Gilmore called for pass interference against Jaguars receiver Dede Westbrook on a fourth-down pass late in the game and Patriots receiver Danny Amendola called for head-butting safety Tashaun Gipson after a play in the third quarter.

“I was pissed because I seen Amendola head-butt the hell out of Gip in front of the ref, and you all don’t call nothing?” Bouye said. “It don’t make no sense, man; it’s a lot of stuff that don’t make no sense. I have a lot of respect for these people in this locker room. They kept fighting; we all kept fighting. We knew there was stuff we couldn’t control and we kept it close.”

The Jaguars were called for two defensive pass interference penalties against the Patriots, including a 32-yarder against Bouye that led to a touchdown. During the regular season, Jacksonville was called for an NFL-low five defensive pass interference penalties and had the fewest total defensive penalties with nine.

“You all see it,” Bouye said of the officiating Sunday. “I got players hitting me up in the NFL saying the same thing. But at the end of the day, we can’t put the blame on [officials]. We didn’t execute good enough. [The Patriots] executed good enough.”

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  1. Maybe one day they’ll mature and stop whining

    That pass interference was a dumb penalty – he grabbed him by the neck

    The D couldn’t hold the lead and now they’re trying to make excuses – but that’s a pass interference call every day of the week, like it or not

  2. We all saw it, Bouye. The refs really jobbed you guys. But good for you for not using that as an excuse for losing. Better luck next year.

  3. Awwww,,,, the snowflakes didn’t get the calls tjey wanted… you had a dynasty on the ropes… but ya choked… simple as that.

  4. BooHoo. They caught a huge break with the Dion Lewis fumble. Lewis had the ball, pinned against his body with his hand , while on the ground and they called it a fumble. Bad call.

    Every single call against the Jags was a legit penalty.

  5. Kinda telling that the next playoff game with fewest penalties was also a Patriot game where almost none were called on them. It’s not holding if you’re playing for New England.

  6. Yeah, 14 points off of ticky-tack penalties in a game that was decided by 4 points is not a good look for the league….. but when has that stopped them.

  7. NFL is rigged. Simple as that. Ratings are down. NFL wanted the Pats in rather than the Jags. This has become more noticeable the past few years. Perhaps that’s why ratings are down? I know it’s why I won’t be watching SB. I’ve seen that movie too many times already.
    I’m not a fan of eitherbteam By the way.

  8. It wasn’t the reason Jaguars lost but the refs were def not going to call the game as it should have been called. Oh well…. that was the super bowl. Pat’s will win now. Congrats on a 6th ring for Brady.

  9. “I’m not blaming the refs because that would be classless. But I’m blaming the refs for this loss.” Jag Nation, Seahawk Nation, Steeler Nation, Colts Nation, Raven’s Nation, Rams Nation, et al.

  10. They had players saying the wrong things before the game and now they are saying the wrong things after the game too.

    Some lessons are harder learned than others.

  11. Has the game really come down to this, crying and complaining constantly about the officials. The Patriots did not win because of the officials they won because over the 60 minutes they were the better team, maybe, just maybe people should be asking why the Jags committed so many penalties and the Patriots did not.

    I know and understand why people are sick and tired of the Patriots, but please this is ridiculous.

  12. Hold on the 3rd down rush from DidiLewis to put it away. Hold against the Jags Lewis on 3rd down on their 2nd to last drive.

  13. Not surprising – every close call (or non-call) favors New England, in every game. This has been going on for years

  14. The worst call of all was the whistle on the TO that gave the ball to the Jags, but with no whistle, the ball could have been returned for a TD. The player was never touched down. Complete

  15. Ya the refs pretty much dictate who wins games. What about the hold on the Dion Lewis run right at the end that didn’t get called ? That would’ve gave the Jags the ball back with one more shot. The refs gifted the late 1st half TD for the Pats. And the one on Bouye was garbage cause I saw Cooks club A.J. across the head with a forearm and they throw the flag on Bouye.

