More on the efforts of the military to turn AFN back on

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If Congress could move as quickly and efficiently as the military does when it’s time to get things done, maybe the government wouldn’t have shut down.

As it stands, civilian leaders in Washington avoid a shutdown. The powers-that-be with the Department of Defense didn’t. They found a way to get two of the eight American Forces Network channels turned on.

“AFN programming relies entirely on civilian government employees, who were furloughed at midnight Saturday,” Ms. Dana W. White, Chief Department of Defense spokesperson said in a statement issued to PFT. “Sports broadcasting is not an essential activity and stopped to comply with the shutdown. . . . Thanks to uniform leadership at AFN, our comptroller and legal team, we were able to turn on one channel based on operational necessity and [fiscal year 2017] funds had already been paid on the contract. The sports channel was turned on because it doesn’t cost any more money or manpower to manage a second channel.

“The shutdown requires us to do a lot of tedious work. Congress needs to pass a budget.”

Thanks to the folks at the Department of Defense and the American Forces Network who found a way for our troops to enjoy the games. Now, let’s all enjoy the games.