    Don’t feel bad Jags we got robbed against Minnesota on some terrible calls in the 1st half of that game as well. That’s why it was 17-0.

  16. Clete Blakeman and staff must love the TB12 foundation and all the money they donate to him.

  17. I’m a Ravens fan and I remember that 2011 game, and it was a great game.

    The refs didn’t cheat us by making Lee Evans drop a touch down and the refs didn’t shank the tying field goal. Both teams played hard and we came up short that day.

    That’s football.

    Just like today.

    The refs didn’t blow a 14-3 lead by playing passive. The refs didn’t go 3 and out three times in a row after NE cut into the lead 20-10. The refs didn’t tell the Jags not to make adjustments after NE started attacking the Jax D by moving their WRs on LBs and they surely didn’t tell Fournette to run conservatively instead of attacking the cutbacks.

    Point is the refs might not have helped you but they certainly didn’t lose the game for you.

    Nope that was a group effort.

  18. “The stats speak for themselves,” Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson said, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN.

    So does the scoreboard. The back to back AFC Champion and 5 time World Champion Patriots just beat ya.

    The officiating was fine.

  19. I didn’t have a rooting interest in this game, but I felt the calls did go NE’s way. RT got away with lots of holding calls. It also looked like Gronk pushed off on the play that knocked him out of the game.

  20. We also saw how physical the Jaguar DBs were all regular season. If they had been flagged properly all year long, this game would have been irrelevant because they wouldn’t have made it this far. Hats off to them for getting this far ahead of schedule (they have terrific-looking young talent), so man up and work to be better next year. It isn’t as if the flags thrown against them were bogus, after all.

  21. Cheaters cheat … And the Pats get hometown calls in their own building … Jags beat down this team and held them to 3 points in a half if it wasn’t for help from the refs. B S game and the Jags got robbed. Penalty calls speak for themselves. How or ironic that they only get 1 penalty call the whole game and lowest since they last got it , same team in 2011 … Wow man. B S

  22. The sequence at the end of the first half where penalties stopped a Jags drive, propelled a Pats drive, and ended with an official smiling in the Pats post-TD celebration circle … Draw your own conclusions

  23. 14 points Patriots got from penalty calls from refs … Game over rite there … Jags would have blown out this team.

  24. The officials blew the whistle dead on the fumble recovery by Jack and he was not touched and easily would have scored for a 27-10 lead. Seeing the ref congratulate Brady right after the game and also the ref laughing with the Pats after their 1st TD is not a good look for the league.

  25. Watch those penalties again.
    Not much leeway in a false start, a hold that was a full on tackle, an arm around the neck of a receiver, attempted murder on Gronk, etc etc.
    Refs let em play and only called the obvious stuff.
    You lost fair and square. Clutching at snowflakes here……

  26. Why do losing teams always whine about discrepancy in penalties? Perhaps it is the reason why the Jags never won the game?
    Jags played tight all game, and by playing tight, you’ll get nailed with the odd penalty…there were no phantom calls in the game. And deflecting after a loss does little to make one a better player.

  27. Whine at length about calls, then add “But at the end of the day, we can’t put the blame on the officials” Sooo, which is it and where is the rule that says each team needs to be penalized the same as each other??? You commit moe penalties you get more flags thrown your way. Maybe they should play more disciplined in big games? Don’t help beat yourselves. As it was, they were gifted a fumble recovery.

  28. I’d like to know what that zebra was smiling so broadly about, after the Patriots 2nd touchdown. Check your replays if you missed it. He was amidst a swarm of Patriot players and smiling like a bully who’d just stolen some kid’s candy money. Smelled ultra-fishy through my satellite connection.

  29. Jags got jobbed but I have no sympathy. They are just as physical as the Seahawks but never get called for anything. Seahawks get called when they breathe on a receiver too hard.

  30. Instead of whining about the calls you didn’t get, how about focusing on the penalties that you earned? Because every one of them that went against you legit. Your team played hard, but lacked the discipline needed to take it to the next level.

    Now you have something to work on for next season.

  31. I thought the Jag’s got away with holding all night long. the best part was the ref’s seemed pretty balanced

  32. Once the pats got down I text my buddy and said watch how the calls start going the pats way. Instantly 47 yards in two penalties and a pats td. Happens every game. There were two plays in the third quarter where jags receivers were held or pass interfered severely with no call. If your going to let them play let them play. People can say what they want but a flag here and there for one team can definitely be the difference in the game. And I as a neutral spectator saw one team benefit from calls. And that team always seems to get those calls. I’m am so sick of seeing Alabama and the patriots every year in championship games. That is why the ratings are down not kneeling. Who wants to keep watching the same team every year. There comes a time when you have to say something is going on. Making it to the afc championship game seven years in a row come on. The league is set up for this not to happen. Tom Brady is good but all the red flags the cheating scandals. A team of no bodies and castoffs every year in the Super Bowl. One coach can’t be that much better than every one else. I know all the pats fans will say other wise and say I’m hating. If they had an All star team full of stars taking pay cuts that’s one thing. I personally am a big football fan who is just sick of it every year. Every other team has there three or four year window then cap problems catch up they have to let stars go and they fade back to mediocrity. And it’s always after halftime they go from can’t stop a team at all to the team doesn’t get. A first down. There is only so many half Time adjustments you can make in 15 minutes. So either I am to envious to admit they are that good or am to smart to believe that something doesn’t add up. Either way I am over it and it is ruining my beloved sport. How can one team keep getting so lucky if in June someone would have said the pats have to beat the titans and jags at home. And then the eagles with Nick Foles at quarterback to win the super bowl I would have bet my house against that. But here we are and in two weeks it will be a halftime score of eagles 17 pats 7 and the pats will win 24-20. Some how the eagles will only score 3 points after halftime. And the pats will get several big penalties go there way and tom will throw a 3 yard td pass to a wide open running back to win the game and we will have to hear how great he is again.

  33. The officiating has been horrid all season leaguewide. NFL needs to fix it fast with states quickly legalizing sports betting. Cant have terrible calls deciding games.

  34. What a surprise! Playing the victim card. “They get all the breaks.” “They missed that one call.” Blah, blah, blah. Just read that last paragraph and tell me it does not make you weep for the English language.

  35. I was thinking the same thing… not to mention I thought someone on the pats was tackled inbounds under 2 minutes and they stopped the clock before the half but never saw a replay

  36. the way the cheaters usually win close games in foxborogh- nothing new. There is no answer for the cheater pats that shouldn’t have been even in most of their super bowls without help from fox borough refs. This is why everyone hates the patriots.

  37. Of the 6, 4 were no-brainers or unarguable:

    * Delay of Game
    * False Start
    * Illegal Shift
    * Helmet is Helmet

    That leaves the two PI calls. Both could have been no calls and the one at the end of the first half was Ricky tacky at best. They weren’t egregious though.

    Officiating was not the problem here. The Jags 2nd half offense was.

  38. According to available NFL stats, the Jags are the 4th most flagged team in the NFL.

    I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

    Deliberately smashing into the head of the best TE in the NFL and getting him lost to concussion protocol for the remainder of the game and potentially the Superbowl…. must have just been a fluke.

  39. wow

    weak sauce

    pile drive and hold my dl is working so keep doing it..

    armbar cooks again..

    maul gronk or cheap shot him again…

    jax is arrogant and gets away with a lot

  40. Yeah, that game had some very questionable officiating. I’m an NFC guy so don’t really care who won but the refs let the Pats back in the game at the end of the half.

    Pretty obvious that the Jags were playing against two teams today.

  41. Ah, weren’t the Jag (offs) the recipient of a turnover that wasn’t really a turnover. That was the biggest play of the game. The Jags also knocked out Gronkowski with an arguably dirty play. I’m having a hard time seeing how the Pats didn’t earn the win, and that the Jags didn’t commit the penalties that they did. Rather, I see them the beneficiaries of a bad call that gave them a turnover

  42. There’s no doubt the NFL would rather have New England with their star power and market size than Jacksonville. Unfortunately.

  43. False start
    Illegal shift
    Delay of game
    Holding where you tackled the guy
    PI where the D had their arm around the neck of the receiver
    PIwhere the D ran a guy out of bounds without looking for the ball
    And attempted murder on Gronk
    Sorry, which of these was the issue? Cause they’re all obviously flags, regardless of what Boomer the announcer thinks…..

  44. That’s a Doug Marrone team.. they were crying after barely squeaking by Buffalo. “ Incognito is saying racist things, they were coached to talk smack, they were trying to cheap shot us”..,
    maroon got out coached in the second half and the players got out played.

    But go ahead doofy… use that as your battle cry all offseason.

  45. I’m not complaining about the calls against the Jags, it’s the non-calls against the Patriots that are COMPLETELY GLARING to anyone with a clue.

  46. I was cheering for the Jags and thought the referees did a pretty good job. I was very surprised that they didn’t reverse the call on the Patriots fumble. The one penalty on Jacksonville was huge though. They completed a pass on 3rd and 8 for a 1st down but they were called for a time count violation. The score was 14-3 Jags at the time and they were driving down the field. If that penalties not called who knows how that would’ve changed things.

  47. Bubbalicious says:
    January 21, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    They called pass interference because that is what it was. Can you honestly look at the Gronk hit and say that should not have been called?

    None of those plays matter the only one that does is the fumble Jack picked up and would have run back for a TD. The Jags have been on the bad side of that 4 times this year and it would have given them the win today.

    There is zero reason to blow the whistle that fast when replay is available its pathetic and the NFL needs to fix it.

    The Refs looking like they were celebrating a TD with the Pats is bad as well, even if they weren`t really doing it they gave the perception that they were and its a bad look. There`s way to much gray area in the rules that`s ruining the game.

  48. So many none-calls favoring the Pat’s it made me crazy! NE Offensive like was holding continually… Right in from of the refs, never called!!

    Then there were the BS calls against Jags that kept the Pat’s in the game. Had to turn the game off… It was obvious the fix was in.

    Screw playing the SB and just had the trophy over to Brady/Belicheck/Craft. Eagles won’t stand a chance against NFL/Refs. Just another reason why fans are walking away from the game.

  49. I don’t have an issue with MOST of the calls against the Jags, however I do have an issue with how the ref’s turn a blind eye to the Pats committing penalty’s. I saw a number of blatant holding, no-calls that ended up being huge in the game. Their RT in particular got away with several, and one play the JAG RE was behind Brady and got held and Brady was able to get a big play out of it. In a tight game, those plays are huge.

    I can’t say that I liked how the Jags played the 2nd half, and I thought it was a bad call not to try for more points just before the half, with almost 1 minute and 2 timeouts. But, it’s clear the Pats get a little extra love from the ref’s, such as they did last week during the Titan game, which they didn’t even need. I know I won’t be watching the Superbowl this year, for the 1st time in 20 years or so. It’s so rigged, why bother.

  50. you know what I’m unhappy about? JAX D-back targeting Gronk w/intent to injure and get him out of the game. Also JAX LB picking James White up off the ground and pile drive him in to turf. White was in middle of end zone so TD was good way before that tackle.

  51. ‘Dolas first TD….tackled by helmet and head driven in to ground. One other thing, refs did not leave ‘Dola wide open in back of end zone on his 2nd TD. Refs also did not make Marrone manage clock poorly. Refs did not make JAX get called for delay of game coming OUT of Patriots time out.

    You can see JAX cracking from pressure in 4th.

  52. yep… well… when Houston and Indy are healthy next year Jax goes back to the bottom of the pack where they belong. Good job hanging in there today, though.

  53. I only saw a little of the game here and there. I noticed three penalties, all on the Jags, and all correctly called. The helmet to helmet, the PI on the rainbow pass to Cooks I believe, and another PI. They did get away with at least one awful holding that I couldn’t help but see.

  54. Funny to see the Patriot fans all hurt over everyone calling out the bs calls and calling them whiners when my Broncos beat them you should have seen all the excuses coming from them!

  55. Queue up the whiners folks. Buoye is the biggest cry baby of them all too. There were flags left in the pocket all day long. How about the body slam in the end zone after the touchdown, 5 yards deep, right in front of the ref, no call. Jags had their chances, the Patriots defense put the pressure on them in the 2nd half and the true offensive colors came out. Stop whining Jags, the refs did not cost you the game, your mediocre offense did and your un-disciplined gaffs. GO PATS, #6 I hope.

  56. The Bouye PI was a 32 yard gift. Cooks ran a bad route and Brady threw and uncatchable ball. Led to a score. The Pats OL got away with multiple holds the whole game including an obvious one in front of the refs on the game sealing run. The 4th quarter comeback was assisted by stalled drives where refs didn’t throw flags on pass interference plays that were glaring. Same as the illegal pick in the first half. Pats fans can say this is just salt, because they don’t have to spend the off-season watching replays of their WRs getting facemasked before the ball gets there while the refs are looking at Brady’s glow on the sideline. Any objective Pats fan will admit the refs blew just enough calls to help the Pats win. The Jags needed to force an indisputable turnover to win the game because the refs were letting the home team get away with literally everything.

  57. It is funny how there a lot of people here that are complaining like the Jags as if it was SOOOOO horrible.

    There have been plenty of really bad officiated games just this year alone, this was not one of them.

    There were a total of 7 penalties. Of the 7, there was only 1 that was at all questionable, that was the PI against Abouye, however when looking it over blocking the receiver so they can’t get to the ball while you aren’t trying to get the ball is still PI. There was at least 1 other time where PI should’ve been called but it wasn’t where Ramsey was holding down the arm of the receiver. So they weren’t even getting flagged as much as they could’ve.

    While I would agree that the Patriots get calls, tell me what good team doesn’t.

    With regards to the ref smiling, and or congratulating Brady. First off, the ref could’ve been smiling because of a good play. Second, maybe the ref was congratulating Brady on a game well played. Heck, it could be that since Brady has been around for ever the refs know him and were happy that he played well.

    A good game is just that, this time, experience played out over in-experience.

  58. Should have put “Guns” Hochuli’s crew in there! Then it would have been a fair fight!

    And seriously people. ONLY 1 PENALTY! If the shoe was on the other foot, Pmen fans would be calling Goodell’s phone like crazy!!!

  59. Multiple Posters have listed he penalties, they weren’t hard to call, pretty obvious stuff. And after 18 years are you surprised that Bill Belichick runs a tight ship, disciplined and don’t get a lot of penalties? The patriots are always near the bottom. If they weren’t, B.B. wouldn’t keep you on the field.

  60. Sad that the anti-pats fans can’t acknowledge it was the jags that got a costly delay of game penalty, the hit on gronk was helmet to helmet, they couldn’t sustain a drive in the 4th quarter, they couldn’t protect Bortles on a couple of big sacks, they knelt on the ball with a chance to score before halftime. All they can do is look for an excuse….the refs. Your tears are delicious. We’re on to minnesota.

  61. The Referee, #34, looked like the happiest man on earth when the Pats scored the TD…and couldn’t wait to congratulate Brady at yhe end of thr game.

    This needs to be investigated.

  62. Obviously the Pats held on every passing play because the Jags were going to punish Brady.
    The poor Pats O line didn’t have a chance.

    All talk before…..all excuses afterward.

    On To Minn.

  63. dogman226 says:
    January 21, 2018 at 10:34 pm
    BooHoo. They caught a huge break with the Dion Lewis fumble. Lewis had the ball, pinned against his body with his hand , while on the ground and they called it a fumble. Bad call.
    Every single call against the Jags was a legit penalty.””

    Yea another bad call by the refs… should not have blown the whistle thereby killing the play. Jack could’ve scored on the return.

    And I like the Pats play calling once they got down big: 1.Throw bomb 2.Wait for flag

    The Delta in number of penalties called per team was a joke but we knew that going in…

  64. Boyue made first contact with Cooks, about 10 yards downfield. At the very least thats illegal contact and a first down. Go watch the video. Then they start hand jabbing. However, he made first contact. Its on him.

    The call on Ramsey was a good call. He mugged Cooks. You cannot grab a guy around the head.

    One penalty on the Pats – its sooooooo unbelievable huh? After 3 quarters of the Vikings/Eagles games there was one penalty combined. Then they started fighting…..

  65. Wow, I can’t believe the amount of whining going on here. It’s a tough pill to swallow but ya got beat fair and sguare. Geez, man up and deal with it.

  66. I’ve never seen such a bunch of whining snowflakes like there is here on PFT. The Jags got hit with 7 penalties, and every one of them was legit, and even the replays backed them up. Face it, crybabies, the Pats were simply the better, more disciplined team. In the words of Papa John, better coaching, better QB, New England Patriots. Jags and haters, off to the golf links with you.

  67. Patriot fans just need to embrace it. I can’t say it’s intentional, but the calls do go your way more often than not.

  68. The wining will never stop unroll the Patriots are a last place team.
    I have been a Patriots fan for over 50 year, I remember the 2,3 and 4 win seasons.
    Now I have been part of what has never been done and never will be done again.
    Blessed. Sorry haters

  69. Unfortunately this will go away in time, like all the other times people call out shoddy ref-ing that appears to be biased against one team or another. The sad thing is you can cover up the horrible refs if you keep your foot on the gas Jacksonville!!! was hoping to see two teams that hadn’t been to the Super Bowl in a while in it…oh well maybe next year.

    As a lions fan, was nice to see Patricia make adjustments to correct during the game against the jags.

  70. LOL at the whiners. Anybody stop to actually look at those penalties by any chance?

    False start
    Illegal Shift
    Delay of game
    Unnecessary roughness
    Pass Interference (x2)


    The first 3 Jax penalties are 100% controllable. The Holding penalty was offset with similar holding penalty by NE. The unnecessary roughness and pass interference calls were completely legit. It was clear starting LAST week the refs weren’t going to call things tight. Only obvious and egregious. Bouye in particular should be thanful the refs didn’t call more on him.

  71. This story is replayed over and over again. Pats win, refs cost said team the game, Pats fans mock and say “quit whining it was fair”, or “refs didn’t cause this to happen, or that to happen”. Blah, blah, blah. Did the refs “cost” the Jags the game? No. Was there favoritism toward the Pats in the officiating? Yes.

    I’m not saying that the Jags penalties weren’t penalties. In fact, all of them were legit other than the PI call on Bouye that setup the touchdown before the half. What I am saying is that I watched the refs look the other way on 4 penalties that affected the play very negatively for the Jags. The pick play in the first quarter that was very obvious but no one will talk about because it was the first quarter and the Pats only got a field goal. A key third down stop the Pats got in the 3rd Qtr where the defender broke up a pass by literally piggy back riding the receiver to the ball. And two non holding calls that lead to first downs. That’s just 4 that I noticed that my dad and I were like wow. There could’ve been more.

    My thing is, if you’re going to let them play, let them play. If your excuse is you’re only going to call the obvious, game changing penalties, then the officials left a few on the field against the Pats. Come on Pats fans, take the fan goggles off and be realistic. The league didn’t prefer Jacksonville in the Super Bowl. The Pats bring more ratings. People will tune in to cheer or hope they lose. There’s no way in hell you can tell me your team committed one penalty all game. I believe the refs initial game plan was to let the teams play and have little involvement. But the Jags being the more physical team, jumped out to a lead that caught many off guard. The refs did their part in the 2nd Qtr to not let that game get out of control. Want to take away a physical defense’s aggressiveness, start throwing flags. Not a fan of either team, just calling it like I see it.

    Oh, and there was a poster above who said the Jags were the most penalized team in the league or something to that affect. Actually, the Jags defense was the least penalized defense in the league during the regular season.

  72. Anyone calling this whining should hop over to the story about Gronk and take a look at the comments. If you didn’t see the play you would swear that Church speared Gronk directly in the head while his back was turned. Whining at its best over there. I guess the Pats really are good at everything they do.

  73. Gronkowski, during the regular, had the second highest offensive pass interference calls for a TE. But please, go on how the refs never call penalties on the Patriots.

  74. ” just maybe people should be asking why the Jags committed so many penalties and the Patriots did not.”

    Pretty much why people are questioning, jags had 9 defensing penalties all year….. and only 2 were pis.

    How do the pats get only 1 penalty, (on a return) against one of the best defenses in football?We all know this is the weakest pats team we have seen to date.

  75. shine94 says:
    Gronkowski, during the regular, had the second highest offensive pass interference calls for a TE. But please, go on how the refs never call penalties on the Patriots.

    -That because he’s constantly pushing off, can’t get away with it forever.

  76. “Why do losing teams always whine about discrepancy in penalties? ”

    But it was a theme about the patriots and refs coming into the playoffs. WEasnt liek it was just this one game. Heck, the lAST 3 GAMES. Steelers, Titans and Jags all had help from the refs to lose that game.

  77. ” the best part was the ref’s seemed pretty balanced”

    Lol 9-1. Yeah, a patriots fans idea of balance.

  78. Jacksonville is the 4th most penalized team in the NFL.

    behind Seattle, Miami, and Kansas City.
    New England is 8th from the bottom, at 25th most flagged.

  79. I was a 6 to 1 discrepancy. Four of which lay at the feet of poor execution not bias.

    We’re talking about 2 PIs that were correctly called on ONE drive.

    Biased or not the refs didn’t lose the game.

  80. Its rigged and I invested $550 in the Patriots to win super bowl in March!!!! 4.5/1 Easy money!

  81. Cm’on man, you know the Patriots are the chosen ones, Hell if you so much as touch old Tom you get a 15 yarder, Cm’on man

  82. the reason NE is penalized less is because their coaching staff emphasize the need for disciplined play that doesn’t needlessly give yardage and advantages to their opponent.

    It is religion in Foxboro.

  83. Wow, look at all the salty anti-Pats fans!!! On 2 of Brady’s incompleted deep pass attempts that would have moved the chains near the red zone there was clear defensive interference where the Jags D had the WR’s arm pinned but the refs couldn’t or wouldn’t see it. The deep sideline call against the Jags was 50-50, but so was the fumble that went in their favor. The other calls were 100% legit and the Jags got away with at least two big ones that should have set Pats up for scoring.

    What do you think Patriots guys would be saying today if they’d lost? Whining like girls about the refs? Making excuses about being heavily banged up? No, they’d just be congratulating the Jags.

  84. JoJoPoon99 says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:07 am
    Anyone calling this whining should hop over to the story about Gronk and take a look at the comments. If you didn’t see the play you would swear that Church speared Gronk directly in the head while his back was turned. Whining at its best over there. I guess the Pats really are good at everything they do.
    What nonsense! I just read that thread after this one and in the 11 comments there’s a few trolls bashing the Pats but none of the others say you what falsely claim, none even called it dirty.

  85. The Jags defense isn’t just good. It’s historically good. Like even with todays gift to offenses rules still in the top 5 all time in sacks, yds allowed, and some other categories good. But we are to believe not a single Patriot lineman, TE, or back committed a single holding penalty the entire game, no matter what our eyes tell us. Insufferable Pats fans tell us this is just sour grapes. It is also the truth. The Pats defenders don’t get called for holding either. Nobody hates you because you are a dynasty. Nobody hates the Steelers of the 70’s or the Niners of the 80’s and not very many people hate the Cowboys of the 90’s. But everybody hates the Pats, because they cheat and for whatever reason get gift ref work. Not so much in bad calls against their opponents (although there is some of that too) but in no or very few calls against them.

  86. The pats are the best-disciplined team in the NFL its always way they don’t get a lot of penalties. It would be dumb for the refs to just flag the pats to make it even.

  87. Lewis did not fumble the ball – CLEAR view of the tackle shows Lewis in control of the ball while flat on his back and then the ball was ripped out. That TO should of been Overturned upon review and if you are going to argue fixed Ref calling then that was it.

  88. Many non calls against the Jags – seriously quit your whining….its either the Pats cheat or they have the refs in their pockets….if the Jags didnt hit Gronk helmet to helmet there would have been a non call on the defender basically raping him all the way down the field during that play….plenty of Jags hold arms of receivers as they were going for the ball – trash talking players who cant put up when its needed.

  89. Just outta curiosity…. how does Jax feel about only getting 3 flags against them in Pitt.
    Funny that got left outta the post game rant……

  90. @finsguy
    You’re right. Not a single holding call on New England all game.
    How many were called on Jax again? One. And it was a magnificent take down of epic proportions.
    So what was your point about no holding flags again?

  91. Meh, no dog in this fight but all of you chowdah-heads are hilariously delusional if you can’t see the home-cookin’ your boys have been on the right side of since the Tuck rule nonsense the league employed to punish Al Davis for his sins way back when. All the deflategate victim-card pimping in the world (and let’s be honest, why should the Pat have received the benefit of the doubt on that one given their shady history?) can’t erase BS like the twin DPI tackles of Marcedes Lewis yesterday that snuffed out two Jag drives when the chips were down. The stink was so bad there that CBS knew better than to show the replays. I guess that’s just disciplined football though, right? Then there’s the mysterious ability of NE’s middle-of-the-pack O-line to keep Golden Boy clean whenever it counts (unless they’re in Denver for Jughead’s farewell tour or going up against a team like the Giants whose owner has just as much juice as Kraft).

    Small-market Jax would have needed to curb-stomp NE by thirty to get out of Foxboro without being jobbed and every non-Pats homer knows it. Not saying Brady and Belichick aren’t top-shelf, but reality is reality and until you NE fanboys address those egregious game-changing non-calls (none of you have yet, instead crying about the Gronk hit that was rightly penalized or blathering about the obvious Dion Lewis fumble as if it were controversial), your indignation is moot. Own up to the zebra love or be vilified as iniquitous Goliath jock-sniffers!

  92. Actually, the one flag that dropped vs NE was when the official was running too fast on the kickoff & it flew out of his pocket. The other officials admonished him later for defying the anti-Pats-penalty dictum issued before the game by the league office.

  93. unbeholden7 says:
    January 22, 2018 at 10:29 pm
    All Jax had to do was score some points after getting a gift fumble. Just like all Oak had to do was stop NE from advancing the ball into FG range.

    The fact of the matter is Pats fans could own up to all the zebra love in the world but it will do little to change the fact the teams that failed to benefit from that call also failed to stop them when it mattered most.

  94. Has a coach or team ever complained when a bad call goes their way? Where the refs favoring the Titans? All you conspiracy, hater clowns need to get a job.

  95. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Amendola has been seen headbutting a defender. The worst was against the Chiefs last year that led to Anthony Sherman getting into his face on a Chiefs punt. I’ve seen him do similar things on smaller plays, both with the Pats and the Rams, but I’m sure plenty of unbiased people on this site will disagree.

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